Best Valentine’s Day Gifts For Your Spouse

With the promise staying with your spouse forever, with ‘till death do us part’, make sure it doesn’t get monotonous. You may get the best valentine’s gift for your spouse and compete to see who brings the most surprising and unique gift for the other. Isn’t it fun?

No worries, we, at Blingvine have brought you the best valentine’s day gift ideas for both of you.

For Him

Freezable Beer Glasses

If he loves their beer and hates it when there aren’t enough chilled ones in the refrigerator, then get them these freezable beer glasses. Fill them with beer anytime you can and put it up in the freezer and he can get his chilled beer whenever he wants to. So gift them the best ever valentine’s day gift to your beer lover husband.

Sandalwood Shaving Kit

If he prefers a clean shave to beard anytime, then get him a sandalwood shaving kit for a cool and aromatic neat shave. The sandalwood is natural, and gives out a cooling effect which just enhances the ratings of the kit as a valentine’s day gift for your husband.

Black In Bouquet

If he loves his drinks, then getting him a bouquet made up of his favourite liquor is the valentine’s day gift you want to go for. If he doesn’t have a favourite kind, just arrange all the types of liquor that you both enjoy to drink together in a bouquet and present it to him this valentine’s.

Temperature Control Mug

If he loves to take a cup of coffee while working, then gift him this temperature control mug. This temperature control mug keeps the temperature on the liquid in it the same, so not there’s no problem if your husband forgets about the coffee in front of work.

Linen Plush Robe

If he loves to wear his robe when at home, then gift him this soft and fluffy linen robe as a gift. Bath robes are in itself a private present and will make him happy to get one from his wife, with whom he has vowed to be there through thick and thin.

For Her

Love Vouchers

If you want to express your love to your wife in a unique manner, gift them these love vouchers this valentine’s day. These love vouchers consist of voucher-like cards with blanks, you can choose the number of vouchers you want to gift her, she has to fill in the blanks to redeem her wishes from you. She can use any voucher, anytime she wants to and you are to follow with it.

Knock Knock Apology Notes

If you get in trouble with your wife more often than never, then gift her this set of apology notes. You can just fill in the blanks and then ask for forgiveness while waiting for her to realise that it was a valentine;’s day gift making her smile that instant. So if you want your wife to forget about everything else and just remember that you gifted her those notes, you must get one of these for you.

Weighted Blanket

If you are mostly concerned if your wife is warm enough, get her a weighted blanket this valentine’s day. This weighted blanket is not only warm and cosy but is good at inducing sleep too. Gifting this blanket to your wife will be a nice gesture of love and kindness from your side.

Toes Home Fuzzy Socks

If your wife loves to wear socks at home, then gifting her these home toe socks will be a nice idea this valentine’s day. These socks are warm, have toes which makes it easier to be worn in all types of slippers and keeps the feet from sweating much too. They really are gonna love it, if they really got to have these almost no sweat toe socks.

Luxury Handbag

If your wife loves handbags and has been waiting to get a particular brand handbag for long, then gifting her that luxury handbag is the best valentine’s day gift ever. Surprising her with her dream handbag, is moving enough to make her cry, that's for sure.

Now that you know what to gift your spouses this valentine’s day to win the bet about the best valentine’s day gift ever, go ahead pick the best ever gift for your respective spouses.