Eco Friendly Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

Today, where the world is melting, let's try to save it by choosing eco-friendly gifts for your valentine's day celebration. These eco-friendly gift ideas are the best if you and your valentine are somebody who cares a lot about the earth and its being. Sitting under a tree, stargazing at night and enjoying the cool breeze is what you enjoy the most with your partner then an eco-friendly gift will be the one to preserve these scenes for you.

We at Blingvine are here to help you give some of the best eco-friendly gift ideas to get your choice from.

If They Generally Wrap Their Food

Cloth Bowl Wrap

While cooking food at home, it is not always to have it right then and hence requires a wrap to keep it warm and good for longer. A cloth bowl wrap is a better replacement for a plastic wrap and can be a good gift to your partner.

If They Love To Carry A Lot Of Stuff

Bee’s Wrap

A bag coated with beeswax is a water resistant bag that can contain a number of substances and will prove to be a handy gift for your significant other. Your partner will use it for a longer period of time, everytime they do so they'll get reminded of your thoughtful gift to them.

If They Need Their Accessories Separate

Stasher Bags

When storing accessories it is advised to be stored separately, and thus a number of stash bags are needed, this is where stasher bags made of eco-friendly material come in handy. Your partner is going to be on their toes getting these as gifts.

If They Like Their Drink Cool

Hydro Flask Pint

A hydro flask is a tumbler kind of bottle which helps keep the liquid cool for longer hours. These are the best if your significant other hates their cold coffee to melt into water. These are reusable and are best for office use and trips to far away places.

If They Like To Make Their Own Compost

Countertop Compost Bin

The countertop compost bin is the best eco-friendly gift you can present to your environment friendly partner. These bins are filled with all the wet waste of the house and left for days to be made into compost and then can be used as manure in our backyard garden and pots.

If They Love Their Dishes

Enamelware Metal Dishes

If your valentine loves their dishes and it breaks their heart every time a crockery breaks, the enamelware metal dishes are a good gift for them this valentine’s. The glass and plastic dishes are easy to break when they fall, aren’t really good for the soil and can remain in there for years. The enamelware dishes will make sure your partner’s eyes shine with love for both the dishes and you.

If They Love Kitchen Containers

Glass Containers

The plastic containers that we use in the kitchen to store pickles and stuff can react with the polyethylene in the container and become hazardous for health overtime. Gifting your partner their container made in glass can both make it more aesthetic as well as good for health at the same time.

If They Need Their Water Everywhere

Water Bottle

The reusable metal bottles are the most common and best valentine’s gift you can present your valentine’s with. These bottles are washable and are easy to carry anywhere, and make it sure that we use much less plastic bottles

If They Love Plants

Air-Purifier Plants

If your valentine loves to be around plants and appreciates greenery in their workplace or home, an air-purifying plant is the one to go with. They purify the air around and provide pure and healthy air to breath. Gifting this to your valentine’s will ensure your care for both your love and the environment.

If Your Valentine Love Their Cosmetics

Herbal Cosmetics

If your valentine likes to wear makeup and apply skin products to get their desired look an eco-friendly herbal cosmetic set is the one to go with . These products are known to not leave harmful residues after disposal and get mixed with nature. To gift this set of cosmetics to your partner this valentine is a great idea to say the least.

Now that you know the best eco-friendly valentine's day gift ideas, go ahead and celebrate your love with nature with your valentine this week.