10 Romantic Valentine's Day Gifts For Her

As the month of love is arriving, love is truly in the air. It is never too early to start planning for a perfect Valentine's Day and it is never too early to start thinking about the perfect gift for your girl. We know that there are too many options and that causes a lot of confusion, but don't worry, we will help you narrow down your choices and zero down on the perfect Valentine's day gift!

Some Romantic Valentine's Day Gifts 

A girl with a sweet tooth?

A Box Of Chocolates

One needs to remember that not all gifts need to be expensive and what matters is love. A box of chocolates is always a great option when you need romantic gifts for girlfriend or your wife. There is very little that can go wrong when it comes to a box of chocolates. Chocolates too come in many different flavours, we recommend that you gift her a box of assorted chocolates, that way there is something unique in every bite that she takes!

Notes from nature itself, Bergamot or Juniper?

Bottle of Perfume

We feel that perfume and romance go hand in hand! Get your wife an exotic-smelling perfume this Valentine's Day! Perfumes are definitely a romantic gift for wife, perfumes not only come in cute-looking bottles but also make for a thoughtful gift with a lot of functionality. These are perfect gifts as they are available in many fragrances and this means that it is also the right gift to showcase how much you know your girl!

Simple yet magnificent

Pendant Necklace Set

There is absolutely nothing that can go wrong with this gift. An elegant-looking pendant set is always welcomed, thanks to its beauty. These romantic gifts for girlfriend or wife are something you should consider getting this Valentine's Day. A pendant necklace is romantic and speaks volumes about how much you love your girl, though simple we cannot stress how romantic pendant necklaces are! Check out our collection of pendant sets and get your valentine one of our pendant sets!

Who said that old school romance is dead?

Handwritten Letters

What can be more romantic than a handwritten letter expressing the love you feel for your wife or girlfriend? This simple, yet thoughtful gift is the perfect way to your woman's heart. Write about how much you love them, and show them that you appreciate them, trust us, this can go a long way! Add a poem or two into the mix and you are sorted for this romantic day!

Stressful week?

Gift Voucher To A Spa

These are perfect if you want your loved one to relax for the day and get that well-deserved pampering! Get a voucher for the most peaceful spa out there and show her how much you appreciate her! An even more exciting and romantic gift is to get a voucher for a couple's retreat to a spa if you want to spend the entire day with her on the most romantic day of the year!

Perfect balance between romance and functionality


Simple yet something to remember you by for a long time. Earrings are the perfect gifts and they add a pinch of personal touch. Get your girlfriend a pair of beautiful earrings as they are both romantic and meaningful! With many options available at your disposal you can choose the ones that suit your loved one the best! Check out Blingvine's collection of lovely earrings and choose the one that suits your woman the best for this Valentine's day!

A world within a glass jar

Custom-Made Terrariums

A world in a glass bottle, nothing screams more romantic gift for wife than this. Get your loved one a custom-made terrarium and show her how much you love her by adding little details within the glass bottle about your relationship and all the things that are special to her! These tiny details can be subtly added to the terrariums and this can prompt her to find new details every time she looks at the jar, this is definitely romantic in our books!

Symbol of perseverance and hard work


A plant can signify a lot of things but love is something that it always symbolises. A relationship can learn a lot from plants from grace to perseverance. Nurturing the plant can also be an activity that both of you can do together and trust us, the plants do teach us a lot about yourself! This can be a perfect and meaningful gift to give your loved ones this Valentine's day!

Nothing says 'I Know You' like this

Subscription To Her Favourite Product

A subscription to her favourite snack or body care products for a year is a very thoughtful Valentine's gift, this shows her that you not only love her but care about the little things that she loves. What can be more romantic than that? These are the perfect romantic gifts for girlfriend or wife!

A symbol of commitment and romance


The band of love is what we would like to call bracelets. These simple pieces of jewellery are the perfect gifts for your woman, an elegant bracelet is something you can gift her if you know how she styles her outfits and this is a perfect way to tell her that you do know her! Check out Blingvine's collection of bracelets this Valentine's Day.

We know that you love giving Valentine's day gifts to your loved ones and now that you know exactly what to gift her, do not wait any longer, start planning for the perfect gift for the perfect day!