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Blue earrings: A calm, cool, and collective beauty experience!
Women’s moods change with every shade of blue. Each shade of blue in the earrings brings out the associated style and character. From the vibrant blues to the blue-greys, swing the fashion your way. From studs to danglers, our blue earrings collection has high-class quality and the latest designs. Pick the one your mood offers!


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Blue Earrings by Blingvine

Blue Earrings: A Style-Smooth Look That Soothes

Blue earrings emit the calm and soothing effect of the colour blue whenever they are worn. Blue being the colour of the sky is associated with changing moods like the sky colour itself. The calming sky blue, the rejuvenating teal, and the confident indigo.

Blue earrings have that elegant and classy vibe for a nice luxury look. The blue of the earrings when worn near the sea complements the colour of the waves. The sapphire blue gemstone has been one of the most chic and expensive items of jewellery. Wearing blue earrings adds freshness, calmness, and richness to your style. 

Style Up With Blue

Styling with blue earrings ain’t that tricky. It’s just how well your outfit, the occasion, and the setting suit it. You can wear a blue earring to that office meeting you had a presentation in. Blue, being the colour of confidence, sincerity, and trust, can make a good impression on the psyche. Let us learn some tips on how exactly we can style our blue earrings.

Nautical Style

Sea lovers love to dress in nautical style. It is the style consisting of designs of sea shells, anchors, ships, and fishes, etc. All that can be associated with the sea is nautical style. A beach dress with shell-shaped blue earrings decorated in blue stone is a beautiful look to try.  

Boho-Chic Style

The hip style of boho-chic is the trend among youth these days. Which hasn’t been able to keep the blue earrings away for long. Blue earrings are available in all boho designs. A ripped pair of jeans with a simple white tee and long boho-chic style blue earrings is a nice look too. 

Minimalist  Stone Earrings

The blue gemstone stud earrings are minimalist in style. These types of earrings are the best pair for a formal setting. They can be paired well with any formal outfit or a rich body-con dress. Blue stone stud earrings, though small, look classy and chic whenever worn.  

Statement Chandelier Earrings

The statement-style blue earrings can be nothing other than the dangling chandelier earrings. The vibrant blue chandelier earrings pop out the colour when paired with any party dress or an evening gown set to grab attention of the room. They are the earrings that will help you speak without words. 

How to Style Blue Earrings With Your Outfit?

Blue earrings can be worn with any style or outfit. They look good with a casual denim look, a short beach dress, or a white evening gown. If you are looking for some tips on how to style your outfit better with blue earrings, we have got you covered.

Monochromatic Looks

Whenever going with a monochromatic look of a light or dark colour, consideration of the colour that you are wearing is a must. A dark monochrome of grey, black, or navy blue will complement the sky blues, teals, and turquoise the best. While the lighter shades of pink, white, or green will complete the look with darker shades like indigo or sapphire blue.

Colourful Prints

However, with colourful prints consisting of blue as a participant, they can be paired with the same shade of blue as the outfit. If your outfit doesn't have blue as a colour, then any lighter shade of blue will make a contrast to the colourful prints for a stylish look. Colourful prints always look their best with teal, sky blue, and bright blue. 

Vivacious Blue Earrings Collection 

Our blue earring collection comprises various types, styles, and designs of blue earrings. The vibrant and lively shades of blue are so alive that you can feel them when you wear them. The blue stone danglers, drops, and blue pearl earrings complete the majority of the collection. Let us know the collection a bit more:

Blue Danglers

The blue dangler earrings in the collection are made up of gemstones with American diamonds as decoration. The ‘Glamista blue danglers," made up of blue gemstones in gold-plated cases, look all serene and beautiful. It is a statement piece capable of grabbing all eyes whenever it enters a room. 

Blue Drop Earrings

The drop earrings in shades of blue have risen with the trend of drops. The symbolism of water being a blue colour is also one of the reasons for the popularity of blue drop earrings. These drop earrings are party wear with the extra touch of sparkle they provide. 

Blue Pearl Earrings 

Blue coloured pearl earrings are rare and beautiful. Blue freshwater pearls make the blue pearl earrings a royal and elegant piece of jewellery. Blue pearls are a great addition to any formal party and can even be a good choice for wedding functions. Pearls bring the traditional essence, and blue the modernity. 

Blue Earrings Leading The Fashion Trends 

Sea-inspired earrings, or nautical-style blue earrings, are the fashion trend today. With people loving beaches and water, sea-inspired designs are loved by women. Earrings made up of seashells and beach stones are aesthetically pleasing to wear. There are various designs of mermaids, dolphins, pearls in shells, etc., loved by youth.

How To Choose The Right Blue Earring?

To choose the blue earring style that suits you, your style, and your pocket, we have some tips for you. The basics to be considered while choosing blue earrings are outfit, occasion, and preference. Let us learn some more about choosing the right piece for you. 

Skin Tone

Skin tones are a great consideration when looking for a coloured earring. Warmer skin tones look good with lighter, warmer blues. While the cold tones of blue suit cooler skin tones. Consider your skin tone before getting blue coloured earrings. But if you like it, it will suit you. 

Occasion and Outfit 

Take a look at the outfit you are wearing with the pair of blue earrings. For a formal event, both the outfit and accessory need to be simple and sober, and hence, blue stone studs or drop earrings will be the best. For traditional occasions and outfits, you can always go with blue danglers.

Price Range

Blue earrings have a wide range of prices, from the least at just Rs. 50 to the most at Rs. 50k. This makes it affordable for all ages of women, from college girls to bride-to-be women. The rarest and most expensive tourmaline is easily found in expensive sapphire blues. The most affordable kind are the blue American diamonds, which are quite popular too. 

This was all about blue earrings. From its different styles, to styling tips and choosing the right pair of blue earrings.  Now you can go ahead and browse our online store at Blingvine and order it home!

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1. Iris Crystal Danglers
₹ 2,800
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₹ 2,800
2. Glamista Blue Danglers
₹ 1,700
₹ 2,600
₹ 1,700
3. Jhoomer Earrings
₹ 2,200
₹ 3,200
₹ 2,200
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₹ 1,900
₹ 3,200
₹ 1,900
5. Aida Statement Danglers
₹ 1,800
₹ 2,800
₹ 1,800
6. Blue Blooms Enamel Studs
₹ 1,600
₹ 2,600
₹ 1,600
7. Clair Pearl Drop Earrings
₹ 1,400
₹ 2,100
₹ 1,400