Stars who are aging backwards

Stars who are aging backwards

We have seen so many stars come and go in our lifetimes but some celebs seem to have stopped their aging clocks. They seem pretty much the same as a young 20-year-old at twice that age. Miracle? We surely would want to know their secret! But let’s have a quick look at these gorgeous divas who have defied time.

Jennifer Aniston, 47 years

Jennifer Aniston

Our favorite Rachel seems as stunning as she looked when we first saw her on Friends. I would say, she’s just getting hotter!

Sandra bullock, 52 years

Sandra bullock

I fell in love with Sandra Bullock when I watched Miss Congeniality, 16 years later she still looks just as fabulous.  

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Halle berry, 50 years

Halle berry

If google didn’t say that Halle Berry is 50, I would believe no one! That killer body looks no more than 25 years old. Wonder if its genes tons of hard work and discipline.

Jennifer Lopez, 47 years

Jennifer Lopez

How can we not talk about Jennifer Lopez in this article? The stunner seems no older than she looked in waiting for tonight. Wish I knew the secret to her ageless beauty and flawless skin.

Cindy Crawford, 50 years

 Cindy Crawford

Yes! Believe it or not, this super model, who made Red Lipstick everyone’s favorite, is 50 years old!