Best DIY Valentine Gifts For You To Fix Last Minute

Just do it yourself! Well, if you forgot to order the perfect valentine's day gift for your valentine how about making one by yourself. A handmade gift does show your sincerity towards giving that gift to your valentine. DIY valentine’s gifts are adorable to see and bring out the creative side to your olive for your partner.

We, at Blingvine, have brought to you some of the easy to make valentine’s day gifts for your valentine.

If They Love To Guess Their Surprises

DIY Candy Wrap

Gifting chocolates? How about making it a bit creative with a big DIY candy wrap? It's too easy to make, just two bowls joined together mouth to mouth wrapped in gift paper knotted at both ends. It's a nice surprise for your valentine to guess what actually is inside.

If They Like To Keep A Record Of Love

Miniature Valentine Notebook

If they like to keep a detailed record of all the lovely moments and memories you both created, a miniature valentine notebook is a nice gift. You can use this book to record memories of valentine's day every year or just all the feelings that you felt in some moments.

If They Like Their Morning Tea

Heart Shaped Tea Bags

There is nothing better than a refreshing tea in the morning and what a lovely sight if the tea bags are heart shaped this valentine's day. This is the cutest and easiest valentine’s surprise for your valentine, gifting them heart shaped tea bags with their first cup of tea is bound to make their day.

If They Like Snow

Valentine’s Snow Globe

Decorating a jar into a snow globe as a gift for your loved one this valentine’s is a nice idea if they love snow and snowfall. It's not an always-thing to get snowfall or to ghetto see snow but a showpiece that looks like snow falling is a beautiful sight to see and has a soothing effect on the mind.

If They Like Choco-Cookies

Chocolate Sugar Cookie Hearts

Baking a batch of chocolate cookies in the shape of hearts and decorating them beautifully as a valentine’s day gift for your significant other is something you can do with love. The love laden batter made into hearts decorated with sugar and chocolate is a delicacy that your valentine will surely love.

If They Love Their Bath

Bubbling Bath Salts

DIY bath salts that make a nice, bubbly bath that can wash away all the tiredness of the day is the best valentine’s gift you can give to your partner after a long day. These bath salts consisting of healing and calming properties are both beautiful to look at and healthy to sit in.

If They Love To Eat

Edible Flower Bouquet

If they are a foodie and love to eat at every hour of the day, a bacon-cheese-cupcake bouquet is one beautiful DIY valentine gift which will for the first time make your partner think before they eat. This edible bouquet is so pretty when it's all arranged into flowers with leaves at the bottom that one can never guess they aren’t real flowers.

If They Love To Light Candles

Tea Cup Candles

If they love light different candles in their room and washroom for aroma and mood, the tea cup candles are a unique idea of gift to go with. These candles are set up in an old out-of-use tea cup hence, can also be the best out of waste.

If They Love Flowers But Are Allergic

Paper Flowers

If they love the colourful and beautiful flowers that blossom but are allergic to pollen, paper flowers can do the trick. These paper flowers are not only the easiest to arrange in a bouquet but also hardly look any different from the real ones, unless you smell them that is.

If They Love Decorative Lights

Heart Shaped Light Bulbs

If they love to decorate their rooms with different lighting for mood or because they don't like the darkness much, the heart shaped light bulbs are the best valentine’s day gift for them. These light bulbs are a bit tricky to make, but assure you if you follow the steps carefully and slowly you’ll get it.

If They Often Listen To Deep Lyrics

Song Lyric Cupcake Toppers

If they listen to songs with deep and meaningful lyrics, you can add a song lyric cupcake topper to the muffin they love. This simple gesture can tell them about how much you pay attention to them and their preferences and likes.

These are some of the best and easiest last minute DIY valentine’s day gift ideas for you to give your valentine this year. Just pick the one that will make your valentine the happiest and get right into making it!