Polki Jewellery: A Tradition Of Art And Ornaments

Polki Jewellery: A Tradition Of Art And Ornaments

Polki jewellery is a traditional type of jewellery that originated in the state of Rajasthan, India. A staple at weddings, polki jewellery designs are inspired by Indian culture and art. The glass-like appearance of stone looks like mirrors. Made in combination with gold, diamonds, and gemstones. A polki necklace and earrings with matching bangles or rings. Statement-style necklaces made in polki are best paired with Indian traditional outfits.

Polki jewellery, history, and culture

Polki is the design of Bikaner, Rajasthan, and is dated to have originated around 2500 years ago. The Mughals were the first to bring polki jewellery to the Indian subcontinent. It may have been because of the historical relationship between Jodha and Akbar that polki came to become a part of the Rajput royalty. It has since become the cultural heritage of the state, and the craft has been passed on to generations.

Polki, the go-to special occasion jewellery

The elaborate and crafty designs in polki jewellery are the main attractions of the jewellery collection. Women like the polka-dot arrangement of diamonds that come together for an eye-catching piece of jewellery. Any Indian traditional outfit like a saree, lehenga, or sharara accompanies the beauty of polki jewellery with grace. Polki jewellery is the undisputed queen of traditional events, be they religious functions, weddings, or festivals. Polki jewellery has incorporated modern styles like cheer necklaces, drop earrings, and bangle bracelets. These new varieties can be accounted for by the increasing popularity of polki jewellery.

What is Polki?

Polki is the most natural form of diamond available in India. They are uncut, unrefined, and unpolished diamonds. They were made long before the western techniques of refining diamonds for a desired shine came into being. Polki has been one of the oldest forms of diamond used in jewellery making in India.

Polki is a historic craft that has been passed down through generations. Polki jewellery is expensive, so it can be a good investment. Polki is passed down through families as an heirloom and is considered something worth bragging about.

The Jadau Technique in Polki Jewellery

Polki, like most gemstone jewellery, uses the famous Indian Jadau technique. The Jadau technique is actually gold-beaten foil mounded into a case that is studded with stones and diamonds.

Polki is also made in the same manner, wherein uncut and unpolished diamonds are stuffed into gold foil in a somewhat circular shape. These polki are then arranged into a pattern that becomes a necklace, earring, or bangle.

Polki, Kundan, or Diamonds

All polki are diamonds, but all diamonds are not polki. Polkis are uncut, unfaceted, and unpolished diamonds, whereas diamond jewellery has cut and polished diamonds for their different sizes, shapes, and shine.

Kundan, however, is polished glass that looks like diamonds. Though polki and kundan look very similar, one is an invaluable diamond stone, whereas the other is just polished glass.

Occasions to Wear Polki Jewellery

Polki jewellery is the best special occasion jewellery you will find today. The variety of designs, styles, and patterns that polki is being adapted into is making it a favourite of women.

Bridal polki jewellery is among the most popular pieces of jewellery for any occasion. Brides are decorated in the rich radiance of polki from top to bottom. All the way from a polki headband to a polki necklace set and polki anklets, there is no corner left.

Polki is also a favourite among wedding guests, bridesmaids, and even the bride and groom's mothers. Polki choker necklaces, polki long necklaces, and polki lariat necklaces are some of the popular polki necklace designs to adorn yourself with.

Trends in Polki Jewellery

Polki wedding jewellery is standing tall among the trends. Incorporated into bridal jewellery and favoured by wedding guests, they are enjoying great popularity among women.

Polki choker necklaces are loved by brides as a bridal necklace. The timeless elegance that polki brings to a bridal look is perfectly balanced by the modernity of chokers.

Polki danglers are another trending type of polki jewellery made into statement earrings for traditional looks. The modern style of polki danglers makes them quite suitable for an Indo-western outfit too.

Polki jewellery, however, is native to Jaipur, Rajasthan, and is worn all over India. The popularity of polki is timeless and increasing. If you feel enraptured by the beauty and value of polki jewellery, you better hurry up and get a set for yourself.

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