Pendant Sets, Essential For The Urban Café Culture

India, where coffee has been brewed since the 1670s, is called the "land of tea drinkers." Nobody says no to tea here. We don’t really need an occasion or a reason to drink tea. Even after securing a respectable spot as one of the world’s top 10 coffee producers, coffee here is produced largely for commercial purposes. As the majority of natives prefer tea, coffee is often labelled as a foreign drink here, and the coffee business, even after contributing to the economy way before independence, exports around 70% of its production.

However, in recent years, this foreign beverage has taken the lead in a market dominated by tea. The urban youth prefer spending their time sipping this rich liquid. Increased café culture is the by-product of social media's impact on the younger generation, a fast-paced lifestyle influenced by westernisation. The nation’s increasing taste for coffee is taking it on a route to becoming a coffee-brewing land.

With the expanding café culture in the country, holding various social meet-ups has become a trend, adding to the never-ending quest to look your best, whatever the occasion. A café is the first place to pop up in your mind while planning a date, a friends' meetup, or even a small party. Recognizing the unspoken fact that café culture is gradually becoming a way of life in the country, you devote all of your efforts to matching the café's aesthetic vibe. Choosing the right outfit is a major task, but wearing the perfect accessory to match the lively café energy is an uphill battle. Such a tough battle is won with the help of a single ornament sitting in your jewellery box without compromising your comfort, all while being the epitome of grace and style.

Pendant sets, an elegant piece of accessory that every woman owns and looks appealing while giving a finishing look. Light and easy to carry pendant necklaces look sophisticated and are suitable for almost any setting. Pendants for women are a fun and easy way to dress up your next café visit. To set the tone, selecting the right pendant set from the vast variety of designs available out there, is a must. Check out the comprehensive list of the essential pendant sets we have made for you to get that effortless, classy look.

Cafe Parties

People are preferring to hold a small party at the café now, ditching the conventional restaurants. An informal gathering for coffee followed by appetisers has become common among urban youth. Choosing an enamel pendant set with a simple one-piece dress for such occasions would be an effortless style statement that would match the vibe.


Ever wonder why every café has a table for two in the most aesthetically decorated corner? It makes cafés an ideal space for dates. A great place to meet for the first time and talk for hours while sipping coffee. Wear your favourite satin evening dress and team it up with a diamond pendant set to dazzle a bit. Stylish and chic, diamonds look beautiful, making sure your date can’t take his eyes off you.

Client Meetings

Café culture has become extremely popular amongst professionals and freelancers to conduct client meetings. Clients prefer discussing matters over a cup of coffee instead of in offices. Usually, such meetings are held during the day, when you show up in your professional attire looking all crisp, and what could look more simple and subtle than a classic pearl pendant necklace set? Pearls look chic and sophisticated on both Western and Indian formals, helping you create an impeccable image.

Project Gatherings

In the WFH era, many managers and team leads often chose a café for a weekly or monthly gathering over office space. Here they can keep it light and formal while discussing project matters accompanied by coffee and snacks. In such meetings, choosing a gold-plated or rose gold pendant set with a dark-coloured gemstone would be appropriate. Rose gold has become increasingly popular amongst the younger generation for its subtle texture, making it just the right choice for offices as well as everyday wear.

Readers Meets

The small intellectual community of readers often tends to meet like-minded people and talk about their favourite topic: books. A nice opportunity to meet new people and discover more about the reading world Books and coffee go hand in hand, making a café an ideal place to hold such meetups. If you are hosting or attending such a reader's meet, accessorise yourself with a minimal stone or amulet and stand out from the definition of "nerdy".

Now that you know a pendant can save the day for you, no matter the occasion,  Blingvine comes with a wide range of designs in pendants for women for you to choose from to join the coffee squad in style.