The Magnetic Allure of Stunning Gold Bracelets for Women

The history and mystery of gold bracelets for women

To say that a bracelet is just an ornament worn on the hand is an understatement. Gold bracelets for women are key pieces of jewellery since ancient times. They define a woman’s love for jewellery, her position in the society, and express her personal style. The first gold bracelet has been discovered in the ruins of ancient Egypt. The Scarab Bracelet is dated 5000 BCE. Gold bracelets for women have been excavated in the ancient ruins of Siberia, Bulgaria, Greece, India, and Latin America.

In the Bronze Age, jewellery craftsmen made silver and gold bracelets for common citizens. The Greeks wore cuff bracelets in lower and upper arms. The Romans used coiled gold bangles that were designed like snakes. Chinese used bracelets that were designed like intricate cuffs and bangles with jade encrusting. In the 17th Century, women in Europe took to gold bracelets and made it a common accessory. The 20th Century saw a dramatic change in designs of gold bracelets for women. Ornate designs, and designs heavily inspired by Art Deco, flooded the jewellery market. In the 50’s and 70’s chains, slim bangles, and wide cuffs became style statements. In the 21st Century, gold bracelets for women are available in dramatic, minimalistic, ornate, vintage, and casual styles.

Trending Gold Bracelet designs for women

Gold bracelets for women pair up well with ethnic, fusion, and western wear. Every woman defines her personal style for gold bracelets based on her skin tone, lifestyle, body shape, and fashion sense. Gold bracelets have decorative, curative, mystical, and supernatural qualities.

The trending gold bracelets for women that top the hand jewellery market are chains, oval bracelets, charm bracelets, cuff bracelets, bangle bracelets, and tennis bracelets.

Gold Chain bracelets for women

Chain bracelets top the charts of hand jewellery. They are also called link bracelets with quaint chains that sit loosely on the wrist. Chain gold bracelets for women are easy to style and stackable. They look great with any kind of apparel, be it formal or casual.

Cuban link bracelets have a unisex appearance. They are bulky and big in bold styles. These gold bracelets for women are well-loved by women who want to create power statements. Best suited for apple shapes who are passionate about food.

Snake chain bracelets are sensuous and feminine. The chains are designed like a snake. The flow of this gold bracelet for women compliments shapely silhouettes. The bracelet is stackable and versatile.

Rope chain bracelets are lavish pieces of jewellery. They are extremely ornate and may have studs of diamonds and gemstones. This gold bracelet for women is an upmarket glamourous product for women who can style them well. The design of this gold bracelet for women looks like a twisted rope. It can have texture or a smooth finish. It is a classic piece of jewellery best suited for glamourous divas.

Half link chain bracelet are a combination of link and chain bracelets. This fusion design is delicate, lightweight, and suitable for slim hands. This gold bracelet for women is stackable and can be accessorized with small pendants. Perfect for young adults.

Box link chain bracelets or Venetian bracelets have interlocking links. These links look like boxes. This gold bracelet for women has the sturdiest style. This bracelet design is slim, to be styled with formals and workwear.

Crystal chain bracelets have encrusting of diamonds or gemstones. These gold bracelets for women are dressy and best styled with festive wear. The style created is luxurious and can be worn to important events and parties.

Thin chain bracelets exude elegance and sophistication. They are great as gifts and very affordable. These gold bracelets for women are easy to style and look great on all body shapes.

Beaded chain bracelets have a boho feel. They are fun to style with colourful beads or crystals set on gold chains. This gold bracelet for women is very easy to style with your favourite colours and outfits.

Gold chain bracelets for women are always trending as they are easy to wear, take care of, and quite affordable. Wearing gold chain bracelets every day is a great way to add style to simple and elaborate outfits.

Gold Oval Bracelets for women

These gold bracelets for women are asymmetrical, oval shaped, and great for stacking to create a glam look. With attached danglers and pendants, they can be personalised to create unique fashion statements. Oval bracelets look feminine and powerful. With elegant designs, they are timeless accessories. Oval bracelet designs could have a smooth finish, or they could be textured. A combination of textured and smooth gold oval bracelets create awesome bracelet sets.

Gold charm bracelets for women

Good luck and protective auras! Charm bracelets are pretty and easy ways to invite positivity and repel negativity. Gold bracelets for women with charms, religious symbols, and sacred beads are great accessories for mystic souls. Charm bracelets have been a part of religious and spiritual cultures across the world. Whether in Egyptian, Roman, Christian, or Indian cultures, gold charm bracelets helped to ward off negative energies. They were also used to identify clans or tribes. Practitioners of occult and tarot rely on charm bracelets for healing. They are vital for protection during readings & rituals as they create positive auras. Gold bracelets designs with charms and pendants are now used to express life milestones.

Charms bracelets designs

Vintage, eclectic or modern, charm bracelets create fashion statements and have strong energies. Gold bracelets for women and added charms work wonders when one is travelling or attending important meets or interviews.

Types of Gold Charm bracelets for women

Cable chain charm bracelets are classic and easy to style with favourite charms. They look great when laden with charms. One could use personalised charms.

Ball chain gold charm bracelets are chunky and have good nooks to attach heavier or ornate charms. Gold bracelets for women with ornate and vintage charms create an eclectic look.

