Trends In Gold Choker Necklaces That Demand Attention

Trends In Gold Choker Necklaces That Demand Attention

Gold Choker necklaces are the trend that don’t go out of trend. The variety in designs, styles and materials they are available is uncountable. This very feature of the gold choker necklaces provide them with a wide range of styling and fashion. The contemporary designs include designs inspired from pop culture, history, tribes and bohos too. 

History says…

Choker necklaces in history have been more of an armour for royal and tribal women. They used to wear metal chokers on their necks to protect themselves during catastrophic times. Later in French society, it was a symbol of status, job and rebellion. Since, history till today choker necklaces may have been in and out of fashion but now it seems they are here to stay. 

Styles, today

Choker necklaces have evolved in style with time. First worn as a single jewellery piece now serves quite different purposes. From being the statement to one of the layers. The styling depends on the kind of outfit you wear. With the change in clothing fashion it needs a redefinition of how the accessory is paired with it. 

Nowadays, layering of choker necklaces with different necklaces is quite popular. Layering involves wearing a choker necklace with gold necklaces of different lengths for a more pronounced effect. It not only captures attention but also provides the viewer with a unique look that totally suits modern women. The layering style can be a very good choice for traditional events and outfits. A traditional lehenga paired with a gold choker necklace of various designs with other necklaces is “the” look. 

Designs For Personal Touch

Customary gold choker necklaces have always been associated with heavy outfits and functions. Women today love to customise their accessory to their liking and preference for a deeper connection. The personal touch to gold choker necklace design has recently come into fashion. Modern gold chokers are designed with initials, charms etc. for that thread of connection. 


Small objects like sea shells, stars, moon, planets, etc are added to gold chokers. This adds to the design of gold choker necklaces. The type of charm chosen is quite personal to the wearer. Modern gold choker necklaces with charms are a favourite of young women. They love the idea of representing themselves through a tiny simple charm. A small shell choker necklace set for ‘the calm sea storm’. While, a celestial body charm in a gold choker necklace set tells about one’s fascination with the universe. There can be different meanings of the same charm for different people. 


The other thing added to gold choker necklace design are the name initials. It may be their own name, or a loved one or just some letter they love. These single letters that hang down the neck give it an adorable dog tag-like appearance. This gold choker design fits quite well with everyday wear and casual looks. Best paired with a pair of jeans and t-shirt. They can also accommodate the girls night-out party. 


Pendants dangling from a modern gold choker necklace are quite a sight. These are the choker necklace designs that contain a pendant made up of a particular gemstone. The gemstone can range from American diamonds to [precious stones. Gold with stones like ruby, emerald and sapphires add elegance to the chic choker necklace sets. Pendant choker necklaces can be worn during weddings, parties and even casually. The design of the pendant determines exactly what it will pair the best with. The best type of outfit to pair pendant chokers with are Indian traditional sarees. 

Gold Chokers, A Statement

Gold choker necklace can be a bold fashion statement for women. The gold decorated with stones like diamonds and rubies do make a difference to its style. Yet, the less luxurious designs too can prove quite a nice choice to represent themselves. Each piece of gold choker is capable of speaking volume without a word. The design, the authority and the respect this piece of jewellery demands is overwhelming to say the least.

The heavy choker necklace designs make the best statement pisces for any occasion or event. They are generally paired with a simple traditional or formal outfit depending on the occasion it is for. Chokers since history have spoken more than just an ornament. In modern times too they are worn by women as a statement they want to prove or believe in. wear a gold choker necklace and settle a statement for yourself also. 


While looking for the gold choker necklace set online or offline in physical stores you can keep a few things in mind. The different types of gold choker necklaces available and the designs they are made in. Let us list all some things that we need to remember while shopping for gold choker necklace sets. 

Possible Choices

The first step should include learning the various styles, designs and types of gold choker necklaces available in the market. This will help you pair it well with the outfit and occasion correctly. Gold paired with american diamonds, pearls and gemstones are some of the types popular in gold choker necklace designs. Pearl gold choker necklace is the most popular among the lot. It is the versatility of pearls that make them most liked in women. 

Popular Stores

Second, look for the best stores online or physical stores that sell the god choker necklaces. Online stores that provide the best quality with modern choker necklace design are the ones to look for. Check for customer reviews for online stores and then only proceed to order the products you like. 

Personal Style

The last but not the least is the personal style and preference point you must remember to look for. To choose a design that resonates with your personality and complements your style is the goal for any accessory. Always remember to keep this in mind, if you like it it will look good on you. So choose the one that your heart desires and persona represents the best. 

At Blingvine 

Blingvine is the fashion jewellery brand that prioritises quality with latest designs. They put out some of the best gold choker necklace designs in their gold-plated necklace category. Each piece is delicately designed for every outfit and occasion. The Anaisha choker necklace set and Penache choker necklace set are some of the bestsellers. They can correspond to their respective styles quite well. Take a look at the collection and confirm it yourself as mentioned above in the shopping tips. 

Gold choker necklaces are the kind that can bever go out of fashion. For gold and choker both are the evergreen category in their respective niches. The evolution in gold choker designs is phenomenal to say the least. They have caught up to the popularity of other materials. With the coming celebratory seasons, gold choker necklaces don't look to be going down any soon. 

This was some simple information about gold choker necklaces that may be of help to you if you are looking to buy one for yourself. The history of chokers, the modern gold choker necklace designs that are popular and how you can shop effectively. We have tried to cover all the basics. Now you can go ahead and find that one favourite pair you are looking for.

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