15 Smart and Thoughtful Wedding Gift Ideas Brides and Grooms Love

15 Smart and Thoughtful Wedding Gift Ideas Brides and Grooms Love

Weddings in India are known for three things: food, clothes, and gifts. We all love to dress up our best and go to weddings for the delicious food on the buffet in exchange for gifts we present to the bride and groom, wishing them a healthy and happy life.

Gifts are a way of expressing one's feelings towards the other person. You can even wish the best of life, health and happiness. A wedding gift in definition is a gift presented to brides and grooms for a new beginning. Parents of both partners want to give all the things that are necessary for a new start to life.

However, guests at a wedding bring gifts according to their relation with the main characters i.e. bride and groom. Closely related guests may gift the couple with personal and intimate gifts. While guests who aren’t that close may want to give something which is common and express their best wishes aptly.

Wedding gifts are of all kinds from things of personal care, to household items, clothes and even cash envelopes. There are always some gifts which are so peculiar that they leave a lifelong impression of it to the main characters of the big day.

Gift for Wedding: A Symbol of Love, Care, and Kindness

Wedding gifts have a great place in the hearts of the two main characters as well as their families. People tend to remember the best and worst parts of every marriage for years. So it's better to avoid picking something out of the blue. A little thought to pick up a wedding gift for someone we know can make an impression for life on them.

In today’s world, where everything is always in a hurry, it can be difficult to actually stop and think about certain things. But this single thought that occurred to you in a matter of seconds can actually become a memory for somebody else. A gift that is useless and ugly has no place in celebrations. It is wise that you do not ruin your reputation or the main characters’ day either.

While choosing a gift for an acquaintance’s wedding, it can be quite tricky to decide which angle to go with. Is it better to get something fun, useful, or beautiful? After this checkpoint comes the next question: what exactly will the gift be?

Last but not least, how do I carry it along to the wedding day? What? Yeah, it is important to think about how to carry it on the day. What if it's too big to lift in arms and smaller than getting shipped by a carrier? Both the scenarios can be embarrassing and unfancy.

Now the size again depends on what kind of relationship you share with the two main humans of the day.

To help you with exactly this dilemma of getting the right gift for the bride and groom and their new life, we’ve got some of the best ideas for wedding gifts. Take a look at which one suits your relationship, bond, and feelings towards the main characters of the day.

Traditional Wedding Gifts You Will See At Indian Weddings

The traditions, customs, and rituals are the specialty of an Indian wedding. Wedding gifts with traditional, religious, and customary bases comprise the traditional wedding gifts. There are some wedding gifts that have a definite place at weddings. These wedding gifts tend to gather in large numbers because of their past popularity.

Jewellery articles like rings for the groom, chains and anklets for the bride, and envelopes full of money are the most common. Well, money is the best wedding gift for people who aren’t closely related to the main characters of the day.

Traditional wedding gifts have meanings and symbols that are passed down through generations. The family of the groom is often seen gifting heirlooms that have travelled through grandmothers, mothers, and daughter-in-laws. These heirlooms can be traditional jewellery made of gold, silver, stones, or diamonds.

Families with a connection to art and cultures of the past may even present a painting or art piece as a gift to the newest addition to their family.
Following are some of the traditional wedding gifts that have been given since ancient times up until the present.

Gold and Silver Jewellery

Apart from heirlooms, the guests attending the weddings tend to bring their wishes in terms of a lifelong investment in gold and silver. Gifting a gold or silver item is beautiful, valuable, and an investment that the couple can cash in on as and when needed.

In ancient times, the bride was presented with loads of gold and gems, so in times of crisis, she could make use of that jewellery and provide food for her family. The meaning behind gifts of jewellery hasn’t changed much with time. It is still believed that the quantity of gold and silver contributes to the wealth and fortune of the bride’s household.

If you know the bride or groom but don’t exactly know their likes and dislikes, gifting them gold or silver jewellery can really do well. The designs and styles of jewellery may or may not be according to their preferences, but they can get them modified whenever and however they want.

Envelope of Cash Money

Envelopes are the most traditional wedding gifts and are very much in style today as well. Money is something that is both useful and smart. If you know nothing about the main characters of the wedding and mainly just love the wedding food, you can definitely go with a money envelope.

Household Items for the Couple

Well, marriage is the beginning of a new relationship, a new family, and a new household. Gifting a household item to the newlywed couple can be one of the most practical wedding gifts. It is generally the families of the bride and groom that arrange to present everything from a gas stove to an air conditioner for an easy married life.

