Why you should only buy Lead-Free, Nickel-Free Jewellery?

Why you should only buy Lead-Free, Nickel-Free Jewellery?

Sparkling and state of the art jewellery is one of the most lovable things among women. Those artistic elegant pieces are enough to create a style statement. As the fashion jewellery become trendy in recent years, the experimental jewelry designers come up with many options that one can choose from. Either it is about stones to metal, jewelry has transformed a lot.

Latest Fashion Jewellery

A variety of fashion jewelry hits the market in recent times. This opens the gateway of excellent choices in all the ranges. But, there are few things that are hidden in such fashion jewellery that are available in the market; hidden danger lurking behind those glittering pieces.

Very few people are really aware about such jewellery and know the implication of nickel-free, lead-free & cadmium-free jewellery.

Why your jewelry should be nickel, cadmium and lead free?

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Do you know what does nickel, lead and cadmium free jewellery mean? Why you should be concerned about jewellery made up of these materials?

Nickel is one of the most common sources of skin allergies. The intensity of allergy could range from itchy skin, rashes to some severe conditions. However, if detected early, it can be cured but if the infection becomes severe with time, it can be dangerous for skin.

Exposure of skin to cadmium and lead can be poisoning. It might cause some serious damage to wearer skin. Putting such jewellery into lip can cause nervousness, prolonged diarrhea, fatigue and tremors.

Make sure to avoid usage of such metals.

How to ensure that the jewelry you are buying is; nickel, cadmium and lead free?Gold Plated Bracelet

Buy from reputed brands

Prefer to buy from reputed brands. You can consider options like statement pieces by Blingvine. In general all the branded jewelry manufacturers follow certain norms and conditions. And, selling nickel-free and lead-free jewellery is one of them. Most of the companies follow these norms sincerely and carefully to deliver best products.

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Check labels

Product labels can tell you a lot about jewelry. Make sure to read it carefully. Companies who have undergone some of the specific test and followed the mentioned guidelines while manufacturing and passed the lead and nickel testing will be confident about their products. They will put the word ‘Lead-free and Nickel-free’ or ‘hypoallergenic’ into their labels, confidently.

Like Blingvine guaranteed all their jewellery are nickel-free, lead-free and cadmium-free. For other brands in market, if you don’t find any label on jewelry make sure to ask sales lady about the product details. If you didn’t get proper answers don’t buy such jewellery.

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Check it yourself

If you are not satisfied with the information on label, you can check it by yourself. Step-in to your local hardware store and ask for nickel-testing kit. This kit will allow you to test jewellery by your own. You can test jewellery and other everyday products with this kit.  

With a handful of knowledge and presence of mind, you can easily find out which jewelry is lead and nickel free and which is not.