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Office Wear Jewellery

Minimal Jewellery for Office and work wear from Blingvine

A highly fashionable day is wasted over a simple outfit without the accompaniment of a little bling brought by a simple daily wear jewellery that could have added to the grace and ecstasy of a woman. Be it a night at party or regular day at the office, a look is never complete without some baubles and accessories. Even though it is always advisable to keep it minimal at the office, you can always pair your work ensembles with some fashion jewellery appropriate for office and daily wear look.
Each day is a day to celebrate, hope, achieve and rejoice, so accompany your day with some fashion accessories that make you feel confident and elevate your spirits. While it is hard to repeat the same clothes every day, a pair of daily wear Jewelry can bring difference to the same set of formals and add a little extra to it. Blingvine has created a 9-5 office wear jewellery set collection for women that include high-quality daily wear necklaces, pendants, earrings and bracelets suitable for formal wear and daily wear.

Office Wear Necklaces and Pendants – Minimal Jewellery Set from Blingvine

Necklaces are that statement pieces that defines your whole personality. At a place that requires high professionalism, keeping it minimal is the best option for fashionistas. Pick simple and subtle necklace set from Blingvine that will not just add to your fashion sense but also make you feel more comfortable. A simple pearl necklace or a crystal pendant with chain makes the best office wear jewellery for women.

Office Wear Earrings – Daily Wear Earrings from Blingvine

When in a hurry to reach the office on time with your hands full of bag, mobile and a coffee to go, a pair of simple earrings from Blingvine is your go-to jewellery that you can style without putting in much thoughts. Earrings fall in the field of vision and so it an important accessory to complete your office look. It is the most subtle and comfortable jewellery for office and daily wear that instantly adds charm to your look.

Bracelets and Bangles for Office and Daily Wear

Smart shopping is for smart working woman and so does choosing your work appropriate jewellery. With elegant and simple bracelets for women from Blingvine, you can elevate your personality without going overboard. Shop online for office wear jewellery at Blingvine.

Office Wear Jewellery Styling Tips from Blingvine

Selecting jewellery for office is a challenging task. You wish to add that little glamour and personality to your formal look and at the same time don’t want to go over the top. A simple guideline says that office jewellery should be minimal, comfortable, hassle-free and low-maintenance but it also completely depends on your work environment.
There’s a rule of thumb that says, “Try and limit your jewellery to not more than 3 pieces including Watch/Bracelet, Neckpiece, Earrings and Rings.” Avoid wearing any noisy or dangling bracelets that distract you from your work. Instead try sticking to simple and delicate pendants, earrings (Studs or Hoops) and rings. You can be slightly more experimental with your accessories in creative workplaces. Try layering a couple of your necklaces with an unbuttoned, oversized shirt and stacking your rings. For detailed tips check out here How to Select Jewellery for Office That Looks Professional.