The Essential Fashion Statement – Necklace for Men

Jewellery may be considered a feminine fascination. But since ancient times, men have been sporting jewellery for power, and to carry small tools. In the ancient world, kings and princes wore regal medallions around thick gold chains to show their royal standing. Priests wore necklaces with beads and crystals for supernatural powers. And the warriors wore rugged chains and necklaces that exuded power and aggression. Simple, sober, rugged, supernatural, or regal, necklace for men has been an essential fashion statement since ages.

In the latter centuries, different type of pendants attached to a necklace for men could tell many stories. Tales of the many adventures and misadventures the man went through his entire life. In the royal courts of Europe and India, any necklace for men with stature would have expensive gemstones and vivacious designs.

It has always been acceptable by many cultures that a necklace for men in the society is worn to show his social standing. Fashion trends have evolved over time. And though men’s necklaces have become less ornate and more minimalistic, they are ever present, and worn by celebrities and everyone else.

The definitive guide to necklace for men

Trends in men’s clothing favours rugged and sleek looks with open necks and V-shaped collars. One can very well flaunt a chain or necklace with a statement pendant that exudes charm and personality.

Neck chains for men

The top of the chart neck chains for men are Cable chains. They are made by joining oval links to each other to create a chain. They can hold heavy pendants like crosses etc. Curb chains are created by interlocking links. They have a very urban vibe. They are also called Cuban chains. Marine or Anchor chains are favoured by men who love the sea, and sea sports. The links resemble anchor chains that one sees on ships.

Figaro chains originated in Italy. It looks like the curb chain, only the links are shorter. The Rope chain has links twisted with each other to look like a rope. These neck chains are strong and can hold medallions, sovereigns, and bigger pendants. The Wheat chain has links pleated with each other. These neck chains resemble wheat stalks. Other neck chains that one could pick up are ball chains, herringbone chains, box chains, and snake chains.

Work with the type of style to be created. If you want to create a focal point, go for a super thick chain with a big pendant. The collar of your shirt or t-shirt will decide whether you can wear the chain inside or outside the shirt. For instance, a necklace for men with a Thor Hammer pendant will look awesome when worn with a simple t-shirt. Match the colour of the metal and the beads with your skin tone and other pieces of jewellery that you would be wearing. For the wild celebrity look, you can layer neck chains with different colours and textures with cool tone fabrics.

Silver necklace for men

Silver necklaces for men are classic and versatile. They are very popular with men in all cultures. Silver necklaces are easy to wear. Their discreet quality makes them a cult favourite with men looking for sober accents with their apparel. One can layer silver necklaces of different textures, but two necklaces are good enough. Necklace for men around the wrist attached to a hardy watch gives a rugged and street-smart look. But more than five silver necklaces are just too much.

Pearl necklace for men

Pearl necklaces for men are a declaration of royalty, power, and aristocracy. Kings, emperors, and maharajas have always sported ornate and beautiful pearl necklaces for men. In current trends, you will see many celebrities sporting pearl necklaces for men, along with bracelets and earrings. They are very popular with musicians and baseball players who have flamboyant personalities and lifestyles. Pearl necklaces for men with over-the-top style sense, can be layered with thick silver chains. They can also be worn as single layer chokers around the neck. Style with grey based and pastel shade shirts. Add a vintage pendant to give it character and enigma.

Gold necklace for men

Gold necklaces for men exude confidence. They are for opulent styling. But too much could look shoddy. Gold necklaces for men should ideally be small and discreet. This necklace for men with sober taste can be paired with subtle cufflinks and wedding rings. When wearing gold necklaces for men, don’t opt for chunky pieces. Gold necklace for men are simple power statements that say much with a few links.

Diamond necklace for men

Hip hop diamond necklaces for men are trending with music lovers. With thick cuffs and Cuban links, diamond necklaces for men are for those who with over-the-top style sense and majestic personalities. Diamond necklaces for men have always been a fashion favourite of royalty in the Mughal empire. The design is almost 2000 years old and it can be traced in most global cultures. Combined with emeralds, rubies, sapphires, and diamonds, necklace for men can be worn for wedding rituals, receptions, festivals, and other functions with ethnic vibes. Simple iced out diamond necklace for men can be worn with round necked t-shirts, with the necklace falling just below the collar.

Necklace for men – to accessorize or not?

Fashion trends are so iterative. Once that was in and lost in time, resurfaces as a new fashion trend, albeit with some changes. Necklace for men have always been an important accessory, without which it would be difficult to place the social standing or cultural identity.

The tough steel or silver necklace for men at sea or in war was considered a sign of their loyalty to their kingdom. Whether in gold, silver, pearl, or diamond, necklace for men can create any kind of look that is needed, required or desired. It is also a key investment for men looking to double their money in three years or so.

Some consider jewellery like bracelets and necklace for men as frivolous objects. But when the necklace has an emotional, nostalgic, and symbolic value, it adds a shine to the personality. Religious pendants with men’s necklaces give a spiritual and conventional aura to the man. Gold medallions on men’s necklaces have been a fashion must have with French and Italian men and it’s always added to their glamour and good looks.

Single silver chains worn with even simple clothes look austere and charming. Trying out men’s necklaces can be fun especially when you are doing a wardrobe makeover or exploring new looks for holidays or parties. Necklace for men are statement pieces. They give an immediate boost to one’s confidence, royalty or not.