A Perfect Valentine’s Gift for Your Wife: Valentine’s Day Guide

They say that a wife is never satisfied with any gift but we beg to differ. We say that a wife is never dissatisfied with the “right gift”. As Valentine’s Day is around the corner, husbands have begun their quest for the “right gift”, their unending search for the perfect Valentine’s Day gift. Confused husbands walk through hundreds of stores, unaware of what their wife might like what she might just return, let’s save you from this trouble of complicated gifts and gifting process.

Needless to say, there's always a room for another pair of jewels in every woman's wardrobe hence, jewels are always in the safe zone regardless of what you’re wife’s personality might be. Blingvine brings a compilation of the best of jewellery ideas for your wife for this Valentine’s Day!

Pearl Necklaces - Bringing the classic charm

The shine and glory of Pearls has garnered them a special place in the hearts of women across the globe. Be it the love of English Queen Elizabeth II for pearls or Jackie Kennedy’s iconic style with pearls, the strong attachment of pearls to royalty and aristocracy make them a symbol of the same powerful line. 

Pearls come with various jewel forms albeit Pearl necklaces are the most popular forms that attract the most love and affection from women. Gifting your wife a pearl necklace can symbolize the degree of royalty and luxury you carry for her in your heart. Besides the beauty, pearls, both cultured and natural are very skin-friendly and remain intact even after years of usage.

Midnight Beauty Pearl Necklace Set - BlingVine
Midnight Beauty Pearl Necklace Set
₹ 5,400

We stole a bit of midnight charm, serenity of milky moonlight and beauty of the glittering starts and put them all together to create this masterpiece, that we named Midnight Beauty.

This gorgeous piece is all about class and luxury. The Grey Cultured Venetian Pearls are spectacularly stunning while the pendant is studded with micro paved clear Swarovski crystals. The design is inspired by the Jaipuri Royal Pearl Jewellery.

    Stylist’s Notes:

    This neck-hugging pearl necklace is for ladies who like to ooze class and royalty. The grey venetian pearls look expensive while the glittering pendant and earrings give it a dash of royalty. Perfect for a crisp saree or an off-shoulder gown.

    What's Included:

    • 1 necklace
    • 1 pair of Stud earrings


    • Grey Cultured Venetian Pearls/High quality imitation Pearls
    • Clear Swarovski Crystals
    • 18K White Gold Plating
    • High grade lead and nickel free environmental alloy
    • Flat Clasp


    • Length of earrings: 32 mm
    • Width of earrings: 30 mm
    • Necklace length: 400 mm

    Pearl pendant sets – For the unstoppable ambitious woman

    It’s the age where women stand eye to eye with men. They are bold enough to display their true colours, real skills and pure ambition. If that sounds just like you wife, we have the right gift for you! Pearl Pendant set.

    In addition to the many qualities of a pearl pendant set, the foremost quality is still the elegance which Pearl pendants are sure to radiate on your wife’s life. Handcrafted with love for the modern uncompromising, unstoppable women, Pearl pendant sets are simple yet stunning to look at, easy to wear and hassle free to carry through the day for a woman with a busy schedule. 

    You can choose to invest in fabulous looking boroque pearls which will adorn your lovely wife’s neckline making her the star of the occasion. It would almost be an understatement to say that the perfect pendant sets are a perfect little something for a perfect someone in your life.

    Kate Pendant Set - BlingVine
    Kate Pendant Set
    ₹ 2,400

    This delicate pearl pendant set is an embodiment of minimalistic style. The central pearl encased in rose gold plating surrounded by delicate mother of pearl detailing makes this set stand out in the crowd.

    Stylist's Notes:

    This set is for people who like to derive joy out of little and simple things around them. The subtle white color and delicate design makes this perfectly appropriate for office wear.

    What's Included:

    • 1 pair of earrings
    • 1 pendant necklace


    • High Grade Cultured Imitation Pearl
    • Mother of Pearl Detailing
    • 18K rose gold plating
    • High grade lead and nickel free environmental alloy


    • Length of necklace: 40cm + 5 cm extension
    • Length of the earrings: 2.5 cm
    • Pendant Length: 2.5 cm
    • Please refer to model photo for size reference

    Enamel earrings – The Fashionista’s favorite 

    Enamel earrings are the newly found match for every fashionista that likes everything to be picture perfect and Instagram-worthy in its appearance. Adorned in gorgeous colours, the enamel earrings dangle down beautifully from one’s ears like an exotic fruit hanging from the gardens of heaven. 

    Generally made with high-quality metal, enamel earrings highlights top-level craftsmanship making them fit to be a gifting choice. Enamel earrings are a perfect gift for your wife if she’s someone who keeps with the trends or is herself the trendsetter!

    Phulkari Enamel Danglers
    Phulkari Enamel Danglers
    ₹ 2,100

    Inspired by the vibrant art of Phulkari, these danglers will become your favorite accessory in a heart beat. The intricate enamel work is flawless and can lift anyone's spirits in a blink. Outlined by fine Rose Gold plating, this piece is here to win the hearts!

    Stylist’s Notes:

    This gorgeous pair has an understated classy appeal that is required at the high profile events. It can be paired with a beautiful Indian saree to a evening gown; it wont disappoint you.

    What's Included:

    • 1 pair of danglers


    • High quality enamel work
    • 18K Rose Gold Plating
    • High grade lead and nickel free environmental alloy


    • Earring Length: 5cm
    • Refer to model photos for size reference

    Artificial gemstone pendant sets – For the matched/mismatched ones

    Colours are the golden words behind the whole rising of gemstone jewels, especially gemstone pendant sets. The gorgeous colours of gemstones, both pastels like mauve and light blue, or solids like emerald and ruby enchant both the wearer and the onlooker alike.

