The Sparkle & Shine of Dazzling Pendants

The Sparkle & Shine of Dazzling Pendants

Shine bright with sparkling pendants in gold, silver, diamonds, and platinum. Add glamor and glory to simple chains and elaborate necklaces with dainty and lavish pendant designs. Style up simple looks with ornate pendants, or harmonize bold looks with dainty pendants. Pendants create a focal point for your apparel. Matching pendants will accentuate your style and amp up your glam quotient. Well-designed pendants will create beautiful ensembles that are so important for any kind of event or occasion. Heel and feel the change in your aura with magnetic charm pendants. Look vintage or contemporary. Pick the pendant that calls “hither” to your personal style quotient.

The Story of Pendants

Pendants are pieces of jewelry or accessories attached to a chain or necklace worn around the neck. The word pendants originates from the French word pendr, which means to hang down. Pendants define the look of the ensemble. They express the style sense of the wearer. The search for the perfect pendant often takes one to many shops and online stores. Pendants are now also worn on watches, chain bracelets, dog collars, and pair up well as phone accessories.

The History of Pendants through Ages

Pendants have a deep relevance in the history of mankind. In days of yore, Neanderthals made pendants from ivory, animal teeth, and sea shells. Ancient Egyptians wore gold pendants that had Scarab designs and hieroglyphs. The Romans sported pendants shaped like gold coins and intaglios. The Qing Dynasty of China created ornately carved wood pieces in gold frames to be worn with chains around their necks. The Renaissance period redefined jewelry trends and brought about a revolution in pendant designs. Pendants became popular accessories for the rich and poor, the young and the old, men and women.

Various types of Pendants

Pendants are ornamental but they also have supernatural and healing properties. Intricate and ornate pendants create glam styles but the dainty and delicate ones’ quietly express the personal style and emotional quotient of the wearer. Alluring pendants are great to style with different types of attire. Supernatural and spiritual pendants are classy and cosmic.

Religious Pendants

The first type of religious pendants used by mankind around the world were seeds and beads. Trending religious pendants have religious symbols of various religions. Icons of Gods and Goddesses are auspicious and lucky. The first pieces of jewelry to be gifted to kids are religious pendants like Om, Swastika, and Hanuman idol pendants.

Alphabet Pendants

They add a personal touch to accessories. Alphabet pendants can be designed in italics or cursive writing. They add glamor to slim and slinky chains. They are perfect gifts for new brides and little children. One can make romantic couple pendants by combining the initials of the spouses. These pendants are perfect for those who want to profess their commitment.

Personalized Pendants

Pendants can be made very special when personalized with stones, diamonds, and designs that are dear to one’s heart. You can celebrate your love for art by creating personalized pendants representing sculptures, paintings, and architecture. By adding birthstones to your pendant, you get good vibes and a great jewelry piece. If you love music, just add the music instrument you adore, and create a pendant design that resonates with your true calling.

Evil Eye Pendants

Evil Eye Pendants have the iconic blue black white and red pendant design. Evil eye pendants protect you from negative energies and bad vibes. One can wear these pendants with chains, as danglers on watches or add them as your phone accessory. Evil eye pendants sort out your aura and deflect any evil energy that is headed your way.

Picking the perfect material for gorgeous pendants

Pendants made with metals like gold, silver, and platinum glam up simple chains and necklaces. Women love necklaces with ornate pendants that can be paired with ethnic outfits. One can buy a pendant that matches the metal of the chain or necklace to create a coordinated ensemble.

Gold Pendants

Gold pendants bring grace and charm to even the simplest of chains. Gold pendants can be created with intricate lacy designs, ornate bulky pieces, or studded with gemstones and diamonds. Gold necklaces with Meenakari or Kundan gold pendants create perfect ethnic ensembles. When you add matching pendant earrings, you create an ethereal pendant set, that is perfect for weddings and festive occasions.

Silver Pendants

Pretty and dainty silver pendants add shine to the simplest of outfits. They are easy to buy and easier to use. Silver pendants exude simple charm. They attract good luck and fortune. Ornate silver pendants with studs and stones pair up well with ethnic fabrics and prints. Silver pendants amp up rustic prints and apparel.

Platinum Pendants

Classy and chic, platinum pendants are fashion icons. The shine of platinum is sort of like silver but the metal is more durable than any other used in jewelry. As platinum is the most expensive and lustrous metal, platinum pendants add luxury to the simplest apparel. One can buy amazing platinum pendants with designs that reflect luxurious lifestyles.

Diamond Pendants

Pendants studded with diamonds express beauty and grace, like no other. Dainty diamond pendants set on a sturdy gold chain create an awesome pendant necklace. Make sure the diamond is authentic before you buy the diamond pendant. Diamond pendants with simple chains give an austere aura to any kind of ensemble.

Accessorize with confidence - Tips for wearing pendants

Wear pendants that reflect your fashion sense and style.

Create a focal point with your pendants. When you layer chains or necklaces, the pendant area needs to be uncluttered.

Wear pendants in metals that match your skin tone

Add shaped pendants to your chain for a boho feel

Experiment with different colors of gold and silver tinges

Add platinum pendants to yellow gold for drama and style

Add matching pendants to your shopping list when you pick up new outfits. This creates a coordinated ensemble.


What is the difference between pendants and necklaces?
Pendants are small pieces of jewelry that are attached to chains, necklaces, bracelets, and anklets. While a chain is only worn around the neck or on the wrist as a chain bracelet.

Which type of pendant is the best?
The one that suits your personal style, your skin tone, and your chosen outfit.

What style of chain is best for a pendant?
Chains like box chains, cable chains, and chains with high durability are best suited for pendants. The weight of the chain has to be strong enough to hold the weight of the pendants.