What does your birthday gift to your wife convey?

After a man gets married, there is typically an addition of one more occasion to his annual list of celebrations. It's the wife's birthday, the very same person's birthday who you have promised to be with in sickness and in health, the very same person that brings a beautiful smile on every husband's face and delights the wife to witness her loved one's care and devotion for her on her special day. Funnily enough, it is also the same day that if mistakenly forgotten can totally wreck an entire household but largely it is said that the husband's birthday gift to his wife holds the key to a happy wife and a healthy married life. Just how birthdays are incomplete without birthday gifts, gifts are also insufficient if they lack a meaning. Therefore, it is extremely important to choose such gifts for your wife that have a meaning and portray some aspect of their relationship.

While most husbands simply go for easy choices like flowers, chocolates, mugs, lamps, photo frames and so on, an ideal husband goes the extra mile and selects a gift much more meaningful, a jewel. If you are also perplexed on what to gift your wife or rather what exactly your birthday gift to your wife conveys, then, Blingvine has you covered with an extensive range of meaningful jewelry options that will sweep your wife off her feet.

Crystal Bracelet

Bracelets are historically known for bridging and sealing together the relationship between two loved ones, in this case the husband and the wife.

A crystal bracelet with American Diamonds studded all around is a perfect birthday gift to state your love for your wife. It beautifully captures the essence of womanhood beyond the traditional forms of jewelry. As a symbol of the husband's commitment and dedication to the relationship, the wife can choose to pair a crystal bracelet with her everyday apparels, office wear or even party wear. 

Pearl Pendant Set

Pendants and necklaces hold an irreplaceable place in any woman's jewellery box, not just because they are simply stunning and instantly elevate any look but also because they are physically really close to the heart when worn. As a sincere token of affection and appreciation towards your wife on her birthday, a pendant necklace set rightfully fits the bill. Gorgeous pendant wrapped around your wife's neck and beautiful earrings hanging from her ear, the set is in fact designed to be gifted to someone special and who's more special to someone married than their wife? 

Floral Earrings

Flowers have always been very distinctively remarkable to love birds. What is seen through the eyes of lovers is very different from the common man where the color of every flower also defines their love for the beloved. Very Innocent and full of zeal, earrings with floral motifs or structures can convey a profound feeling that words will often fail to describe. For instance, in this case a gift of earrings with white flowers when gifted to one’s wife will signify purity, pink floral earrings will bring prosperity and yellow ones will bring forward your appreciation of their pride and gratitude. A basic part of everyday essentials, earrings will require no special occasion for them to be adorned, hence, more remembrance each day.

Meenakari Choker Set

Meenakari jewelry is just not jewelry, it's an art. Originally coming all the way from Iran, Meenakari involves the embedding of stones both precious and non-precious onto molten glass with intricacies done with the help of wires, either silver or gold or less valuable metals.A very momentous gift, Meenakari choker set will symbolize your beloved’s unique nature and their cultivation of the same. It will be a literal embodiment of your feeling of exquisiteness for your wife. She can choose to put it on with ethnic or Indo western outfits with matching colors.

Pearl Studs

Pearl studs are one of the most easily worn pieces of jewelry that a woman always puts on, no matter the occasion, pearls are simply timeless. A pious gift for one’s wife, Pearl studs are a gift of good fortune and health in the bond of a happy marriage. These beauties can be worn for a whole lifetime and be passed on to next generations as family heirloom.

In totality, all the jewelry items are an expression of your partner’s distinct personality and must be carefully matched and bonded, just as a marriage should. For more such beautiful and meaningful gifts for your wife on her birthday, you can check out Blingvine and shop online at your ease.