Funniest Valentine’s Day Gifts

Happy Valentine's Day! If you or your partner is someone who’s bored of the regular ways of celebrating the day of love, we’ve got just the thing for you. Why not celebrate the occasion with a twist? Make it a battle of jokes! Let’s see who can crack the funniest joke through gifts.

If you’re up for it, we can help you out. We’ve curated a list of 10 of the funniest Valentine's day gifts you can get your partner this year!

If you want to go for the classic

Funny Valentine's Day Cards

If you’re looking to make the classic joke, there’s nothing better than the popular range of funny Valentine’s day cards. Basically the ‘knock knock’ jokes of gifts, they are a time-proven method of getting a laugh.

To make a hearty joke

Anatomically Correct Heart Plush Toy

It’s often wondered why we came to make the ‘love’ heart so different from the actual organ. Remind your partner about this anomaly by giving them a cute anatomically correct heart plush toy. They’ll get to cuddle with the organ while being reminded of just how much you love them.

For a well seasoned joke

Food Bouquets

Flowers bouquets? So last year, right? Afterall, they tend to die in about just a week. Moreover, you can’t even eat them. So whether it’s a beef jerky bouquet or a burrito bouquet, try something new this time! Additionally, it can be really funny!

For a somewhat caring gift

Partner Pillow

For times when you’re not right by your Valentine’s side, a partner pillow can somewhat take your place by their side. It’s a pillow that’ll make up for your absence by helping them cuddle while taking a nap.

To find fun in the cheap

1 Rupee Ring

Sounds too good to be true? It’s just that. The ring is actually a coin holder shaped like a ring. So shove a Rs.1 coin into it to make it the cheapest possible joke in history! You’re sure to get a giggle out of your Valentine.

Because puns are the way to go

‘Punny’ Coffee Mugs

No matter what people say, dad jokes and puns can’t ever go out of style. So get a pair of coffee mugs with some ‘punny’ jokes and share a laugh each time you reach for some coffee or tea. Just be sure to have a really hilarious pun, or else, it might just not be ‘punny’ to your partner.

To tuck them in

Burrito Blanket

Burritos are nice. Blankets are nice. So why not get the combination to make the gift fantastic? Say you’re pulling an all-nighter. You can then just tuck your partner in like a burrito! Just make sure to not take a bite.

To make a sh*tty joke

Valentine’s Toilet Paper

Who wouldn’t want to be reminded of romance while taking a dump. Get your partner some Valentine’s toilet paper that spells out your love as they tear away a piece to wipe their butt. I mean, you can’t say it won’t be funny!

Another classic funny gift

Funny-n-Cute Socks

Another one among classic gifts is the funny socks that somehow are also cute. Whether it’s bananas, their face or a constipated Dwane Johnson, you can customise whatever you like on the socks. Comfort and cheer, now who can say no to that!

To put it in their face

A Face Cushion

Why not remind your Valentine about your existence every time they walk into the bedroom? Do so by getting a cushion with your face printed on it. Maybe even take the joke a step further and get multiple cushions and spread them across the house! You can also do it when they’re out of the house. Then watch them burst out in laughter as soon as they see what you’ve done.

Be players together

Fun Couple Card Games

If you and your partner are the kind of couple that’s all about fun and games, we’ve got a very fun Valentine’s day gift idea for you. Bring out your competitive personalities with a fun couple card game. There are a variety of couple card games available out there - ones that make you laugh, ones that make you look back on your relationship and ones that are just fun to play. No matter which you pick, you’re sure to have a great time together.

If you’ve know each other for years

Conversation Beer Glasses

Relationships take effort, and communication is key. Real but boring? Well then, why not make it fun! If you and your significant other like to enjoy a few glasses of beer every once in a while, you should look into conversation beer glasses. They’re just regular beer glasses that suggest entertaining topics of conversation as you drink up. Every few sips, you may have to tell your partner a secret or something embarrassing. The combination of alcohol and stories are sure to make for a great evening.

If you’re looking for funny and cute

Hand Holding Mittens

If you’re looking for a gift that’ll make your valentine laugh while warming up their heart, this might just be the perfect gift. A pair of mittens stitched together so you and your partner can hold hands under its warmth in the chilly winter weather. It’s cute but also, very cheesy, making it a gift that’s sure to get some cute giggles out of your valentine.

If you want to be creatively funny

Funny Poems

Now if you’re someone who has a way with words, or if your partner is someone who likes poetry, maybe you should give it a hand. Write a funny poem about your partner or your relationship with them. It could be a tiny one, maybe a haiku, or it could be a long one with multiple jokes and quirks. Lean into your creative side and let it all out for your valentine!

All these are pretty funny Valentine’s day gifts. Sometimes, in the mundane flow of life, you need something to cheer up. Use the day of love as an occasion to do just that and see which one of you is the funnier one of the couple. Happy Valentine’s Day!