9 Valentines Day Gifts To Give Movie Buffs

Is your Valentine a huge film buff? Do they often get excited over movie releases? If so, you can give them a great Valentine’s day gift this year that’s related to their interests. If they’re already in the process of picking out this year’s valentine day movie, you can add to their excitement by getting some perfect Valentine's day gifts.

We’ve made your research easier by picking out just the best Valentine's day gifts to suit the tastes of even the biggest film buffs! Check out our list right below and pick out the ones that you think they’ll love!

Gifts For Film Enthusiasts 

If they keep movie tickets in books

Ticket Stub Diary

If you often find your significant other putting tickets in their books right after they’re back from their latest movie night, this one’s the perfect gift for them. Get them a diary that’s made just for that purpose! They can save all their movie tickets in the ticket stub diary and keep them from getting lost in the hustle and bustle of their daily routine.

To give them more options

Film Streaming Service Subscription

There is an abundance of streaming services available out there. Even better, there are quite a few that have a curated collection of the best films that are sure to tickle the brains of movie lovers. Find such a service and get them a premium subscription of it. The two of you can watch one of their favourite movies on each of the 7 days of Valentine.

To bring home the experience

Home Theatre Projector

If they like to watch films on the big screen, watching one at home on TV can feel underwhelming. You can get them a home theatre projector to make the viewing experience much better from them.

Because what’s a film without some popcorn

Single Serve Popcorn Maker

Most home popcorn packs come in big packs, for multiple people. However, movie lovers often watch their movies alone. Get them a single serve popcorn maker so that they can enjoy some classic popcorn while watching their film.

To make them the director

Director Chair

Whether you are also a fan of movies or not, you must have an idea of what the director chair is. It’s the classic one seen in almost all movie documentaries and behind the scenes videos. It’s sure to get them excited, pretending to be their favourite movie director and critiquing films.

To get them excited

Film Merch

All film buffs have a favourite film series. Whether it’s the Star Wars series or the Dark Knight trilogy for your partner, you can get them some official merchandise from the film production company. They’re sure to get filled with glee when they see you’ve gotten them something from their favourite movie!

To have the full theatre experience

Movie Theatre Popcorn Tubs

While you get them a popcorn maker, don’t forget to get them some classic movie theatre popcorn tubs. Afterall, munching on the popcorn from the classic theatre buckets is a way better experience than doing the same from a random bowl.

If film tickets are spread around the house

Drop-Your-Tickets Shadowbox

Another way to help them keep all their precious film tickets safe and in a safe place is to get them a Shadow Box in which they can just drop their tickets after coming from their newest film adventure. Maybe even make a ticket for the movies you’ll watch in the 7 days of valentine.

Bring the theatre right home

Home Theatre Sound System

Finish up completing their total home theatre system by adding the last piece of the puzzle, that is, the sound system. Get them a good quality home theatre sound system to make them feel as though they are at a theatre watching this year’s valentine day movie at the comforts of their home.

So what are you waiting for? Get them some movie specific best Valentine’s day gifts that’ll make them appreciate just how much you love them!