New Clothes for New Beginnings

Clothes are the most common among wedding gifts. Almost every distant relative brings clothes for their daughter, son, niece, nephew, and so on. The guests at the bride's side bring clothes and stuff for her, while the people at the groom's side bring it for him.
If you are somebody who has some idea of fashion and clothing, you can undoubtedly go with clothing as a wedding gift.

Religious Stuff as Blessing

Prays, wishes, and blessings are showered upon the bride and groom from all sides. Some elders may present the holy books and religious things as blessings. Grandfathers and grandmothers give the holy Bible, Bhagvad geeta or the Quran as a blessing and best wishes to the bride. It is believed to provide wisdom, strength, and fortune to the bride to lead a happy domestic life.

Unique Wedding Gift Ideas You can Give a Try to

With the evolution of gifts presented as wedding gifts, unique wedding gifts have been topping the guests’ lists. Guests who know the bride and groom try their best to present them with something unique enough to be a beautiful memory. They can convey their personal love, care, and kindness to the couple in their own unique way.
These are some unique wedding gift ideas for you to give your close ones on their wedding day.

Personalised Gifts

Gifts with a personal touch are at the top of the popularity charts. Simple personalised gifts like photo cakes, photo albums, or photo frames can leave a lasting impression. Then there are personalised wine glasses with engravings of initials or names for wine lovers. A custom-made gift according to the taste and likings of the couple can be memories for life for them.

Experience Gifts

Gifts that will present new experiences and adventures to the couple are another unique wedding gift choice. If the couple loves to try new experiences and explore life in different ways, then you can go with a bungee jump ticket, a camping trip into the mountains, or a paragliding experience into the woods. Or you can go simple and fun with waterparks and amusement parks they can enjoy as a married couple.

Smart Home Devices

In the world of technology and smart devices, having a smart device at home can be really useful. A smart home device to give to a newly married couple is a thoughtful and timely gift choice. If you are a tech enthusiast and the couple is a music enthusiast, then you can go with a smart speaker or a smart screen for them to enjoy their hobbies to the fullest.

Art And Decor

Art and decor are two of the most important things in a totally new house. Even if people in a house aren't really that curious and crazy for art, they will love to decorate her new home for sure. Gifting an art piece or a painting can be a beautiful addition to the new decor of the house. A self-made painting from someone close to them can be quite touching for the lead couple of the day.

Charity Donation

Charity donations are quite unique and new among the choices for wedding gifts. If you know the couple is socially conscious, you may contribute to their wedding by donating something to the cause they strive for. This can be of huge significance to the happy couple, multiplying their happiness by thousands.

Luxurious Wedding Gifts For The Big Day

Luxurious weddings are the way to flaunt one’s great wishes for the bride and groom. Luxury gifts are wishes from a big and kind heart. You must be really close to the couple or be related to both the bride and groom to present something luxurious to them. These are some luxurious wedding gift ideas you can go with if you want to.

High Tech Gadgets

The latest gadgets can really be expensive and cost a fortune. If the couple is somebody who loves to know more about the latest advancements in technology, then a gadget can be the best wedding gift for them. A newly launched laptop or the phone they've been eyeing for a long time can be a nice gift choice.

Luxury Home Decor

Home decor can cost an arm and a leg, too. Gifting a luxury home decor items for a whole room setting is an ideal luxury gift for a couple moving into a new home. It is practical and beautiful, with customization options that will provide the couple with a chance to apply their

Luxury Travel Trip

The custom of the newlywed couple going on a trip for their honeymoon period can become quite luxurious with your wedding gift. Gift a luxury travel trip for the couple and gain a lifelong grateful memory from the couple. A trip abroad for a whole month after the marriage can give the couple the best chance of rest after busy wedding functions.

High End Home Appliances

With advanced technology, add tough household work, and you will get the best luxury wedding gift. A high-tech home appliance can be the best help to the newlywed couple in their daily lives and domestic chores. A high-tech kitchen appliance or the latest refrigerator are some choices you can make.

Fine Jewellery

Fine jewellery is another luxury wedding gift that will give that luxe look to both you and the couple of the day. Fine jewellery made up of luxury metals and stones like platinum, diamonds, rubies, and emeralds can be an elegant gift of choice for the bride and groom. Fine jewellery can be added to the family heirloom and passed on to future generations along with your wishes and kindness.

These are some wedding gift ideas you can choose from, according to your preference, pocket, and relationship with the couple getting married. If you are looking for fashionable jewellery as a gift for your bride friend, check out our Bridal jewellery collection.