    The situation is such that gemstone work well when matched with the outfit and still absolutely fantastic if paired as mismatching to the outfit’s colour, a complete win-win situation. One thing is for guaranteed; your wife is definitely up to be the lucky one in both the cases!

    Boracay Pendant Set
    Boracay Pendant Set
    ₹ 2,300

    Inspired by the beautiful beaches of Boracay, This minimalistic pendant set in serene sky blue colour is something you must add to your jewellery box if you are a fan of light and minimal jewellery. The faux cat eye stones in sky blue colour impart a sense of calmness to the set, which is enhanced by the White Gold plating.

    Stylist’s Notes:

    The combination of white gold plating and soft blue cat eye stone gives this Pendant Set a calm and serene look. It's perfect for office, college or any casual occasion.

    What's Included:

    • 1 Chain Pendant 
    • 1 pair of Stud Earrings


    • Faux Sky Blue Cat Eye Stones
    • High Quality Imported American Diamonds
    • White Gold Plating
    • High-grade lead and nickel free environmental alloy


    • Length of earrings: 2 cm
    • Length of Pendant: 2 cm
    • Necklace chain: 40 cm+ 5 cm extendable chain

    Crystal Necklace sets – For the luxurious family woman

    Being able to sustain the needs and desires of a family isn’t a piece of cake. Putting your family first, the wants and aspirations of your loved ones ahead of yourself isn’t something anybody and everybody can do, it’s only for the big hearted, luxurious family women.

    It is time you recognize the sacrifice and gift your dear wife a gift of lifetime, a crystal necklace set. Studded with high-end crystal quality, the crystal necklace sets are designed to be party wear necklaces and are mostly set based on the silver-toned base metals. Perfect for a family get together or night occasions, the Crystal Necklace sets team beautifully with dark colours highlighting your superior presence amidst a crowd.
    Penache Victorian Necklace Set
    Penache Victorian Necklace Set
    ₹ 3,900

    Product Information

    Delightfully stunning in its appearance, the Penache Victorian Necklace Set is studded with the highest quality of American diamonds and is gorgeously plated with 18K gold.

    This beauty comes with the strength of high-grade lead and nickel free environmental alloy which ensures durability along with the charm. 

    Stylist Notes: 

    The Penache Victorian Necklace Set is designed to create a timeless magic every time a lady chooses to wear this set. Team the set with a crisp saree or a sheath dress and a pair of high heels for the perfect princess look.

    What's Included:

    • 1 crystal necklace
    • 1 pair of dangling earrings


    • AAA American Diamond
    • Long-lasting oxidized victorian polish
    • 18 K gold plating
    • High-grade lead and nickel free environmental alloy


    • Necklace length: 38 cm
    • Earrings length: 5 cm
    • 1 complimentary drawstring/dori for making the  necklace length longer
    • Please refer to model photos for size reference

    Bracelets – The minimalistic queen

    One of the most graceful yet subtle accessories includes Bracelets. The elegance of a bracelet adds a statement to a woman’s overall look. Bracelets can also act as a substitute for bangles that are becoming increasing fashionable.

    If your wife is someone who likes to have something on her wrists, bracelets can quickly become her new go-to piece of jewellery. One can also choose to buy sets of bracelets to help the layering of bracelets for a more structured appeal for a stylish party and exude a distinctive style.

    Katherine Pearl Bracelet
    Katherine Pearl Bracelet
    ₹ 2,800

    Katherine Bracelet is for ladies with a taste in delicate jewellery. Plated with 18K white gold and studded with High Quality Imported American Diamonds and Natural Pearls, this lovely piece is beauty incarnated! 

     Stylist’s Notes:

    This bracelet is everything you need if you’re looking for something that is expensive looking and chic and adds an immediate sass to any look.

    What's Included:

    • 1 bracelet


    • High Quality Imported American Diamonds
    • Natural Pearls
    • 18K White Gold plating
    • High-grade lead and nickel free environmental alloy


    • Bracelet chain length: 17cm

    Pearl Earrings – When it doubt about jewels, doubtlessly choose pearls!

    Pearls have been known to save the day when everything else fails to do so. There are some days when we want to keep it simple but still be satisfactorily stacked up with the right jewels, pearl earrings are exactly for that very day.

    It’s time to amp up your wife’s accessories game with pearl earrings that will add the right amount of spice to any outfit. They can be gorgeously paired with any Indian, western or Indo-western dress of your choice.
    Posh Pearl Studs
    Posh Pearl Studs
    ₹ 2,000

    “Pearls are always appropriate”, said Jackie Kennedy, one of the most stylish women the world ever saw. Nothing radiates class and posh like pearls. These pearl earrings were made to exude the same elegance; perfect for the women who like things that are simple yet splendid.

    The top design of these pearl earrings has a leafy motif, embellished with High Quality American Diamonds for the glamor quotient, and the bottom High grade imitation pearl in the steel gray hue adds the charm of pearls.

    These versatile earrings can take you from the day in office to the night at a party. This one is definitely a must-have!

    What's Included:

    • 1 pair of pearl earrings

    Made of:

    • High grade Imitation Pearls
    • High Quality American Diamonds
    • German Rhodium polish
    • High grade lead and nickel free environmental alloy


    • Earring width: 15 mm
    • Earring length: 34 mm
    • Please see the last product image for more details on sizing.

    With all the best jewellery styles discussed, it is your time to finally take care of your gifting needs at Blingvine for the “right gift”. Happy Gifting! 

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