Valentine's Day Gifts

Just like most things in life, gifts come and go but nothing is as special as a Valentine’s Day gift for your special one!

When thinking about Valentine’s Day gifts, think of something special, something out of the box ideas, think Blingvine! With premium quality, Blingvine offers top notch jewellery, all delightfully designed to be a perfect Valentine’s gift for girlfriend or wife.


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Valentine's Day Gifts by Blingvine

The only guide you’ll ever need to impress your significant other with the perfect gift! 

Valentine's Day calls for a celebration of love. Chocolates, roses and confessions mark the day, bringing together couples throughout the world. One of the biggest traditions of this day involves giving your significant other the perfect Valentine’s Day gifts to convey your love. With the abundance of options available, picking the ideal gift can leave anyone confused and frustrated. We here at Blingvine, have created a comprehensive guide on Valentine's Day gifts that is sure to help you find the perfect gift for your partner.

Valentine Essentials

Don’t forget the essentials while you search for the special!

Let’s get to the basics of when and why Valentine's day is celebrated. Well, you wouldn’t be here if you didn’t know when is valentine’s day. However, just to be safe, here’s the reminder - 14th February. As to why Valentine’s day is celebrated, the origin of the annual celebration of love started with Saint Valentine. His story is, like the biggest love stories, quite moving and tragic. You can check out our retelling of this tale right below, while picking out just the right Valentine’s day basics to have the most complete experience.

For Him 

Capture his heart once again this Valentine’s Day!

To get the best Valentine’s day gifts for him, you need to think like him. Delve into the mind for your significant other and find out his wants and needs. It’s believed to be the best way to get some Valentine’s day gift ideas for him. Think about what you want the Valentine’s day gift for him to do. Do you want it to be of use to him? A surprise? Do you want it to be one of a kind? We’ve got the most comprehensive guide to help you get some Valentine's day gift ideas for him!

For Her

This valentine’s…tell her how special she is to you!                             

Choosing the best valentine gift for her is not an easy task. When looking for a present for your other half, think of the things that she loves and spends most of her time doing.The best valentine’s gift for her would be something that’s not only well thought upon, but also shows that you have an eye on her and her interests. The best gifts for women are the ones which can be a memory to cherish upon forever. We’re here to give you a hand in getting the best valentine’s gift for her. The best way to show her how special she is.

Who’s Your Valentine? 

Who is it? The one you want to impress this Valentine’s Day?

Is it your spouse? A crush? A returning ex? Or is it just someone you can’t define your relationship with? No matter who you’re looking to impress, the best gifts for men and women are those that convey your feelings for them. Some may prefer something sentimental as a Valentines day gift, while others may like something grand. After all, the day comes once a year! So check out our guide for Valentines day gifts and choose among the best gifts for men and women. We hope you’ll come out with the ideal one for your significant other!

If They Like... 

Get them what they’ll go bonkers over!

We recommend considering the interests of your Valentine if you want to show just how much you know them. Whether they’re an artist, a gardening enthusiast or a bookworm, giving them a gift to match their interest is sure to excite them. No matter what they’re into, we’ve put in hours to put together the perfect list of gifts for various interests and hobbies! So go forth, and let them know just how much you love them with these Valentine’s day gifts that are specific to their likes!

Choose The Aesthetic 

Embrace and share the different themes with love!

To add to the celebrations of your special day with your Valentine, there’s nothing better than something of aesthetic value. It’s charming to see your partner appreciating and participating in your weird and quirky interests. A busy life leaves little time to just be with your loved one listening to their favourite classical or rock music playing in the back. If your partner loves the 90s, or is obsessed with gold, or an anime die-hard fan, we’ve got you the best gifts to share with your valentine.

Gifts To Do Some Good 

A gift that is useful adds an invaluable price to your choice!

