Silver Bracelets For Men - From Prized Possession To Affordable Accessories

Silver bracelets are shiny, serene beauty wrapped around wrists for an engaging enhancement of looks. Bracelets for men in modern day is a fashionable entity adding its charm to masculinity. Men wear bracelets made up of gold, silver and platinum sometimes studded with a stone. Bracelets for Indian men have been a symbol of status and wealth. Men wear gold bracelets in chains and links for the same reason. Silver bracelets for men are another very popular kind because of the spiritual benefits of the metal silver. The

Journey Of 'Silver Bracelets For Men’ Through History…

Silver bracelets have been through wrath and maths of times. Men used to wear bracelets for a lot of different purposes in various kinds of materials like gold, silver and stones, leather etc. silver bracelets in history were a symbol of wealth and class of Egyptians, while Greece wore them as the symbol of strength and power. However, modern day men like to wear silver bracelets as an accessory to their styles and fashion. The small extra vibe that every design of silver bracelet brings to men makes them a must-have accessory for them.

The Notorious Popularity Of Silver Bracelets In Men

Men who generally run away from accessories love to wear bracelets with almost every look. Silver bracelets in particular have gained great demand but for their subtle styles. The designs in silver bracelets are so diverse in both inspiration and execution and covers all the bases of men's interests. The simplicity of silver makes it versatile enough to match with a few outfits at a time. This alone can be a reason for men who like to think much while dressing up.

Silver Bracelet Types For Men

Silver bracelets for men are available in different types to suit different men. From simple, minimalistic to heavy, edgy styles, the diversity of silver bracelets is commendable. Let us take a look at a few types of silver bracelets popular in men.

Classic Chain Bracelets

Silver bracelets in classic chain type are the most popular kind among men. Men as a community generally prefer to wear simple but effective accessories. Classic designs in chain bracelets made up of silver provide just the look they want at most times. Silver bracelets have different designs in chains like snake chains, ball chains and links etc.

Silver Cuff Bracelets

Silver cuff bracelets for men are the contemporary type of bracelets. The designs that these bracelets are crafted in are creative, unique and with the times. Silver cuff bracelets are a fashionable alternative to kada or bangle bracelets worn by men. The aestheticism of rustic silver provides the edgy look that men are always looking for.

Silver Link Bracelets

Link bracelets in silver are the other most popular type for men. Silver link bracelets are simple and stunning, doing a lot to the look with so little effort. Link bracelets can have a metal plate or a tag hanging off the chain. These bracelets are easily customisable and are a great gift to a loved one.

Silver Id Bracelets

Silver Id bracelets, like the name, are silver bracelets for men with names. They can be any chain, a cuff or a link bracelet with a metal plate or carvings of the name of someone. Generally men personalise their bracelet with their name and birthday or are presented to them as gifts. A silver bracelet for men with a name is the only requirement for any bracket to be an Id bracelet.

Silver Kada Bracelet

Men have been wearing silver kada for a long time now. Silver kada for men has a religious meaning to it. The kada differs in size and weight and design. The versatility of kada to go well with almost all kinds of outfits make them a bracelet for daily wear. Kada has from past times been seen as a symbol of power and strength which resonated with most men, thus making them popular among them.

Leather And Silver Bracelets

Silver combined with leather is a contemporary design among bracelets for men. A line of silver and strand of leather combined to form a bracelet is handsome. Leather wrapped around silver provides the rust to the silver shimmer. Popular among young men , boys love to wear this new style with their daily college look.

Choosing The Best Silver Bracelet For You

While choosing a silver bracelet for yourself, you may find it a bit tricky for the first time. Trying a completely new style for the first time makes you wonder what all things need to be considered to get the best one. Let us take a look at a few such factors.

Style And Design You Relate To

Always consider the style and comfort that the bracelet you are choosing can provide. Wearing an accessory which is totally opposite to your personality can look like a sore thumb sticking out. Getting the right style and design of a silver bracelet that you can carry well is the first criteria to go for.

Outfit And Occasion To Wear On

Then comes the outfit it is worn with and the occasion to wear on. The accessory you wear again, needs to match the occasion you are to attend. A leather silver bracelet is in no manner an appropriate accessory to wear office formals. Likewise, a biker look can only complete with a leather bracelet for it provides the perfect edginess.