Rectangle chains or paperclip chains are trendy and sleek. One can use charms that move around and tinkle.

Snake chains with charms can be stacked for style. Gold bracelets for women with dainty charms express personal stories.

Some charms that style well with gold bracelet designs could be butterflies, heart, crescent moon, stars, roses, charms with initials or any other charm that has an emotional connect with your life and soul. Great to celebrate the nostalgic moments of ones’ life.

Gold Cuff Bracelets for Women

Cuff bracelets look sleek. They are classic designs. Gold bracelets for women in cuff designs are made in hard metals as the clasps need a sturdy grip. Unique styles, chic, and durable, gold cuff bracelets for women are quite popular for the divas who love bold looks. Gold bracelet designs are plenty, but cuff bracelets are bold fashion statements.

Types of gold cuff bracelets

The gold knot cuff bracelet is a timeless classic. This gold bracelet design has a bold knot at the centre of the circumference of the pendant.

The snake design cuff bracelet can be studded or embossed with various colours. The texture could also vary. This gold bracelet for women is for the fiery souls who mean business.

The simple cuff bracelet design is simple. It can be worn as a single piece for quiet elegance or can be stacked with charm bracelets. This gold bracelet design also looks good with silver or platinum edges and in rose gold.

The wide gold wired cuff bracelet is a statement of haute couture and signifies power. This gold bracelet design can be styled as a single ornament.

The art bracelet has artistic and asymmetrical shape. Great for everyday wear, a no-nonsense type of gold bracelet for women with artistic vibes.

Gold Tennis Bracelets for Women

The tennis bracelet is a classic for sports lovers. It is studded with diamonds and crystals. Gold tennis bracelets can be styled with formal and semi-formal apparel. It can be a part of everyday wear. The name tennis bracelet was first coined when Chris Evert dropped his diamond studded bracelet and exclaimed, “I dropped my tennis bracelet!” This gold bracelet design has hinges and links to adjust the length.

Gold bracelets for women in tennis bracelet designs are style statements, lavish, and perfect to create a rich look. A must have for tennis fans, and players.

Types of Gold tennis bracelets for women

The Prong style has three to four prongs with diamonds. The diamond or gemstone is bonded with the prong.

The Chanel style has two thin metal rows, encrusted with diamonds. This gold bracelet for women is an iconic design.

The Bezel tennis bracelet design has a single stone on one edge of the bracelet. This gold bracelet for women resembles a watch setting.

Gold Bangle bracelets for Women

The most durable form of gold bracelets for women. They are easy to style and comfortable. The gold bangle bracelet sits firmly on the hand. It is popular in Asia and Africa. This gold bracelet design is made with sturdy metal.

Gold bangle bracelets go well with all types of apparel. They can be stacked with watches and chain bracelets. Easy to wear and easy to maintain, this gold bracelet for women is well-loved.

Gold bracelets for events and occasions

Gold bracelets for women can be common, comfy, unique and lavish. It’s a personal choice depending on the style every woman wants to create.

Every day and casual gold bracelet designs are bangles, chain bracelets, charm bracelets, and bead bracelets. These gold bracelets for women can be worn in gold and rose gold, with textures and encrusting. They are fun to style and express emotional quotient and individuality.

Formal gold bracelets for women can be cuffs, tennis bracelets, link bracelets, and charm bracelets with delicate and minimalistic designs.

Festive gold bracelet designs are ornate with diamond and gemstone encrusting. They pair well with elaborate ethnic apparel, wedding gowns, and cocktail dresses. Gold ring bracelets, elaborate cuffs or kadas, sets of bangle bracelets with gemstone encrusting can be worn to bring a luxurious and festive vibe.

Shopping for your favourite Gold Bracelet design

Personal style, occasion and the budget decide which gold bracelet design is best to pick up. Keep the following in mind while selecting your favourite gold bracelet design.

Size and length of the bracelet should compliment the wrist size. It makes the bracelet practical. When the gold bracelet is comfortable to wear, you will wear it often.

Gold bracelets for women have clasps and links that need to be secure and firm.

The gold bracelet design is one that you should absolutely love and not just like. It should express your personality so that you can carry if without any reluctance.

The thickness of the gold bracelet should give you the appropriate coverage you desire. Where the wrists are thin, a daintier design will look great and where the wrist are fuller, a cuff would look super.

Make sure the gold bracelet design you pick matches your clothing sense. Gold bracelets for women are key accessories that need to be coordinated with the chosen apparel.

Caring for your gold bracelet

Caring for your gold is extremely essential. Gold bracelets get scratched and dented easily as gold is a soft metal. It is important to remove them before bathing and playing sports. Chlorine discolours gold bracelets. Remove it before entering the spa or swimming pool. If you are a housewife, cover the gold bracelet while working with cleaning agents.

Gold bracelets can accumulate dirt, make up, and grime. They can be cleaned gently by soaking them in dishwasher soap for a while. You can rinse them in clear water and wipe them with a soft cloth. Store the gold bracelet in its original box. Use soft cloth to store the piece and store each piece separately. You can visit your jeweller and have the gold bracelet cleaned professionally, at least once a year. If the gold bracelet has any loose links or pendants or design damage, repair it at the annual cleaning.