Best Valentine’s Day Gifts For A Sustainable Living

In times when everyone is concerned about our planet is biased towards sustainable living, it's no shocker that your significant other follows through. This valentine’s day, join them in the little wish to do for mother earth and get them a gift that supports it. If you are already looking for Valentine's day gift ideas for him or her, and can’t seem to decide what exactly will be the best one to go with…

We, at Blingvine have brought to you the best valentine’s day gifts for a sustainable living.

If They Love Greenery

Tree To Plant Or Protect

If they love greens, planting trees or pledging to protect a treasure of nature tree, will be a good idea for a valentine’s day gift for them. This can be a nice valentine’s day activity for you and your valentine this year, what better than to provide home to birds, and shade to stray. If you have a nice backyard a fruit tree to plant this valentine can be literally fruitful for your children in a few years.

If They Like To Have Pets

Animal To Adopt

If they love to get pets home, then adopting a new animal this valentine’s day as a gift can be a nice change. They will be happy to have a new pet to love as well as will get to know your support for their efforts. Adopting an animal is in itself such a kind thing to do and you will get to show your love for a partner with the same.

If They Like To Keep Succulents

Redwood Succulent Heart Kit

If they love to keep cactus species around, then this pretty arrangement of succulents in a heart shaped rosewood frame is a nice valentine’s day gift for them. This kit consists of 5-6 numbers of beautiful succulents and are a good wall piece for their living room and can be a unique gift for girlfriend or husband.

If They Like To Spend Time With Nature

A Getaway In The Woods

If they love to stay in close proximity to nature, then planning a getaway into the woods with your valentine can be a unique gift for girlfriend or boyfriend or somebody else. A day away from the pollution in the cities and noisy traffic is one of the nice valentine’s day gift ideas for him or her.

If They Love To Wear Bathrobes

Organic Bathrobe

If they like to wear bathrobes after bath, then gift them an organic bathrobe this valentine’s day. An organic bathrobe is really warm and cozy and is skin friendly along with being economical will make a good valentine’s day gift for your partner.

If They Love To Have A Bedside Lamp

Upcycled Table Lamp

If they like having a table lamp on their bedside table, this red upcycled table lamp with discarded materials can be a good valentine’s day gift of sustainable value. This table lamp is not only made in a totally unique manner but also has a totally new look. So if your valentine likes a bit of lighting even after the room goes dark then this is the perfect gift.

If They Like To Light Candles

Zero Waste Candle

If they like to have candles in their bedroom or washrooms, then gifting them these zero waste candles is the choice you should go for. They are consumed wholly and do not leave a residue to throw to waste.

If They Like Perfumes

Zero Waste Perfume

If they do not leave the house without applying perfume, then get them this sustainable zero waste perfume as a gift this valentine’s day. These perfumes are really good if you want to reduce the garbage production at home. Well, you are getting a perfume with a nice smell and it doesn’t even produce any waste for disposal also.

If They Like A Quality Time With You

Your Presence

If they love to be with you, then just give them your presence with some of your time. That is the best sustainable living valentine’s gift for your partner. Sometimes, doing nothing but just being with your loved one in your cozy little corner is enough as a present.

These were some of the best valentine’s gift ideas that are suitable for a sustainable living point of view. Now go ahead and pick the one you would love to gift your valentine.