Blingvine explains why to wear lead and nickel free alloy jewellery

Blingvine explains why to wear lead and nickel free alloy jewellery

Artificial or imitation jewellery is the new normal and women all around the globe can be seen wearing imitation jewelry. From ordinary to elite, every segment of the society has adopted imitation jewelry into their lifestyle. Artificial jewellery is also available in different qualities depending upon the raw material used and the craftsmanship of the product.

A lot of women have shifted to imitation jewellery from fine jewellery on certain occasions and depending upon the need. Addressing this change in vogue and the aftereffects of wearing artificial jewellery, Blingvine has explained how the raw material of the jewellery matters and what can be done to avoid the allergic reactions on the skin from such Jewelry.

According to Blingvine, Fashion Jewelry opens the gateway of excellent choices in all the ranges. But, there are a few hidden challenges and limitations behind those glittering pieces. Very few people are aware of such jewellery and know the implication of nickel-free, lead-free & cadmium-free jewellery.

“Nickel is one of the most common sources of skin allergies. The intensity of allergy could range from itchy skin, rashes to some severe conditions. However, if detected early, it can be cured but if the infection becomes severe with time, it can be dangerous for the skin. Exposure of skin to cadmium and lead can be poisoning. It might cause some serious damage to wearer skin. Putting such jewellery into lip can cause nervousness, prolonged diarrhea, fatigue, and tremors. Make sure to avoid usage of such metals.” Blingvine mentioned in its online jewellery blog.

According to a senior executive at the Quality Control Department at Blingvine, “Quality is something we are very precise about. We go through crazy levels of quality checks to ensure the best and safest for our customers. Providing our customers with lead and nickel free environmental alloy non-allergic jewellery is our foremost concern and we strictly abide by it. There has not been a single case of allergic reactions to the skin due to our jewelry.” When asked about how to identify non-allergic jewelry, he answered “Most of the reputed brands follow these norms and conditions. Try buying from a reputed brand and always check the label carefully. Companies who have undergone some of the specific tests and followed the mentioned guidelines while manufacturing and passed the lead and nickel testing will be confident about their products. They will put the word ‘Lead-free and Nickel-free’ or ‘hypoallergenic’ into their labels, confidently.”

Blingvine is known to provide high-quality non-allergic lead and nickel-free Jewelry online through its website Since its launch in 2016, it has gathered a good response and trust from people and is known to provide premium quality jewellery in India.