Platinum Bracelet : A Band Of Luxury And Style

Platinum is the luxury metal that every woman desires to add to their jewellery box. A platinum bracelet isn't a mere accessory but represents status and wealth.

No matter what style and design of platinum bracelet one wears they always appear chic and radiate elegance. With the love of bracelets, platinum has become one of the rich experiences in the category.

History Of Platinum Bracelets… 

Though the history of bracelets goes way back into history, platinum joined in the jewelleries quite later. Platinum came into use as jewellery material in the late 19tyh century.

Travelling through history, platinum has been a part of various misunderstandings. Due to its very similar nature with white gold and silver it hasn't gained the popularity it deserves till date. Anyway, because of their scarcity on Earth, they have now become a luxurious part of the jewellery industry.

Types Of Platinum Bracelets 

There are different types of bracelets made up of platinum. The metal’s ductile and malleable nature has made it quite flexible in designs and styles. Let us learn about a few types of platinum bracelets and their charms. 


Chain platinum bracelets made in the design of chains. They are the most simple and most sought after kind of platinum bracelet. They are the symbol of ‘simple elegance’, that women love to wear. You can pair it with any casual outing outfit. The simplicity of chain can add that touch of class to any outfit and occasion. 


Bangle bracelets in platinum, loved by mothers and grandmothers. The comfort and polish of platinum bangle bracelets is what is the selling point of this kind of bracelet. Bangles made up of platinum is another way to follow tradition with style. Wear it with any Indian traditional outfit like saree or salwar-suit etc. 


Platinum cuff bracelets are popular among young women. They are best to wear with a casual style. Cuff platinum bracelets  designed in the latest designs and trends for today's youth. Platinum cuff bracelets studded with gemstone and diamonds. They are to wear during traditional events and weddings. You can wear them with any traditional wedding outfit that matches the gemstone colour. 


Tennis bracelets have a platinum bracelet as the base metal. The case in which the stones and diamonds are of platinum, adding to the bracelet's elegance. Tennis platinum bracelets are quite popular with bridal jewellery. Brides gifted with platinum tennis bracelets by their better halves for it signifies forever strong love. 


Charm platinum brackets are the most modern style in bracelets. These are bracelets made up of different charms for seashells, moon, stars and many more. These charms are personal and represent the personality of the wearer. The personal characteristics of these bracelets make them a good gift choice for best friends and lovers. Charm platinum bracelets are the recent addition to designs. They are favourites who love to speak through fashion. 

Caring For Platinum Bracelets

Caring and maintenance is necessary for any jewellery to remain lustrous for long. As for platinum bracelets keeping them away from chemicals that can corrode the metal is the most important step. 

Keeping them away from running water, chlorine water and at gardening times is the next thing to consider. 

Store them separate from other jewellery pieces. Protect them from scratches and thus damage to its shine. Take them to a jeweller for a periodic polish or in case of any visible damage. 

This was all about platinum bracelets, their types and how to care for them. Hope you can be more willing to love and add this jewellery piece to your collection.