Best Chocolate Gift Ideas For Valentine’s Day

Among the essentials of Valentine's day, valentine chocolates are a must. Chocolates have been long associated with the sweetness of love and can not be left out during the celebration of special ones. A single bar of chocolate is enough to bring a smile to your valentine’s face. There are various arrangements, qualities, flavours and shapes that the chocolate is available for gifting.

Sweet Special Valentine

For him or her, no need to think much, just go and get the chocolate that your partner loves and spread the warmth in your relationship.
We, at Blingvine, have brought you some of the best chocolate gift ideas for you to present to your valentine.

If They Love Their Lips..

Luscious Lip Shaped Chocolate

If they are obsessed with their lips, or you like their juicy pink lips, these lip shaped milk chocolates are the best valentine’s day chocolate gift. Like the name, these are lip shaped and will look pretty in a gift wrap.

If They Love Roses

Graceful Red Rose With Chocolate

If they love red roses and rather have flowers, a beautifully arranged set of roses and chocolate is the valentine gift to go. The graceful roses with the chocolate will provide it an adorable look and a nice valentine gift.

If They Love The Rocher

Ferrero Rocher Bouquet

A whole bouquet made up of Ferrero Rocher chocolate, is the one you should go for if your valentine loves this brand of chocolate. The crunchy nutty taste with soft chocolate, ferrero rocher has been a favourite of many and hence bringing some novelty to the idea of gifting Rochers is a need. Hence, a bouquet of chocolates is one kind to go with.

If They Love Their Health

Artisanal Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate is the best dessert in terms of health and fitness. These as known well are very good for the heart, and what better than to gift chocolates that healthify a loving heart. Gifting a pair of dark chocolate to your valentine’s is a token of sweet love with concern for their well-being.

If They Love Hugs

Hugs Milk Chocolate

Give a virtual hug to your valentine with the Hugs milk chocolate. Hugs are something which is loved by a partner irrespective of the time, place or occasion. If your significant other provides the best hugs or they love being hugged the hugs milk chocolate will surely be the best gift for them .

If They Love Their Coffee

Coffee Milk Chocolate Bar

If your valentine is a coffee fan, and can’t live without one, a Coffee Milk Chocolate Bar is the one to go with. These are coffee flavoured milk chocolate, almost like a frozen latte. Getting your daily shot of coffee with chocolatey happiness to celebrate the day with energy and fun.

If They Love A Bear- Heart

Hearts With Bear

If your valentine loves to cuddle like a teddy bear, a chocolate made teddy bear with heart shaped chocolates are a great gift combo to go with. The cute little bears with hearts are so adorable to look at and will make their hearts melt like chocolate in an instant.

If They Are More Of Cookie Fan

Chocolate Cookies

The cookie chocolates are the go to valentine’s gift for your loved one if your valentine will have chocolate cookies rather than pure chocolate. These are available in so many cute shapes and sizes which are so cute to look at and even tastier to taste.

If They Would Rather Drink Chocolate-y

Chocoholic Champagne

A chocolate dipped champagne bottle is a class combination to go with if your valentine loves to drink sweet. This is a trendy chocolate gift idea, as it combines the two essentials of celebrations and drinks and sweets. Your valentines are going to love it to get two in a package of one.

If They Love Truffles

Truffle Chocolates Assortment

A combination of handpicked and arranged chocolate truffles is the go-to valentine’s gift if your partner likes truffles better than any other thing in the world. Arranged in a pretty assortment, with cute and lovely designs makes it even prettier of a gift for valentine’s day.

If They Admire Handmade Products

Handmade Chocolates

If your valentine likes to try handmade products and food, then handmade chocolates are the best to go with. These chocolates are carefully made by hand, and each worker puts their work into every detail of the chocolate. Giving this as a present will show them how diligent and sincere you are towards them.

If They Have Always Loved Barbie

Chocolate Barbie

If your valentine, has been a Barbie fan since her childhood days and can’t get enough of them till date. The arrangement of chocolates on a barbie silhouette is one of the prettiest gift arrangements.

If They Like It Sweet And Salty

Sea Salt Mix

If your valentine likes the tinge of salt that comes after the bite into a sea salt mix chocolate it is exactly what you want to go with. The experiments in the chocolate world have found this particular kind of chocolate to be really well accepted as they are neither too sweet nor salty. Hence, chocolate which won’t make you sick of sweetness, just like your love.

These are some of the best chocolate gift ideas for you to present to your valentine. One of the essentials of Valentine's day, chocolates are a must for celebrations, go ahead and pick yours for this is the taste of love.