10 gorgeous brides from across the world

10 gorgeous brides from across the world

“He felt now that he was not simply close to her, but that he did not know where he ended and she began. 
- Leo Tolstoy

Those lines aptly capture the beauty of a wedding. There must be something about them that brings a lovely glow on the brides and they seem to shine bright like a star in the night sky! The perfect dress, the lovely jewellery, those gorgeous shoes, lots of hope in the heart and a few butterflies in the stomach makes the day so special and like none other.

We have complied together a collection of photographs from across the world that will show you just how gorgeous the girls look on their wedding day.

1. Indian Bride

Indian Bride BlingVineIt is hard to describe the beauty of an Indian bride, wrapped in red and shimmering in traditional jewellery, on her wedding day. 

2. Russian Bride

Russian Bride

A Russian bride dressed in a lovely Sarafan, the traditional Russian wedding dress,looks absolutely splendid. The jewelled headgear just adds to the charm. 

3. Japanese Bride

Japanese Bride BlingVine

  A white wedding Kimono made out of luxurious fabric and decorated intricately with peals and silk embroidery makes for a gorgeous Japanese wedding dress. Japanese brides are all about natural beauty so they make sure their makeup and jewellery gives them a fresh pinkish glow.

4. Pakistani Bride

Pakistani Bride

 A Stunning green Sharara, the unmissable Paasa and to-die-for beauty - Pakistani Brides are one of the most gorgeous for sure!

5. American Bride

American Bride BlingVine

An American bride is all about fun, frolic and totally owning her wedding day. A perfect dress accentuated with wedding jewellery made out of diamonds and pearls makes them absolutely chic.

6. Chinese Bride

Chinese Bride

Just like Indian Brides, traditional Chinese brides are all about red keipo and gold jewellery. The lovely headgear makes the compete look more put together.

7. Thai Bride

Thai Bride

Unique dress, simplicity and elegance makes a Thai Brides stand out in a crowd. 

8. Australian Bride

Australian Bride BlingVine

Very similar to the American brides, Australian Brides also look gorgeous in their lovely flowy white gowns and gorgeous jewellery pieces.

9. African Bride

African Bride

Colours, vibrance, chunky jewellery and a smile that can light up a room - African Brides just can not be ignored!

10. Korean Bride

Korean Bride

Last but not the least, Korean brides totally steal the show in their grand wedding outfits.

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