Styling Silver Bracelets for Women

Styling Silver Bracelets for Women

Silver bracelets have become quite popular all of a sudden. Women from all walks of life are wearing silver bracelets of all colours, shapes, and sizes. The essence of the success of silver bracelets for women is their beauty and functionality. Silver bracelets for women are fashion statements. Women flaunt their personal style with silver bracelets. They are great conversation starters. Some may want to wear silver bracelets to remember cherished moments. Others may want to remind themselves of their goals and their achievements. Silver bracelets for women define her personality and lifestyle. Because they are easy to carry, they can be matched with the chosen apparel with ease. Trendsetters choose to wear the voguish silver bracelets for hip looks

What is the perfect silver bracelet for women?

Every woman has a unique style sense. Some women like quiet styles whilst others may want to sport flamboyant clothes and accessories. You need to buy a silver bracelet that highlights your personal style quotient. Look to coordinate your silver bracelet with your apparel and the events you attend. You develop a personal style that gives you comfort and beauty. When you are at home and seek comfort, a simple silver bracelet bangle would be perfect. At work, you may want to wear a piece that reflects your inner diva or quaint queen.

Silver bracelets for women like chains, bangles, charm bracelets suit conference rooms. The bolder cuffs look glam enough for a night out. Pick and wear a silver bracelet that is unique to your personality or suits your mood for the day. Silver bracelets can also be worn for spiritual cures. Silver has a mystic aura. It is used for healing and curing the effects of malefic planets. Include this fact in your shopping choices. If you’re looking to clear your chakras, head for a charm bracelet with silver and crystal beads.

Types and styles of silver bracelets for women

Captivating styles of silver bracelets for women are trending in the jewellery market. The neutral colour of silver can be matched with outfits of many colours and hues. Silver bracelets for women are always in focus as we move our hands while speaking and gesturing. Wrist jewellery is therefore a key focal point to express your persona.

Silver bangle bracelets

Silver bracelets for women designed like thin, thick, or crisscross bangles can be worn with everyday and casual wear. Bangle bracelets are versatile enough to be styled with basic and flamboyant apparels. They can be worn with jeans and t-shirt or smart business suits. They look just as awesome with sassy sarees or simple suits. Wear them with beach wear for a shimmery effect. Silver bracelets for women in bangle design are cute when stacked with chain bracelets.

Silver chain bracelets

Slim, slinky, sweet! Silver bracelets for women in chain patterns have a special charm of their own. It’s a very popular design. They look quaint and charming, flowing smoothly across the wrist, dancing to their own silvery tune. With pendants and tiny bells, silver chain bracelets are chosen by fashion divas who get with the flow of life with cheer and joy. Silver bracelets for women in chain designs look smart when worn with watches and charms.

Silver charm bracelets

Charms work wonders for emotions and chakras. Silver bracelets for women with charms and crystals are best used for healing and aura protection. The charms may also represent milestones in a woman’s life or icons from her chosen life path. The silver charm bracelet becomes exceptional, when the love of diamonds and gemstones seeps into charm designs. Delicate silver charm bracelets attached to cuff bracelets create a pretty and bold silhouette.

Silver cuff bracelets

Broad, bold, beautiful! Silver cuff bracelets are power statements. Silver bracelets for women in cuff designs have been worn by ancient Queens across the world. Ancient warrior women wore cuff bracelets with silver and leather, to wipe their swords clean. Silver cuff bracelets immediately put the wearer in a power position. With studs and gemstones, cuff bracelets take on an aura of mysticism. Traditional silver bracelets for women with intricate engravings and gemstone encrusting create elaborate ethnic looks.

Silver tennis bracelets

The quintessential sports favourite! The iconic tennis bracelet came into being when Chris Evert dropped his diamond encrusted bracelet on tennis grounds. Silver bracelets for women that are slinky and encrusted with diamonds or stones are branded as tennis bracelets. Tennis bracelets look glam on an off, tennis courts.

Other trending styles

Silver bracelets for women in styles like link bracelets, evil eye bracelets, and mangalsutra bracelets are also topping the charts. Rakhi bracelets for both bhaiyas and bhabhis pick up trend during the month of Raksha Bandhan. For women who want to sport the “bhai” look, the iconic Blue Stone Salman Khan style silver link bracelet is a fashion must. Silver bead bracelets that tinkle like anklets are for the romantic divas who want to copy the Madhuri vibe.

Rock your style with the best one!

A bracelet can jazz up your outfit and your mood. It’s fun to browse for silver bracelets for women given the amazing amount of choices online. Picking the perfect one you are looking for depends on when and how you’re going to use it. If you want to wear the silver bracelet with casual wear, you can opt for a simple chain, bangle, or charm bracelet. But it you love drama, you can buy a cuff or link bracelet. The style of the bracelet should match your inner diva. When your soul sings sweet melodies go for chain bracelets with little bells. And if you want to rule the conference room, wear a charm bracelet with the infinity pendant. There are spectacular designs of silver bracelets for women who want to dress to express and impress.

Tips for selecting silver bracelets for women

The bracelet should fit your wrist. An oversized bracelet doesn’t look good and is always uncomfortable. Pick slimmer bracelets where your wrists are thin. The bigger silver bracelets are for women with slighter bulkier hands. The colour of the silver bracelet and encrusting needs to match with your skin tone. Some silver bracelets for women are extremely lustrous while others may have subdued hues. The colours of the studs and stones need to coordinate with the colour of your outfits. Shop for good quality silver bracelets. Most importantly, if the bracelet is something that is not “you”, it will always be a load to carry on your wrist. Pick one that gels with your personality, and is a pleasure to wear.

How to keep silver bracelets for women shiny and fresh

Store it well, in the original packing. Sunlight and moisture will ruin its sheen.

Don’t wear the silver bracelet while cooking and cleaning. The silver will react with the chemicals, heat, sweat, and will tarnish or rust at the edges and joints.

Chemicals in bathing soaps, lotions, and other cosmetics will immediately damage the jewellery. Silver bracelets for women last longer if they are kept away from any kind of chemicals and liquids.

Don’t wear silver bracelets while swimming or playing sports.

Use soft materials to clean the silver bracelet.

Use branded polishers to remove tarnish and increase shine

Silver bracelets for women are not just jewellery pieces. It exudes her personality and charm. Bracelets are key wrist accessories. When you speak to a person their attention is drawn to your hand and how you dress it up. Pick a style that truly stands for the real you!