For your special person, getting a gift that is associated with a cause they support can show them just how much you care about them. Moreover, a gift that does good for the society or the environment shows that you care and support both for your partner and their passions. Giving back to the world with your significant other can be a surreal experience. If you are searching for a gift with one such meaning, we’ve got you the best ideas to help you choose the best gifts for your Valentine.

Last Minute Gifts! 

It’s Valentine’s day ALREADY?!

With the rush of the hour, we may lose track of time and it’s no big deal. However, it’s important to show your partner that you still care. Last minute preparations are never easy, we agree, but these last minute plans are ones which make the most of the memories. Keeping that in mind, this valentine’s day week make sure you present them with a whole lot of love. To convey your love, we are here to rescue you last minute with some lovely and quick valentine gift ideas for your beloved valentines.

On The Size Of Your Wallet 

Here’s something gift worthy at every price point.

Whether you’re looking for gifts for men or women, an important factor to keep in your mind is your budget. No matter your budget, what’s important is to show your Valentine just how much you care about them. If your significant other likes to save up for the future, getting them an exorbitant gift might not be the best idea. However, this does not mean that you have to adjust for something tacky. You can instead opt for a lavish looking gift that still fits in your budget.   From pricey to economical, we’ve curated some lists of the best gifts for women and men alike!

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What are some good Valentine's Day gifts for women?
Valentine’s Day is a global celebration of love where love birds express their love for each other and exchange gifts. If you are searching for a good Valentine’s Day gift for you lovely lady, jewellery is one of the foremost items that you must look at. Be it trendy chain necklaces, latest chain bracelets, gorgeous earrings or statement rings, jewels never fail to charm and impress the hearts of women. Apart from jewellery, you can also look at branded watches, luxury bags and high end makeup products.
What are a good website for Valentine’s day Gifts online shopping?
When looking for Valentine’s Day gifts, one always gets to know that valentine’s gifts are more personal and intimate than any regular gifts. Such gifting items are mostly wearable items like jewellery for which Blingvine is one of the most reliable online destinations to watch out. Stocked with premium jewellery items like necklaces, bangles, earrings and many other jewels that have passed various quality tests, Blingvine is the answer to your entire Valentine gifting needs.
What is the best artificial jewellery for valentine's day?
While necklace sets and pendants are a forever favourite, one can also try gorgeous long earrings or studs that match the personality of your special one. Currently, tennis bracelets have become extremely popular due to their simplicity and their easy wearability. Gifting jewellery on Valentine's Day is an excellent choice when you choose the right item.Worry not! With Blingvine, you can be sure that the best artificial jewellery reaches your partner.
Where can I get a find perfect valentine gift with premium packaging?
We, at Blingvine, understand the whole unboxing experience hence, all our jewellery comes in premium packaging. With fantastic valentine gifts like necklaces, earrings and bangles, Blingvine provides a sturdy box which not only adds to the gifting idea but also acts as an amazing storage box where your jewel will be protected and is likely to last longer.

Top 10 Trending Valentine's Day Gifts Price List

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1. ColorPlay Bracelet
₹ 2,000
₹ 3,200
₹ 2,000
2. Grapevine Bracelet
₹ 2,600
₹ 4,600
₹ 2,600
3. Little Hearts Pendant Set
₹ 2,500
₹ 4,500
₹ 2,500
4. Enchanted Necklace Set
₹ 4,800
₹ 7,000
₹ 4,800
5. Shimmer Necklace Set
₹ 5,800
₹ 8,000
₹ 5,800
6. Polka Pendant Set
₹ 3,000
₹ 5,200
₹ 3,000
7. Sunshine Pearl Necklace Set
₹ 6,000
₹ 10,200
₹ 6,000
8. Fiona Pendant Set
₹ 3,200
₹ 5,000
₹ 3,200
9. Riwaaz Bracelet
₹ 3,000
₹ 4,800
₹ 3,000
10. Aria Necklace Set
₹ 4,400
₹ 7,500
₹ 4,400