Best Valentine’s Gifts From The Brands That Give Back

This valentine’s day, shop your valentine’s gifts from the brands that contribute for the greater good. These brands don’t only provide you with the best quality products but give out to the society making you and your valentine a part of it. Getting to do some good while shopping for a love celebration, and you don’t even have to do anything out of the ordinary.

We at Blingvine have brought to you the best brands that you can shop your valentine’s day gift from to do some good.

If They Like To Be Warm And Cozy

All Birds

If they like to be warm, then get them slippers or shoes from All Birds. The company that makes the most warm and comfortable shoes can be a good idea for a valentine’s gift. This company doesn’t only produce the most comfortable shoes in the world but have provided sneakers for millions of frontline workers working during the pandemic till date.

If They Like Fashion


If they like fashion and love to wear stylish clothes then, get them clothing or accessories from Everlane. Everlane, collaborates with some thoughtful partners for their production and things and also donates 10% of their profit to the ACLU.

If They Love To Pamper Their Skin

Mama Earth

If they like to take care of their skin then getting them a skin products gift set is a nice idea. This brand uses the mostly natural ingredients and also pledges to plant trees with every purchase. This small initiative to keep our mother Earth together with celebrating the day of love, can be a really good plan for Valentine's day this year.

If They Love Accessories

Michael Kors

If they love to wear accessories, then how about getting them a Michael Kors watch as a valentine’s day gift this time. The company named after the famous Michael Kors, isn’t just a million dollar company that produces the most expensive of the products but has donated in times of pandemic for healthcare and food facilities. They also donate to ‘GOD’S LOVE WE DELIVER’ which works under the UN world food programme and provides food to the homeless and needy.

If They Love To Travel For Trips


If they love to travel during vacations for a trip to some place to relax, then choosing Airbnb for all the bookings will be a nice idea when gifting them a trip ticket. Airbnb has been in the news recently for their work in helping the refugees from Ukraine during the war between the latter and Russia. So if you have decided that a nice trip to Maldives is your valentine's day celebration idea then picking Airbnb will surely be the one you should go with.

If They Love Their Ice Creams

Ben & Jerry

If they love ice creams and especially the ones from Ben & Jerry’s then you should probably get the biggest ice cream they have got in their favourite flavour for them this valentine’s day. You won’t be just bringing the best dessert to your valentine, also will be contributing to their foundation that helps small businesses. They donate 7.5% of their profits to grassroot efforts in the form of grants and help those with dreams get a chance to achieve.

If They Love To Wear Earrings

Gift Of Hope Haiti

If they love to wear earrings, and their outfit is incomplete without one then getting them the earrings by Gift of Hope Haiti, is the valentine's day you can go for. These earrings are unique and aesthetically pleasing and the best thing is they support children and people that are below the poverty line to survive and sustain a life.

If They Promote Sustainable Living


If they prefer to live a sustainable living then gifting them this toothbrush made up of wood is a good valentine’s day gift for them. Purchasing a toothbrush from Mable, promises to provide a toothbrush to a child in need and thus it's not only your valentine for whom you will be getting a gift but a child too.

These were some of the brands that give back to society with either each purchase or some part of their profit, and will make your valentine proud to be a part of it. Now it's time you pick the cause you want to support and get a valentine’s gift or vice-versa, whichever way you want.