Charities To Do This Valentine’s Day As A Gift

You can appreciate and celebrate your valentine by giving back to the society, its people and the environment. This valentine’s day, let’s take a step towards making our world a better place to live in with our significant others. It can be done in various ways, donating blood, money, clothes or adopting children, animals or planting trees.

One of the ways through which you can do some good by gifting your loved one this valentine’s day is charities. We, at Blingvine have brought to you some of the options of charities for you to pick from.

If Mental Health Is What Your Partner Relates To

Strong Minds

If your valentine associates with people from the mental health field and wishes to do something for the same, the foundation ‘Strong minds’ from Africa is an option for you to go with. These days when mental health is deteriorating at a high rate especially in young children contributing to the foundations that work for mental health is a good deed to do.

If Starving Children Hurts Their Heart

Akshaya Patra

If your valentine’s heart breaks to see starving children and every time they see them wants to do something concrete for them, Akshaya Patra foundation is the one. You can donate online to this foundation and feed the children all around the world who find it difficult to get a meal a day.

If Right To Education Is Their Goal

Educational Donations

If your valentine believes that every child deserves a right to study then an educational donation to do this valentine’s day will be the best for them. Donating school supplies and scholarships for children is the charity gift you should go for this valentine's day.

If They Want To Reduce Poverty

Donate A Furry Friend

If your valentine wants to contribute to reducing poverty, donating a domestic or poultry animal is a good idea. Animals like chickens, goats and sheep can be a food source for a good number of people as well as can rear wool for clothes and thus contribute to employment and industries.

If They Want To Help With Diseases

Donation To Prevent Diseases

If your valentine is concerned for under privileged people that they don't have any choice but to bear the cruelty of nature and its beings. You can help them by donating things like blankets, mosquito nets etc. so that they can at least prevent the diseases which just spread because of the lack of basic amenities.

If They Want To Be A Bit Closer

Feeding 2 Families For 1 Month

If your valentine wants to form a close relationship with the families they want to provide food for, feeding two families for a month can be something they can go for. Donating fruit trees, cereal seeds or digging a water borehole for them are some of the things they can do for them along with providing food.

If They Just Want To Spread Smiles

Sending Flowers

If your valentine wants to celebrate the day of love by spreading smiles on the faces of the people who work in welfare, why not just thank them with flowers? Sending flowers to healthcare facilities and old age homes this valentine’s day can spread a hundred watt smile to the sick and tired faces of all the people who work and stay there.

If They Want To Do Something For Women

For Birthing Women

If your valentine wants to do something for the women, donating for the charities that work for birthing women and prenatal care is the one you should go for . Today, complications during pregnancy due to lack of prenatal care and scarcity of medical facilities after birth have resulted in loss of life of so many mothers and babies.

Contributing for good medical facilities to be made available to every pregnant woman should be among priorities because it is a cause to be taken seriously.

These were some of the charities you can contribute to this valentine’s day with your loved one. And yes, this article may feel to be having a bit of a serious tone for we can’t take the issues of human welfare funny.

But let’s not forget that you are here looking for a valentine’s day gift for your partner and hence, we hope you enjoy this good and kind deed with your valentine.