Unleashing the Charm of Necklace Chain : Styles, Materials, and Care Tips

Unleashing the Charm of Necklace Chain : Styles, Materials, and Care Tips

A necklace chain is an integral part of accessories for both men and women. It is elementary and beautiful. From everyday wear to special occasions, it is everyone's go to choice. A necklace chain is easy to carry and style. It is gracing the fashion world for centuries. It doesn't seem to go out of style for years to come.

Easy to carry and style, a necklace chain is an integral part of the jewellery boxes. It is loved by everyone for its elementary, fuss free and beautiful appearance. From daily wear to special occasions, a necklace chain is never a bad idea. It is gracing the fashion world for centuries. It doesn't seem to go out of style for years to come.

A necklace chain has a series of metal links fitted together. Circular or semicircular links create a loop secured with a clasp. These links are very intricate and thin. Which gives the necklace a very delicate look. It is lightweight and subtle. Effortlessness of a necklace chain makes it perfect for everyday wear and special occasions. It's easy to pair up with a pendant or other necklaces. Women also like to stack their necklines with multiple necklace chains for a messy look. Either way, the aesthetics of a necklace chain can never go unnoticed.

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Types of Necklace Chain

There are several types of necklace chains each with its own unique style and design. Here are the most widely used necklace chain designs that you must add to your collection!

Long chain necklaces

Popular of all, a long chain necklace is a simple yet stylish statement piece. It is slightly longer than the usual length of necklaces. When worn, it generally falls below the bust. They are often made of gold or silver and decorated with pearls, beads or gemstones. A long thick chain with a designer pendant hanging in the middle is a classic long chain necklace piece. It's an excellent choice for stacking up other neckpieces. A long chain necklace looks elegant when worn with traditional wear. However, its beauty doesn’t go unnoticed while worn on casual wear as well.

Double chain necklace

As the name suggests, a double chain necklace has two chains attached to each other, one smaller and one slightly longer. The chains are thin and are generally made of gold or rose gold. They can be decorated with small delicate charms. Because of its collar length, it's easily noticeable. To spice up their look, ladies also like to twist and tangle the chains with each other. Chic and stylish, a double chain necklace is ideal for casual wear.

Layered chain necklace

A wonderful choice for special occasions, a layered chain necklace has multiple chains stacked together. The chains can be of pearls or beads for a more glamorous look. The lengths of the chains vary to get the layered look. It looks dressy enhancing the neckline. Even without pendants or charms, simple chains add texture to the look. To glam up a little, adding a choker would be a great idea!

Wear them alone, pair them with each other or go for heavier necklaces to wear with, a necklace chain rocks in every way. They come in various materials to suit every need. Listed below are the major ones:

Materials Of Necklace Chains

Gold chain necklaces

A gold chain necklace is a part of traditional jewellery in India. From centuries it is a part of women's jewellery boxes. It is comfortable and simple hence commonly worn with daily wear. For religious beliefs, it is also worn with a precious stone pendant. Over the years, a significant change can be seen in gold chain necklace designs. From detailed motifs and heavy chains, it has shifted to a more minimal and comfortable side. Bold and chunky pendants give it an eclectic appearance. In every way, a gold chain necklace doesn’t fail to impress.

Silver chain necklaces

Classic and casual, silver chain necklaces are ideal for those who don't like the glitter of gold. It has round or oval links that are slightly thicker even longer at times. It can be decorated with a diamond, silver or beads pendant. Budget friendly and chunky, it's a popular choice of the college goers. A silver chain looks subtle and stylish with casual wear.

Platinum chain necklace

Durable and rare, platinum is an excellent choice for chains. It has the qualities of both gold and silver. It's as valuable as gold and subtle as silver. Platinum necklace chain is the most recent addition to the list. With a slightly heavy chain, it comes with simple designs on it ditching the pendant at times. Elegant and precious, it gives a distinctive appearance.


With a variety of materials used, a necklace chain fits in the likes of everybody. There is something for everyone and for every occasion. A necklace chain is a piece of jewellery that has a high wearability. For such an accessory, a few steps of care can ensure a long and shiney life. Here are a few tips on storage and cleaning of necklace chains:


Necklace chains have high chances of being tangled. Hence, hanging them on a stand with height slightly above the ground is advisable. The stand also makes it easier to take out and hang it back every day. As it can be a part of everyday accessory, keeping the stand on the dressing table is convenient.


Any metal can lose its shine if it is in frequent contact with water, so refrain from wearing chains while bathing. Avoid any contact with soap or detergent. For cleaning, use warm water and mild cleaning liquid. Wipe clean with a soft cloth.

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