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If slow and steady wins the race, then enamel jewellery is on the very right pace
Beautiful candy coloured glass jewels have been dominating social media rightly under the name of enamel work jewellery. A modern touch to traditional designs, shop for the best of enamel jewellery at Blingvine.

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Enamel & Meenakari by Blingvine

Enamel, an allochromatic glass used for decoration. Nobody ever thought that we would get out of gold, silver, platinum, diamonds, rubies, sapphires, and American diamonds. Imitation jewellery has changed the jewellery market successfully. With more and more people getting interested in the idea of buying and promoting imitation jewellery, a lot of variety and creative minds have pitched in.

The idea of enamel jewellery is pretty old though. It emerged back in Egypt where people fused metals with glass and other substances to create jewllery that was durable and more resistant to factors like moisture and dust.

Jewellery has become all about quality now. people do not usually care whether the jewellery is highly expensive or not, but what they do care about is whether it is good in terms of quality and design or not.

It’s a show world and there’s no harm in wanting to look your best and show the world your personality and style through your outfits and accessories. Enamel jewellery could very well do that for you. 

We wear accessories on a daily basis now. when looking for jewellery to wear daily, it is obvious that we would look for pieces that are durable and give us good value for money.

Enamel jewellery was initially only about durability and less about style. Now, it is both. It’s the kind o jewellery that is durable but designer. Enamel work jewellery has gained quite a word among women. Enamel studs, enamel in gold jewellery, enamel bracelets, enamel paint jewellery; you name it, we’ve seen it!

Although most people won't be familiar with the term ‘enamel jewellery’, I am sure everyone has seen them, in fact, wore them here and there in their lives. 

After all, here we talk about the diverse class of jewellery that is not restricted to just a particular design, in fact, it is open to accepting any designs, any patterns whatsoever.

When we talk about their employment in a woman’s life, enamel jewellery emerges as the most functional form of jewellery to exist. With a variety ranging from casual to a wedding wear affair, enamel jewellery is everywhere.

At Blingvine, we bring a collection of enamel jewellery at a single click. Ranging from enamel studs and enamel danglers to enamel necklaces and enamel earrings, there’s a lot of enamel that we could offer to you. 

The best part about it is that it is is something out of the box. We are sure that you see a lot of brands dealing with enamel jewellery, but we have a difference. Behind every jewellery piece that we make, we have a hidden deeper meaning. But just because we give it meaning, that doesn’t mean that we don’t leave anything to the imagination. In fact, at Blingvine, we give our customers enough substance to wander into the world of emotional depth with every piece. 

It is no different from enamel jewellery. There is a thought behind it but also, just like art, it is open to thought and styling. We believe that style is subjective and it should be your own. Check out our collection of enamel jewellery to find your own style!

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