Unique Date Ideas For This Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s day is a special day for love. Why then, go on mundane types of dates on such an occasion? Instead, you could do something different with your valentine. It doesn’t always have to be an exceptional activity, you can just do regular ones a little differently.

So this year, as you shop for different Valentine’s day gifts for your significant other, don’t forget to also plan a wonderful date to have an amazing Valentine’s day experience.

Unique Dates To Go On

If you’re looking to be spontaneous

Say 'Yes' To Everything

If you and your Valentine are getting tired of the mundane activities of everyday life, we’ve got just the date idea for you. Go on an adventurous date together during which you both say ‘yes’ to everything. It will surely be a day of unpredictability and thrill. No denying any ideas, unless of course, they’re too far fetched. You’ll just won’t know what’s going to happen next! How thrilling!

To keep it romantic

Simple Candle Light Dinner

Alternatively, if you’re looking to just level up a simple date, you could go for a candle light dinner. You can maybe even cook up the dinner yourself! If not, then maybe just a single dish. It’ll show your partner just how much you care about them. You can arrange a romantic layout with some candles and flowers.

If you like the nostalgia

Movie Night

If you and your partner often find yourselves reminiscing about the past, this is the perfect date idea for you both. Cuddle in with your Valentine and watch your favourite films together. Don’t forget to add some of the classic romantic comedies that always end up making their rounds every Valentine’s day!

If you both like to have some fun

Game Night

If you’re just looking to have a fun night in with your partner, maybe have a fun time playing some games! These could be the game night classic, or some card games made specifically for couples.

If you want to go all out

Extravagant Dates

If you want to do something absolutely crazy, you could go on some extravagant dates. These could be ones where you go skydiving, scuba diving, rock climbing or even the opera. The world is your oyster and you get to choose whichever of these amazing dates you want to go on!

Learn something new together

Take A Class Together

Are you and your significant other the kinds of people who love learning something new? Have the two of you always wanted to learn salsa dancing? Something else? Pottery? Cooking the perfect crispy skin salmon? Wherever your interests lie, spend the day of love learning to love something new together!

Give some love to yourselves

Have A Spa Day

The hustle of life gives hardly any chances to just sit back and relax. Why not take the annual day of love to make sure your partner and you get to do just that by booking a full day of spa! Get pampered together and bond over a tiring work life! Afterall, that’s how people form and strengthen their relationships.

If you’re looking for a thrill

Get Lost Somewhere

Another adventurous Valentine’s day date idea is to go on an unpredictable trip, where you get lost in the adventure. Do this by going on a trip to an unfamiliar place, to maybe stargaze outside the city bounds. You could also just go to a huge maze and try to figure your way out. Whatever you decide is more your cup of tea, just remember to keep yourself and your Valentine safe.

To remind yourselves of your love

Go On A Memory Trip

One of the most romantic date ideas is to visit all the places that mark your love for each other. The place you first met, first shared a popsicle, or one that you proposed. The list can be endless. So visit them all and make your bond stronger with your partner. Remind yourselves of all the times that added to your love and just what made you fall for each other!

You can choose a few or lots of these dates for the day. Though don’t forget to pick out the perfect Valentine’s day gifts for them!