The Ultimate Guide to Buying Engagement Rings: What to Look For

Engagement rings are the symbol of the commencement of a brand-new relationship. They are the promises to their better halves, that they will be with each other as long as the ring stays on the finger. The material, design and pattern of an engagement ring all describe the feelings of one towards the other. Diamonds, golds and gemstones popularly occupy the best engagement ring designs at the top.

From history till the present engagement rings have enjoyed great significance. The royals, the peasants and every common person wore rings to symbolise a bond of trust and love. Some even considered engagement rings a display of wealth and fortune. That the one who proposes with the best engagement ring will keep their partner the happiest and was wedded on this factor.

Engagement rings are one of the most important parts of a wedding. They are the sole bearer of the relationship till the day of the wedding and vows. Choosing the best engagement ring for your better half is as important as one’s life and earth decisions. A ring that is beautiful suits your partner and is comfortable to wear daily is the perfect engagement ring choice. One must try to consider all these factors while looking for an engagement ring.

When buying an engagement ring, there are several factors to keep in mind. Here are some important things to consider:

Budget That Keeps You Happy

Well, the first and the most important factor that influences your range of options and choices of rings is the budget of your ring. A wedding is in itself an expensive event to host, thus is better if you determine your budget beforehand to ensure you don't hurt your pocket much.

Engagement rings are available at all prices and budgets and thus there is a variety of designs and patterns for all price ranges.
Knowing your budget can help you narrow your spectrum of options and help you choose better among all the materials and designs that you can look for.

Style And Preference Is The Basic

The style and preference of your partner are the next most important and basic to consider when choosing an engagement ring. The style and pattern that you and your partner generally prefer to wear is the best option to go with.

One should always go for the style that suits their personality and regular style; one should be comfortable with every piece of accessory they wear. After all, an engagement ring is expected to be worn daily and is a symbol of a bond you are to share with your partner. If it isn’t something which you don't resonate with and are just wearing for the sale of the tag it carries it becomes a burden in a while.

Ring Size Measures Your Love

It’s a saying the larger the diamond of the engagement rings the more your partner loves you. We may not believe in the saying but the ring size of an engagement ring does matter a lot when you choose a ring for engagement. The size of the diamonds, the gemstone or the metal case all determine the price as well as the comfortability factor of the ring. Most people like to wear one big diamond or stone while others may like a cluster of small diamonds. The size of the ring also determines how comfortable the ring will be to wear as daily wear.

Finger Size Of Your Better Half

With ring size, you must know the size of the finger of your partner, for they are the ones who have to wear them. You may not want a mishap of the ring getting stuck mid-finger or falling off the finger because it's too loose. We understand the engagement ring is meant to be a surprise for the counter half, you can take the help of family members or friends to get the right size of their finger.

4cs Of Diamonds And Other Stones

Choosing a diamond stone or any other precious gemstone you must familiarize yourself with the 4Cs of quality factors. These four factors are cut, clarity, colour and carat which determine the quality and price of the diamond and stones. There is a different price range for every cut and colour. Check all these factors carefully and make sure that you are paying for the quality and weight that you are getting.

Quality and Certification

While purchasing a gold or diamond engagement ring one must make sure that they check for all quality standards. One can make sure by getting their desired ring from a reputable or family jeweller where they are regular. Ask for a GIA (Gemological Institute of America) or AGS (American Gem Society) certificate when looking for a diamond. A hallmark sign at the back of the gold ring is the one to look for when purchasing a gold engagement ring.

Gemstone The Ring Encases

The gemstone you choose for your partner must comply with their aura and energy for the best benefits. Wearing a gemstone that is opposite to one’s energy flow can affect the health and tranquillity of your partner adversely. Whether it is a sapphire, an emerald, a ruby or a diamond stone see to it that it matches your partner well.

Ring Setting That Completes The Stone

Look into the type of ring setting that suits the stone best. Solitaire is the most popular and commonly worn style of engagement ring by couples as it is statement-making and still comfortable. Other popular ring setting choices include halo, pave and vintage-style rings. Your ring setting makes the look of the stone it encases, take care that it complements the stone best.

Maintenance For A Forever Bond

An engagement ring must be maintained like your relationship for a long long relationship. When buying an engagement ring understand all the maintenance and care tips. Every metal, gemstone and diamond has its way to be cleaned, maintained and stored. Ask the jewellery for all the tips and tricks for long-term maintenance. Some stones and meats require different cleaning methods, thus ask for warranties and after-sales services that you can avail of. This will help you get professional polish and cleaning every once in a while.

Return And Exchange Policy Is Good Too

Well, you are not to return your engagement ring I wish! But it is better to ask the jeweller about all the return and exchange policies in case your partner needs to make any changes. Or maybe they like to change it every few months with a simple fix here and there to keep it new forever. It is better to have flexibility in terms of changes and exchanges as these can be helpful in case of damage.

Some Wise Words For You…

These are some of the factors that you can take a look at while purchasing an engagement ring for your better half. Buying an engagement ring for your better half can bring in a lot of thoughts as to what they would like or what they will not prefer to wear. In times of wedding, amidst starting a new relationship it becomes even more difficult to make up your mind for any one ring that will be the best as an engagement. Well, one thing which can make it a bit easier is to bring your partner along with you.

But, if you want to keep it a surprise for them then just think about your better half, what kind of a person they are. Take a look at all the rings there are in front of you and pick the one that catches your eye first. I don’t know if it works, you see I haven’t ever shopped for one myself, but I hope it does for you.

Getting the metal and the size of the finger right is the most important, other things like designs and stones can be fixed later according to the preferences of the partner. The customisation of rings anytime is the best thing that can happen to confused couples looking for engagement rings.

Remember, buying an engagement ring is a meaningful purchase, so take the time to research, compare options, and choose a ring that best symbolizes your relationship with your partner.

To Sum It Up

Engagement rings are the beginning of a brand-new chapter of life for both partners. Be it a diamond, gold, pearl, ruby or just any stone the meaning and significance of the ring doesn’t change.

Along with all these factors, remember one more thing what matters more is the bond that you share with your partner and not the metal or stone of a ring. A ring can never become the standard of a healthy and happy relationship. What makes a relationship is love and trust between two people!

Now you may go ahead and get the best engagement ring you think is for your better half, as for other bridal jewellery visit our website for the latest and trendy designs. We have all the traditional jewellery with a modern twist. Wish you a happy married life!