Popular And Trendy Bracelets For Women

Popular And Trendy Bracelets For Women

Bracelets are the most gorgeous and timeless piece of accessory that makes the staple of every woman’s jewellery box. From young girls to the oldies, bracelets are adorned by every woman and have remained to be one of the favorite accessories of women. Bracelets add a final touch to any look, be it simple casuals or a fancy party look. The arms and hands are a woman’s expressive zone. They are the sleekest part of your body and catch attention while you are talking or giving a presentation. Wearing a bracelet on your pretty wrists adds personality to your look.

Here we have listed different types of bracelets for women according to their make and design to rock every occasion and outfit.

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Bracelet types according to their make

Chain Bracelets

Chain bracelets or link bracelets are made of connecting links into a band. Chain bracelets are flexible and the closure can be adjusted according to the wrists of the wearer. These are adjustable size bracelets made of precious or non-precious metal types and decorated with charms, stones, pearls, etc. Chain bracelets are versatile and easy to wear with any attire and gives a delicate and aesthetic finish to your pretty wrists.

Interlocked Chain Bracelets

Interlocked Chain bracelets are chain bracelets that have a fold-over clasp closure like a metal watch. These are the most preferred daily use bracelets for women. These bracelets designs are available in various shapes and sizes and studded with precious or semi-precious materials like crystals, pearls, or stones.

Bangle Bracelets

Designer bangles, also known as bangle bracelets, are funky bracelets made up of solid materials like metal, plastic or wood. These bracelets are very popular among young girls to wear with ethnic as well as western attires. They give a bold yet feminine look.

Cuff Bracelets

Cuff bracelets are sort of open bangle or semi-closed bracelets style that has a broad and chunky make and have a small opening on one end which may or not be supported by a closure. Cuff bracelets can also be adjusted to the wrist's size and hence are easy to wear. They are generally made of metals and have engravings or designer patterns made with enamel work. Luxurious or fancy cuff bracelets are studded with crystals, diamonds or pearls for a more party look.

String Bracelets

String bracelets are the most famous bracelets among women. String bracelets have beads or pearls woven in an elastic string that is elastic and can be fitted to any wrist size. They are also known as bead bracelets where the wooden or plastic beads are woven in a hemp, string, or metal wire. String bracelets are very casual style bracelets that can be worn with simple jeans and tops to college or casual hangouts with friends.

Bracelet types according to their design

Metal bracelets/Gold Plated Bracelets

Metal bracelets or gold plated bracelets are simple and usually plain bangle style bracelets that are made of non-precious metals and plated with gold, silver or platinum for a smooth finished look. These bracelets are best suited to wear with formals or traditional attires for a more feminine yet minimal look.

Floral Bracelets

Flower bracelets or Floral design bracelets have an intricate flower design crafted with professional enamel work or mother of pearl and studded with precious or semi-precious stones like diamonds, crystals, or pearls. Floral bracelets are best to wear with summer dresses and they make the best travel accessory that imparts a fun statement look to your casual attires.

Crystal Bracelets/Diamond Bracelets

Crystal bracelets or imitation diamond bracelets for women are a perfect go-to accessory for any special occasion like weddings, parties, or date nights. Sleek and stylish crystal bracelets are very chic and luxurious looking bracelets that add the perfect amount of bling that is necessary to elevate the look. Good quality crystal bracelets are generally made of high-grade crystals like Swarovski or Austrian crystals.

Pearl Bracelets

Pearl bracelets are the most royal and sophisticated bracelet design. Pearl bracelets have an unstated classy appeal that can add an immediate sass to any look. Pearl bracelets is everything you need if you’re looking for something that is expensive looking and chic. Pearls are always appropriate and can go from traditional to western and formal to party.

Hearts Bracelets

Hearts bracelets are one of the most loved and popular accessories for young girls and teenagers. These are a type of charm bracelets that contain a heart design metal or stone in it. These are ideal to gift and represent friendship, devotion, affection, romance, and enduring love for that special someone. Hearts bracelet can be paired with western dresses and casuals for a chic look.

Stone Bracelets

Stone bracelets are the latest trend in vogue. Multi-colored Gemstone bracelets for women are trendy Jewelry that adds the perfect amount of vibrancy to the look. Stone bracelets are a fun accessory to adorn at casual, semi-formal, or formal events that adds personality and appeal to the look.

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