Ruby Necklaces: Adorn Yourself With A Luxurious Passion

Ruby Necklaces: Adorn Yourself With A Luxurious Passion

Ruby necklaces have been a favourite of women for centuries. The passionate red colour of the stone and its symbolism are some invaluable reasons for its popularity. Ruby, gold, and diamonds are the luxurious jewellery articles topping the bucket lists of all women.

Since ancient times, ruby necklace sets have been worn by high-class and wealthy women. Adorning the crowns of queens and decorating their ensembles, they made their way to modern designs in jewellery. Ruby necklaces today are made in all types, from statement-making pieces to minimalist pendants. Let us learn more about ruby necklaces together.

Ruby as a Gemstone

Ruby brings love, passion, protection, and luck to the wearer. Chinese soldiers would embellish their armour with rubies in the belief that it would protect them during the war. It has great significance for self-awareness and developing oneself. To believe that wearing a ruby as a necklace or other jewellery item can turn your life around is nothing but true.

Ruby can mend and strengthen relationships; hence, it is a great gift to present to loved ones. They also carry healing powers that ensure the mental and emotional well-being of the wearer.

In times when every other person suffers from stress and anxiety, wearing a ruby can provide a positive aura for better health.

Ruby Necklace and Modern Fashion

Ruby, with its striking colour, is one of the most commonly used gemstones in jewellery. The beauty of the gemstone makes it an active part of necklaces of all types. Available in different shades of red and shapes and sizes, they are designed in a variety of styles and patterns.

Ruby choker necklace with ruby pendant is a ruby necklace design that is ideal for everyone. Ruby beads necklace is another design which is both traditional and modern, versatile to suit any style.

The rarity of the gemstone accounts for the expensive value of the stone, which is a luxury to add to every woman’s collection.

Ruby Necklace Designs

Rubies are made into different designs and styles, taking inspiration from traditions and applying modern methods. Ruby necklace sets are generally statement-making when combined with diamonds, pearls, or other gemstones.

Ruby and gold necklaces are among the elegant luxuries worn by women on special occasions. Some of the popular designs for ruby necklaces include:

Ruby Choker Necklace

Ruby choker necklaces are among the trendy necklace designs. A choker made up of gold, lace, or velvet. We can see rubies studded in all these types of chokers. Chokers, being a western influence with rubies, provide the perfect balance of tradition and fashion.

Ruby chokers are great to pair with a party dress for a big event because of their sparkly centrefold quality.

Ruby Bead Necklace

Ruby bead necklaces are small, round rubies made into beads strung in a thread for a necklace. They can be single-stranded or multi-stranded, depending on one’s style and preference. They are available in various types and combinations with other metals and gemstones, like emerald green and sapphire blue.

Women love ruby bead necklaces because they are simple and unique in style. They are great to wear to a formal party or meeting. They can add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your formal wear for a good meeting.

Ruby Pendant Necklace

Ruby pendant necklaces are contemporary statement-making pieces. Some gemstone pendant styles include a ruby enclosed in gold or surrounded by diamonds. Pendant necklaces made of ruby can be worn with formals as well as traditionals. The minimalist design with a sparkle centre is an amazing addition to any look.

Ruby pendants are of great significance to women who are born in July because it is their birthstone. They can access the mystical powers of the ruby birthstone necklace, which adds to the striking beauty of the neck piece.

Types of Ruby Necklaces

Ruby necklaces are available in different types, depending on the type of gemstone and the combinations it looks good with. Rubies have evolved with time, like colour shades changing with the seasons. There are a few types of ruby necklaces available all over the world that women love for their unique pattern and design.

Genuine Ruby Necklace

Genuine ruby necklaces are made of natural and authentic ruby stones extracted from nature. The gemstone ruby is mined out of the ground, cut, and polished for a sparkling shine. They are among the most expensive types of ruby necklaces. They are a luxurious piece of jewellery that every woman would love to have one day.

Ruby and diamond necklace

Ruby and diamond are a combination like a cherry on top. The red-hot ruby combines with the shimmer of diamonds for a unique and rich look. The most common and popular design is the ruby and diamond pendant necklace. Wear a ruby and diamond pendant necklace with your party gown for a classy-chic look.

Red Ruby Necklace

Red ruby necklaces come in various shades of red. The shades of red in ruby range from pigeon blood red, orange red, purple red, brown red, and pink red. Every shade has its own characteristic and unique beauty. Red ruby necklaces range from single-stone pendant styles to multi-stone necklaces. They are designed in traditional as well as contemporary styles and patterns.

A Guide to Buying a Ruby Necklace

While shopping for a ruby necklace online, there are a few factors you must consider for a good experience. The rarity and value of a ruby gemstone make them even bigger deals.

While browsing a ruby necklace collection online, look for the styles and designs available. Make sure you have an idea of how each one resonates with you and your style while you browse.

Like every other stone, rubies' quality depends on the cut, clarity, colour, and carats. Look for clean cuts with consistent clarity. Real rubies tend to have some flaws, like a black spot or parallel inclusions, which need to be consistent throughout.

After making sure that the ruby is authentic, you can move on to the colour and carats. Both are the main determinants of prices.
Get a ruby necklace that suits you and your style and is easy on your pocket.

These are some things you may want to know about a ruby necklace. The types they are available in and the designs that they are made in. You can now go ahead and browse online for your favourite ruby necklace. Meanwhile, don't forget to take a look at our stone jewellery collection with the latest and most unique designs.

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