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Pink earrings: A flirtatious, feminine, and lively appearance!
Pink is the colour dominated by women all over the world. A pink outfit must have a pair of pink earrings to match the whole ensemble. From royal pink to magenta and coral pink, Blingvine’s pink earring collection has it all! One glance and you won’t be able to forget the charm of these earrings. When the name itself is "forget-me-not’, it's even more difficult. Right?


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Pink Earrings by Blingvine

When talking about a particular colour, we like or dislike it depending on its symbolism or how we relate to it. Pink earrings relate to women and feminism since the beginning. We can see men gravitating towards softer shades of pink today. But it won’t affect the relationship a woman shares with different shades of pink. Women tend to wear accessories with reason and meaning. Each pink shade provides a statement for her style, fashion, and persona.

Style Up With Pink  

Pink has been a staple colour to fashion trends. Even a simple outfit or accessory in pink makes the best fashion statement. Wear the colour from top to bottom and you’ll never fail the fashion game. From soft pastels to bright neon pink, it has a shade for everyone. Brighter shades of pink have been a style statement with a dark monochromatic look. A royal pink bag with an all-black attire shouts out the voguish charm beneath that calm and collected attitude. 

How To Style Pink Earrings With Your Outfit?

Talking about colour makes it a must for us to style different coloured outfits with pink earrings. From a traditional wedding look to formal office wear or for the party night. Let us take a look at how exactly we can pair our pink coloured earrings with our favourite outfit of the occasion. That pop of pink can be royal, rich, or a rebel for individuality. The coral pink for innocence, the blush for budding love, and the hot pink that captures every heart in a one-meter radius. 

Some styling tips for you to pair your favourite pink earrings with that particular colour of outfit.

With A Monochromatic Look

When wearing a pink earring with a monochrome outfit, going for contrast is the way to go. If the monochrome is one of the darker tones of blue, black, and grey, then magenta- or hot pink earrings are good. They will bring out the colour, defining the look at its best. Lighter colours worn as monochrome can actually accommodate all the shades of pink. If you want to go for a subtle and simple vibe then coral pink, blush pink, or salmon pink are the ones to go.  

With Colourful Prints  

With prints, first you have to check if the prints have pink in them or not. Go ahead if they have one! Clothes with darker prints look good with the softer shades like crepe, flamingo, and blush pink. This way, the pink earrings balance the loud and bright colours with warmth to complete the look. The light coloured prints, yet, complement the hot and popping pink shades. Colours like strawberry pink, fuschia, and magenta pink earrings are a great statement. 

Euphoric Pink Earrings Collection

As usual, Blingvine keeps the quality of its products at the top. The finishing and polishing of each piece of jewellery is perfect. Now comes the unique and modern designs that accommodate the minimalist style of modern women.  Every earring in the collection is handpicked according to the wishes and wants of women, especially the brand’s customers.

Some of the best-selling earrings in the pink earrings collection are:

Pink Stud Earrings 

Stud earrings in the pink collection consist of ‘dream American diamond’ earrings. The ‘sugar strawberry crystal’ studs are another bestseller. Both of these designs are among the best sellers and favourites of American diamond lovers. The designs are totally new and exclusive, making them a popular buy among the customers.

Pink Hoop Earrings 

The pink hoop earrings collection comprises ‘pashmina loop’ earrings and ‘Leslie loop’ earrings. The design of pashmina loops is modern and uncommon. It is quite eye-catching and irresistible. A perfect pair for both a casual look and to wear with a traditional lehenga.

Pink Drop Earrings

Pink drop earrings add grace and elegance to the collection. ‘Gemma luxury dangler’ drop earrings and 'Melissa dangling’ earrings are the most loved products in the criteria. Gemma drop earrings designed with American diamonds and a pink gemstone in the middle are effortlessly stunning. 

Pink Chandbali Earrings

With the popularity of certain songs, the fashion trends too take a turn in the same direction. Chandbaliyan, either from the song or with the return of retro, has surfaced as the top trend in earrings. ‘Maahi chandbali’, the singularly solemn and serene earring in the collection, looks surreal to say the least. The earring is designed as a single monalisa pink stone surrounded by clusters of American diamonds. Their undeniable beauty and unique design put it among the trending styles of chandbaliyan in the market.  

Pink Earrings Leading The Fashion Trends 

Pink has never been out of style. Pink earrings have been leading from the front. Pink earrings have been a preference in fashion and trends. Pink earrings have such unique characteristics that they can never go wrong with any outfit or occasion. 

Versatility Of Pink Earrings

Pink earrings have a range of shades, each shade exhibiting a different style of its own. Subtle and soft shades for formals, bright and cheerful for festive occasions. Pink shades have been a great trend in bridal jewellery collections.

Statement Pieces In Pink Earrings

Pink earrings are available in statement pieces, which make them a great choice for parties and weddings. Women love to flaunt magenta and hot pink earrings with any sober style outfit on occasions. 

Social Media Influence

Today, social media influencers have taken quite an interest in shades of pink. The Indian population that loves to follow trends is bound to try this new wave with pink earrings. It's about time that pink earrings become a viral fashion trend. 

Buying Guide For Pink Earrings 

Pink earrings are available at a range of prices. Each piece of jewellery depends on the materials used, its design, and the platform you are buying from. While you browse for your favourite pair of pink earrings, we have some handy tips to keep in mind.

The factors to keep in mind while buying pink earrings are:

Materials Used In Making

When looking to buy a pair of pink earrings, the first thing to consider is the material used in their creation. Look for the material that suits your style, skin, and budget before clicking on the cart. 

Size Of The Earrings

Whenever buying earrings, one must take notice of what shape their face is. People with round faces generally prefer long danglers or drop earrings. The square and small-faced people like studs and hoops better than long pink earrings. 

Price Range And Quality 

Finding the best quality within your budget is everyone’s wish. The details of materials used and the intricacy of designs all contribute to quality. The quality of the earring then determines the price. Hence, it is important to check for both price and quality when you want to buy pink earrings online. 

These were some of the basics you must know before you go looking for that specific pair of pink earrings. There’s no need to say it again, but I still would like to remind you of the wide and beautiful range of designs in Blingvine’s pink earrings collection. For every outfit and occasion, there is one to add to your cart.

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What occasions are pink earrings suitable for?
Pink earrings can be worn on all happy and cheerful occasions. Wear it to an office party, a date or a traditional function.
What kind of earrings do girls like?
Girls love to wear all kinds of earrings. Some based on the colour, some size and others the designs.
What styles of pink earrings are available?
Pink earrings are available in all styles from the elegant studs, to casual hoops and statement danglers.

Top 10 Trending Pink Earrings Price List

Pink EarringsPrice
1. Daffodil Enamel Studs
₹ 2,200
₹ 4,200
₹ 2,200
2. Pashmina Loop Earrings
₹ 2,300
₹ 3,800
₹ 2,300
3. Pink Bud Danglers
₹ 1,900
₹ 3,400
₹ 1,900
4. Pastel Pyramids Danglers
₹ 1,800
₹ 3,200
₹ 1,800
5. Forget Me Not Enamel Floral Studs
₹ 2,500
₹ 4,000
₹ 2,500
6. Amy Studs
₹ 1,500
₹ 2,500
₹ 1,500
7. Gemma Luxury Danglers
₹ 2,100
₹ 3,800
₹ 2,100
8. Laura Danglers
₹ 1,800
₹ 2,900
₹ 1,800
9. Jolie Earrings
₹ 1,400
₹ 2,200
₹ 1,400
10. Grace Pearl Studs
₹ 2,100
₹ 3,600
₹ 2,100