A Guide For Taking Care Of Your Necklaces

Taking care of your jewellery is the single most effective way of increasing its lifespan. With necklaces, it goes without saying that the more intricate and delicate the design, the more careful you will have to be. Thankfully, most fashion jewellery necklaces are now made with superior quality materials and require low effort in terms of care. Investing a little time and adopting certain practices will ensure that your necklaces not only look great but also feel great. By increasing the lifespan in your pieces, it will also give you your money's worth. With fashion jewellery, you have to understand what your pieces are made of so you can care for them accordingly.
We’ve curated a mini guide on how you can take care of your necklaces.

Keep The Necklace Dry

Most necklaces come with a polish that prevents them from reacting to air. Keeping the polish intact should be your priority, so as to ensure that it keeps your necklace protected and doesn’t come in contact with moisture. Contact with moisture will tarnish your necklace and discolour it. Therefore, ensure that your necklace doesn’t get wet and that even if it does, you promptly dry it off. This will increase the lifespan of your necklace without diminishing its glow or changing its original colour. See to it that your necklace isn’t coming in contact with oils and creams.

Keep Your Necklace From Tangling

Oftentimes, you’ll find your necklace tangled up as you take it out of its box. This could be due to a number of reasons and constantly having to fix it can get annoying. Moreover, it could also break. We recommend storing necklaces in jewellery boxes that come with loops so it’ll stay put. For simple and minimal necklaces, you can use a paper straw and hang it. This will avoid it from tangling with other necklaces and keep it from turning on its own axis.

Remove Your Necklace When You Go To Sleep

As pretty as your necklace is, you have to take it off before you sleep. In the jewellery world we have a saying, wear it last and take it off first. We’re sure you do this already for your heavier and more luxurious pieces, but with your simpler fashion jewellery, it could be something you may miss once in a while, especially when you're exhausted at the end of the day.

Use Your Necklaces In Rotation

With fashion jewellery, you have to remember that these aren’t pieces that are meant to be worn 24*7. Instead, these are pieces you adorn on special occasions and events. This is to reduce contact of the pieces to the harmful elements of nature and keep them safe, without affecting their original state. Pieces can tarnish when they react with unfavourable environments, so we recommend exercising caution when you wear your necklaces.

Limit Necklace Contact With Other Chemicals

If you’re someone who wears your accessories first and then gets ready, we urge you to stop. Your necklace will end up coming in contact with your beauty product, hair products and tools, perfumes and oils. These will damage your necklaces in the long run. We suggest wearing your necklace only after you’re ready, as the final step of your routine. As we’ve said already, jewellery should be worn last but taken off first.

Keeping Your Necklace Clean

Now that we’ve walked through certain practices to avoid, let’s get into how you actually keep your necklaces clean. The first and most basic step is to wipe your necklace with a clean, soft cloth after every use. This will take off any sweat residue or other particles on your necklace. Store your necklaces in velvet jewellery boxes or in clean air tight boxes. We also recommend not storing all your jewellery in the same box. You’ll see a lot of products in the market that claim to clean jewellery, those are usually for fine gold and silver jewellery. Refrain from using these products on your fashion necklaces as they are built differently.

You can totally lengthen the lifespan of your necklaces with these tips. They are simple practices you can incorporate in your jewellery care that pack a punch and will have lasting effect on your treasured pieces. Certain pieces and trends come back in fashion at regular time intervals so it's best to care for your pieces while you can, or you’ll find yourself splurging on such pieces quite frequently. Especially when you don’t have to!