Best Old School Valentine’s Day Gifts For Your Valentine

If ‘old school’ is the adjective that best describes your significant other, then going old school this valentine’s day can be a good idea for you. Old school romantics have their own distinct charm, valentine’s day gifts with a similar vibe to them is bound to be a classic one.

For the ones looking for such an old school Valentine's day gift to present it as a valentine’s day gift for wife or valentine’s day gift for husband or another valentine for this year, we at blingvine have brought you the best choice you can choose from.

If They Love To Wear Chains

A Heart Chain

If they like wearing chains they are an integral part of theri daily wardrobe then, gifting them a heart pendant chain, is a typical old school romantic valentine’s day gift. It will take them back in time, when a heart pendant had so much more meaning than any modern gift now. A heart chain has so much significance attached to it from greater times make it a nice valentine’s gift for your old school valentine.

If They Love To Read Books

A Bookmark

If they like to read and keep losing their bookmarks every now and then, a cute valentine’s day bookmark customised especially for them can be a really good valentine’s day. Gifting a bookmark to somebody used to be such a personal affair for regular book readers and hence is one of the old school romantics, a great gift for your valentine. These valentine’s day bookmarks are so adorable to keep that your valentine will definitely never lose them again.

If They Love Their Tapes

A Voice Recording

If they still have tape recorders and are very possessive about them, you can gift them a tape with your voice recording as the best idea for a valentine’s day gift. You can record a nice romantic and gratitude message for them and present to them to listen to it. It is one of the best old school confession techniques and a great way to express your feelings to the person whom we can’t naturally do the same everyday.

If They A Diary Person

A Heartfelt Letter

If they are somebody who journals daily and generally appreciates writing their feelings, then writing a letter for them can be a nice valentine’s gift for them. Guys looking for a valentine’s day gift for wife or girls looking for valentine’s day gift for husband, just go back a few years and think . wasn’t it these letters that helped you confess your love for the first time, or maybe a heartfelt like this one was the one that sealed the deal. So just go old school, and write a letter with all the feelings and wits that you have gift it to your valentine this year.

If They Like It All Matching-Matching

Couple Fashion

If they love to match clothes whenever you go out, then getting ‘couple clothes’ is the valentine’s day gift you should go for. These matching couple tees or jogger pants look really cute and although is old school in a sense but, there nobody can deny their adorability on any couple. When going for a movie, or a hike or just an outing to the lakeside, these couple tees can really add to the joy and the love in the atmosphere with their cuteness.

If They Like To Buy Lottery Tickets

Scratch The Messages

If they are big at buying lottery tickets and are sitting scratching them every other day, then getting them ‘scratch a sketch’ cards is the valentine’s day gift you can go for. These cards, when scratched fully, reveal a customised message written for your valentine. This is one of the best old school ideas that your valentine is sure to like. Just go with it, and gift a couple of ‘scratch the sketch’ cards and tell her whatever it is that you have been holding on to for long.

These were some of the best valentine’s day ideas for your old school valentine. Pick the one that suits them the best and let the magic of old school romance come back this year for you and your valentine to celebrate love.