Types of Jewellery from Blingvine – Premium Fashion Jewellery Collection

Types of Jewellery from Blingvine – Premium Fashion Jewellery Collection

For centuries, women have donned themselves in the best jewellery styles of the era. Jewellery is much more than just an ornament. It is a part of the outfit that defines a person’s style, status, culture, civilisation and much more. Therefore, it is essential to invest some money and time in choosing the perfect set of jewellery that enhances your look and defines your personality.

Gold, silver, pearls and diamonds have been the most desired possession for all women. It has been a status symbol more than a fashion statement. But a modern woman today has much more to prove than just status or tradition. Today the world seeks style, dignity, grace, and poise which are the attributes of a bold confident woman.

Blingvine’s Fashion Jewelry is here to make a difference and add unlimited value to a woman’s life. Because value is not only quantified with money or the material used but also with an accessory’s original design, quality and finish.

Check out our unique jewellery designs crafted with high-quality raw materials and impeccable craftsmanship. Choose according to the type of jewellery or materials used in making fashion Jewelry a significant part of dressing.

Jewellery Types at Blingvine


From chunky bold necklace pieces to minimal necklaces and glamorous crystals to royal pearl necklaces, every necklace has a charm of its own. When paired with the right type of outfit, necklaces bring out the best in you.


Pendants are every girl’s favourite accessory. Minimal accessorizing and ease of carrying is what makes them extremely desirable. Pendants can be worn as daily-wear jewellery and can also be a fun addition when you want to dress up a bit.


Earrings are the most basic jewellery piece and form a staple of every woman’s jewellery box. A pair of smart statement earrings can single-handedly lift up the entire look. Show off your style with the latest and trendy fashion earrings designs at Blingvine.

Bracelets and Bangles

Bracelets or Bangles can be paired with almost every outfit. Bracelets are an accessory that can be worn anywhere with any type of outfit, they always look elegant.

Fashion Jewellery Collections at Blingvine

Gold-plated Jewellery

Micro plated with 18k gold, gold-plated jewellery at Blingvine is the finest quality imitation gold jewellery available in India. The best part about gold jewellery is that it perfectly complements all Indian outfits as well as western outfits by giving a traditional touch to it.

Crystal Jewellery

Crystal jewellery is the most glamourous pieces of jewellery that instantly add flair to any look. They are versatile and can be very appropriately paired with any outfit. From stunning party wear jewellery to minimal office collection, Blingvine gives you enormous crystal Jewellery options to choose from made with high-quality crystals like Swarovski crystals, Austrian crystals and American Diamonds.

Pearl Jewellery

The queen of gems and gems to queens, there is nothing more royal and elegant than pearl jewellery. Pearls are timeless piece of jewellery that can never go out of trend. They can be styled with a countless number of styles and attires on any occasion. Check out our extensive range of high-quality imitation pearl jewellery online made from high-grade cultured pearls like Venetian Pearls.

Enamel Jewelry

Enamel is the most artistic form of Jewelry. It has been a popular choice among fashion enthusiasts all over the world. They are cute, fun and vibrant jewellery designs. Checkout high-quality enamel jewellery at Blingvine designed by highly professional craftsmen from all over the world.

Stone Jewelry

Vibrant hues, earth-toned shades and vivid colours are what stone Jewelry is known for. Faux cat-eye stone studded jewellery at Blingvine is fun and elegant pieces that add instant glam and absolute sophistication to your look.