Size And Fitting That Fits You

Bracelets like cuffs, kada or bangle bracelets are difficult for adjusting size after purchase. Hence, while shopping for a bracelet online look for the size chart and see if the size is adjustable or not. A loose bracelet is bad from a safety point of view while a too fit one can be uncomfortable during daily chores.

Popular And In Demand Design In Silver Bracelets For Men

There are different designs and patterns of bracelets in silver for men. Every design has its uniqueness and beauty that resonates with the person wearing that design. There are some designs that are quite popular with modern men.

Plain Bracelets In Silver

Plain or simple chain or link bracelet with no special design. Kada and cuff bracelets are plain bracelets for men. They are versatile to wear with formal outfits as well as to traditional events. They look great with suits as well as kurtas. The quality of plain silver bracelets for men are very well exploited by modern men as they wear it as daily wear, formal and traditional wear.

Stone And Silver Bracelets

Silver bracelets for men are often studded with gemstones and diamonds. Precious gemstones like sapphires, ruby etc., are worn by men for their spiritual powers. Silver chain and link bracelets are often decorated with stones. The ‘Salman Khan’ style silver bracelet for men with a blue stone was one popular in demand bracelet of the times.

Engraved Silver Bracelets

A silver kada or cuff engraved with one’s name, a meaningful date or a quote that resonates with them. A silver metal plate in a link or a chain bracelet is the popular picture you will see under this category. Engraved silver brackets are a good choice of gift for someone.

Personalised Silver Bracelets

Bracelets that can be customised to be a personal entity for them. These are the best kind of gifts for a loved one. A bracelet customised with a message or a name of the wearer or of someone they cherish.

Tips For Men To Wear Their Bracelets Right

Styling a bracelet for the first time may need some tips to do it right. Silver bracelets are quite versatile when it comes to styling them. You can try a few styles with the right bracelet to see which suits you best.

Layer Them Well

You can layer a few simple chains and link bracelets for a flashy look. Layering silver bracelets with a party ensemble to provide the extra elegance to the fun look. If you are wearing black and leather together, wearing a couple silver leather bracelets can go really well together.

Match The Outfits

Silver bracelets can go well together with all outfits and looks. It is important to choose the right type of silver bracelet to match your outfit. A link bracelet is best to wear with a casual t-shirt and jeans. The cuff bracelets are a good formal accessory.

Wear It All Together

If you like to wear different accessories, you can match your silver bracelets with them from a collective grace. Rings made up of silver, or stone rings with metal studs pair well with silver bracelets. It looks fashionable and stylish to wear in parties and events that are meant to dress up and have fun.

Tips To Buy The Right Silver Bracelet For You

Buying a silver bracelet for men online or offline needs a few things to be considered. Factors like style and design that resemble you, the outfit and occasion are also considerable. Some other factors that may be of help are:

Quality Factor

Look for the hallmark stamp at the back of the silver bracelets. You can look for “S” or “SS”, which stands for sterling silver. The quality of the silver can affect its price so it is quite important to look for the authenticity of the metal.

Check Your Pocket

Silver is quite an affordable metal to wear. There is a wide range of prices in silver accessories. So you can really just get the one you like. However, when silver is combined with precious stones or diamonds then you can see a rise in price. So you can keep an eye on your pocket to see if it can handle the weight.

Care And Maintenance Of Silver Bracelet

It is necessary to take care and maintain the accessories for a long lasting lustre. Let us take a look at how you can do that so that your bracelets look new for as long.


Soak the silver bracelet in soapy lukewarm water for a few minutes. Scrub it with a bristle gently and then wipe it dry. You can even add a few drops of ammonia in soap water sometimes for a deep clean.


Avoid wearing your bracelets while working in your garden, or cleaning the house etc. Do not wear your bracelet in the shower or swimming pools.


Store your silver bracelets away from the sun and in an airtight container. Keep them away from other accessories to avoid scratching and thus losing lustre.

This was all you needed to know about silver bracelets for men before getting one for you. From the types of bracelets to the designs they are available in and how you can get the best for you. Barcelst are an easy accessory, add it to your ensemble to step up your style a notch!