Pendant Sets To Ace Your Office Look

As offices are now open, everyone is expected to show up to work physically. While this has been a boon in many ways, people are conscious again about their sense of fashion and style. We can all agree that it is very important for us to carry ourselves confidently in our places of work so we can be reliable members of our team. For anyone to build up confidence in themselves, it is important for them to feel comfortable and confident in how they look. We at Blingvine are here to help you with that! In this article let us look into how you can ace your office look. Check out our array of carefully crafted collections of jewelry for your office look!

A 9-5 job might feel grueling at times, and that is when we need to stay more positive and pamper ourselves. It is always a good thing if you can pull off a look effortlessly without giving it much thought especially when we are busy.

Pendant sets are something that one must always have in their collection of jewelry, these sets not only are collections of their own but can also be used individually. Owning one of these nuggets of art not only increases one's collection but also adds layers to their various fashion looks, no matter the occasion.

If you want something simple and a good-looking piece of jewelry, then pendants are something that you can consider. These sets are pleasing to the eyes and very comfortable to style, they also help you in pulling off a minimalistic look which is sought after these days.

What is included in a pendant set?


These elegant works of art make the centerpiece of the entire set. They come in many shapes and styles and set the tone for the entire look. However, when it comes to styling for a workplace, whatever your designation might be you will want to present yourself in a very optimistic and elegant manner. For an office look, you would want to go for a very simple pendant, maybe with subtle engravings or embossing to make the design pop. Single-stone or gem pendants are also an option if you have the right clothes to pair them with. The more modern enamel pendants too are something you must have in your collection. Check out the exquisitely curated pendant collection on our website now!


Yes, earrings are part of the set most of the time. The two jewelry pieces complete the set and define the complete look. Earrings too come in a variety of designs and colors. Studs and drops are two kinds of earrings that are usually part of the pendant set. This entire set can either be paired together or used separately depending on the events. For office purposes, one may opt for a set with stud earrings keeping in mind the office dress codes and etiquette. Drop by our website and pick your next pendant set to ace your office look!

Office Wear And Pendant Sets


If you plan on wearing a saree to your workplace, then you will need something to add to the look and that is where pendants come into the picture. A well-designed set is always a go-to option to add that extra layer of style to finish the entire look. Not only do sarees add an Indic sense to the style but they also add elegance to the entire look. Do not miss out on an opportunity to style yourself in a saree to your workplace with these sets of jewelry from Blingvine!


A more casual office look that is the epitome of comfort and style, the kurtis. There is very little that can go wrong when it comes to kurtis, and when you combine them with a pendant the overall style statement is something to talk about! Visit our website and buy your next set of pendants to elevate your style.

Shirt & Pant

This semi-formal clothing style is what is in trend these days, this comfortable attire not only looks professional but also is very comfortable to be in. To add extra glam to your look you can pair this semi-formal attire of a shirt and pants with a minimalistic pendant and finish the look off with a matching set of earrings.


A more formal attire for the office, and one expected to be worn in the corporate world. A plain suit set though elegant to look at might be very plain and boring. Get yourself a pendant set and you are good to go, with these beautiful jewels there is almost none to zero chances of going wrong. A nice set of pendants also comes with a pair of earrings that rounds up the entire look.

Splash of extra accessories for your pendant set

While the set itself is enough for a charming and minimalistic look it is ok to add extra accessories into the mix to add those additional layers to your fashion statement and make it your own before you set off to face another day.


These sleek bands of jewelry are always welcome to add a bit of style to the look. Always keep in mind that your accessories should always complement the pendant and earrings and not become the center of attention. Check out our beautiful collection of bracelets and add an extra pinch of glam to your look!


Watches are another source of that extra element to your look. Style yourself with a suitable watch that goes well with your pendant and get ready to face your day with full confidence.

Always remember that you are only as confident as you carry yourself. The attitude that you radiate is what defines you and paves way for what you do. It is important to stay positive and to have the courage to face the day as it comes, one day at a time. Take on your day with our gracefully crafted collection of pendant sets and while you are at it check out our other products too!