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Add elegance to royalty with rose gold necklaces!
Rose gold symbolises femininity, poise, and style. It is a warmer tone that feels calm and soothing in contrast to the wealthy royal gold. Rose gold jewellery, once it entered the fashion field, has never gone out of style. They are suitable for all, including yourself or the one you want to give them as a gift. Rose gold compliments the skin so well and brings out the blush effect with the necklace. There is a quite good collection of rose gold jewellery by Blingvine for you to check out.


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Rose Gold Necklaces by Blingvine

Rose gold necklace set is one of the most sought after materials in fashion jewellery. These carry the royalty of gold and add the warmth and elegance of rose. Rose gold jewellery is one of the most durable and affordable jewelleries of all time. They may not have been in the market for long but their demand is no less.

What Is Rose Gold?

Rose gold which has a shade of pink as colour is actually an alloy of gold and copper. Gold is not strong enough to be mended into an accessory. It is mixed with different elements that provide strength and durability to the jewellery. Pure gold mixed with copper imparts the colour to gold and also changes the carat of gold used. The 75 percent gold and 25 percent copper has a carat of 18k and is quite sturdy in strength.

History Of How Rose Gold Necklace Came To Be

Rose gold was first used in the 19th century by a famous Russian jeweller. After then, it became a trend during the feminine age of 1920s. Many celebrities and actresses wore rose gold jewellery during the era. Since then rose gold has never gone out of fashion and is still standing straight. Rose gold made into engagement rings and fine jewellery are quite popular in the states. 

Types Of Rose Gold Necklaces

Rose gold necklaces are of a few different types based on which other material they are used with. These types of rose gold necklace have their own style and designs for everyone to suit.

Pearl Necklace

Rose gold when combined with pearls gives a surreal look to it. Pearls in rose gold necklace have some of the most unique designs. Pearl being a versatile material can accommodate rose gold well enough to suit any style. This combination works best in a traditional setting. The best thing is, you can find matching earrings very easily too.

Pendant Necklace

Rose gold in a pendant necklace is the new modern style necklace. It is the minimalist style necklace you are looking for. The variety in which rose gold pendant necklaces are found is surprising. They are best fit for a formal occasion as well as casual date wear.

Choker Necklace

Rose gold choker necklace got its high with the world-wide choker trend. Want a classy-looking choker in a price that suits your pocket, rose gold choker necklaces are the answer. A choker necklace set works well with a party look as well as an office charity event. There can nothing go wrong in fashion with rose gold necklaces that are choker style.

How To Style A Rose Gold Necklace Set?

Styling is the most important step that makes the look of any accessory. To style a rose gold necklace you can see what outfit you want to wear at what occasion. Then see if it suits your taste of fashion or is a little weird for it.

Different Styles Complement Different Outfits…

Take a look at your outfit and you will know exactly what occasion you can wear it on. Just like that you will know which of the rose gold jewellery pieces suits it the best. An accessory complements the outfit it is worn with. Likewise, an outfit is what compliments the style you wear. The accessory in turn complements your style and outfit of choice.

A rose gold pearl necklace is to be worn with a lehenga or an evening gown for a party. With a simple kurti or denim t-shirt the rose gold pendant necklace looks the best. As for, choker necklaces in rose gold go well with formal suits and western dresses.

Buying Guide For Rose Gold Necklaces

If you are looking to purchase a rose gold necklace from a store or online. There are some things that you can keep in mind wh8ile you shop for a rose gold necklace. To help you with the same we, at Blingvine have brought to you the buying guide for the same.

Factors To Consider When Purchasing 

What you must take notice of while purchasing rose gold jewellery..

Look For The Hallmark 

While purchasing a rose gold necklace in pure gold, you must look for the hallmark of purity. It will give you the carat of rose gold used in the jewellery. And remember, there is no pure rose gold as it itself is an alloy. So if you find somewhere a 24k rose gold written in description it is most likely fake. 

Style Suits You

After checking the quality, here comes the style. See if that particular product design is something that you will normally like to wear or not. It is very important that the style describes your personality well. Or else, this piece of jewellery may forever be kept hidden in the back of your wardrobe.

Tips To Choosing Rose Gold Necklace

Some tips you can use while looking for the perfect rose gold necklace…

What Length Do You Prefer

For shorter lengths, you can take a rose gold choker home. If you are looking for something that reaches up to your bust you can go with a pearl rose gold long necklace.

Complements Your Skin

Rose gold looks the best with warmer tones of skin. So see to it if that particular shade of rose gold looks good with your own skin tone. There may be times when some rose gold pieces actually bring out a yellower tone which may not look good with yours.

Stores To Look For

There are a number of rose gold jewellery stores online which are good at making the best designed products. You can get a home delivery of your favourite rose gold necklace in a few clicks. Easy details and contact for return, exchange and damages.    Physical stores too have a number of beautiful options in rose gold for you to find your pick.

Care and maintenance 

Caring and maintenance is a must for any jewellery type. For cleaning rose gold jewellery, soak it in lukewarm water with soap for 10 mins. Then gently clean with a bristled toothbrush. Rinse and dry well.

Store in an airtight container away from sunlight for proper maintenance . Rose gold being sturdy rarely gets any dinges and bents hence are a good choice for people who are too clumsy or more energetic.

These are some of the useful information about rose gold jewellery. Now you are ready to buy the best of the rose gold products online. Blingvine’s rose gold jewellery collection has some of the best options to look at too. Go ahead and check out which will work for you and which you want to buy.

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What is a Rose Gold Necklace?
Rose gold necklaces are made from rose gold alloy. Rose gold is a rose tinge added to gold formed by an alloy of copper and gold.
How should I care for my Rose Gold Necklace?
Taking care of a rose gold necklace isn't difficult. Just wipe it after every use and store in an airtight container.
What occasions are Rose Gold Necklaces appropriate for?
Rose gold necklaces can suit almost every occasion. Mostly worn in parties, on dates and in weddings.
What is the meaning behind Rose Gold Necklaces?
Rose gold is no real gold. It is a mixture of copper and gold metal.
How do I choose the right length for my Rose Gold Necklace?
Rose gold can suit a range of skin tones. Available in different shades, rose gold can accommodate all skin colours.

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