Stone Ring Ideas for Gemstone Lovers - Brilliant & Gorgeous Designs

Stone Ring Ideas for Gemstone Lovers - Brilliant & Gorgeous Designs

The love of gemstones belongs to antiquity. More than mere baubles, gemstones were always loved for their value and the power they gave. The love of gemstones now translates into the desire for a gorgeous stone ring. In days of yore, men of high calibre and soldiers donned brilliant gemstone ring to show their power. It was all about shine and design. For women, matching a gemstone ring to their gowns was like an adventure.

Time and travel changed the idea of wearing a stone ring. Rings are now worn to match the mood and the outfit. It’s more about finding that perfect stone ring which is lucky and of course gives the extra edge to your good looks. Now, you also want the perfect engagement ring for the grand proposal. Or you may want to wear something that is completely unique and no one has. You want to create a necklace set and have brilliant design ideas, but don’t know how to pick the best stone ring. Here’s some amazing stone ring ideas for you, to get that perfect ring you desire.

Diamond stone ring

Diamonds are a woman’s best friends. This holds true today, tomorrow, and to infinity. The bling of diamonds is incomparable! The 4 C’s of a diamond give you all the information about how to look for the perfect diamond stone ring. Once you have the diamond selection in order, the shape and framework of the ring comes in to play. Pick a frame or design that synchronizes with the shape of your fingers. Small or big, diamond stone ring with coloured or white diamonds suit all outfits. Romantic shapes with dainty flowers, hearts, and of course the one and only, solitaire, work best for all events and places, especially the boardroom. When you’re confused about getting the exact frame, look for contrasts in shapes and sizes. An oversized necklace can be paired with a dainty stone ring. Or a bold big ring will match a dainty chain. Try colourful studs around the diamond if you want to match it with your favourite colour palette.

Ruby stone ring

The red glint of rubies is to die for! Rubies have a fire and shine that brightens the ensemble. Don’t care about matching it with your outfit. Like a diamond ring, the ruby stone ring has a style of its own. The mere presence of a ruby stone ring on the finger is a style statement in itself. Ruby stones are hard and don’t break easily. Their spiritual vibes add that confidence boost that is so needed. Ruby stone ring with vintage style gives you an air of mystery. The enigma of a simple bold ruby stone on a ring gives an ethereal aura. Bring in this red blood fire stone into your life for glamour and oomph.

Emerald stone ring

Shining bright since ancient Egypt, emerald stone rings are objects of desire for queens and beauties across the globe. Emerald has cool green shine that vibes with cool tones and gives a beautiful glow. There is a captivating quality to an emerald stone ring. They work wonders for artists and people with creative airs. Emerald stone rings set in gold, silver, and oxidized silver with filigree designs may be the ultimate choice if you want to rule the room with grace.

Sapphire stone ring

A powerful stone that can make or break kings! Sapphire has this quintessential power that is mythical. Sapphire stone ring can be worn for fashion and for spiritual powers. The light blue to aqua colour of sapphires has the right shine for a supercool vibe. Just a sapphire set in a simple frame makes a great accessory. For the love of pendants, wear a sapphire stone ring with a platinum or silver chain around the heart. Pick a platinum or silver framework, as these look best with the blue colour of the sapphire.

Opal stone ring

The opaque non shiny but vibrant quality of opal is brilliant for ring designs. With the bright orange to crimson colour, an opal stone ring shines out of the ordinary. Opal, as a gemstone, has very strong vibes. The colour palette is vivid. The strength of the stone is about average. But stone rings in opal are perfect for that fashion statement you have being dying to make.

Pearl stone ring

The grace of a pearl is quite delicate. Back in trends, bold pearl stone rings are the charm of the day. You can buy pearls in many shades and hues, if you’re looking for artificial pearls. Those who love the demure shades of natural pearls, Freshwater pearls are your best picks. And for the strong and vivid colours of blues and blacks, go for the Tahitian Black pearls. Gold pearls on rings will give you that lavish, red carpet look. South Sea pearls will give you that golden halo you are looking for. The simple charm and grace of a pearl stone ring is simply sublime!

Blood stone ring

They are macho and masculine and all things powerful! Blood stone rings are not merely for fashion but to declare, “I am here, and here to Rule”. The simple power of the blood stone ring is not alluring or dainty but extremely energetic and commanding. A simple square shaped bloodstone ring in a gold framework is enough to make that power statement. A trip to an astrologer can be suggested before you pick this stone ring. In hues of dark red and green, the stone may or may not have sparks of orange in the stone design.

Turquoise stone ring

A steady blue opaque quality best describes the colour of a turquoise stone. Turquoise stone ring will give you the quintessential quality of exuding creativity and insightfulness.

Jade stone ring

Imperial elegance is the vibe of jade stone rings. Jade has strong spiritual and supernatural elements. A jade stone ring is perfect for those with strong personalities and even stronger aspirations. The best jade stone rings you can carry are in shades of green. Oversized or small, the jade stone ring can be set in a number of geometric patterns.

Lapis Lazuli stone ring

Lapis lazuli stone rings have been fashion and power statements since centuries. The stone lapis lazuli has a bright blue opaque sheen. It sets well with metals like gold and silver. Lapis lazuli is great to style in any stone ring to get the vintage trending vibe.

Pick a stone ring that vibes with your personal style. For a pop of colour opaque stone rings work great. For the shine and glimmer of a dreamy stone ring, go for pearls, diamonds, rubies, and emeralds. To get an aura of power around you, check the spiritual aura of the stone. Pick one that matches your need and desire. Make the stone ring a focal point of your ensemble and flaunt it with bold beauty!