Quirkiest Gift Ideas For Your Valentine

Sharing your soulmate’s quirkiness is the valentine’s day gift you can present to them. This isn’t just you joining them in their special interests but showing them that you care about them too. This valentine’s, make sure your valentine knows that you love it all about them.

We, at Blingvine, are glad to help you with your preparations for your special one and have brought you some of the ‘Quirkiest gift ideas for your valentine’.

If They Love Their Socks

Kissing Couple Socks

If your valentine loves to keep their feet warm and hates being cold, the kissing couple socks are the best as a valentine’s day gift for your girlfriend or boyfriend. Every time they’ll wear these socks they may decide to shower some kisses at you too.

If Their Plants Are Their Kids

Quirky Small Plant Pot

If they love their plants with all their heart and soul, a small plant pot with a big nose face on it can be one quirky gift they may like. This will do both, make them laugh and at the same time add to their collection.

If Their Morning Needs Coffee

Cauldron Mug

If their morning is incomplete without coffee, and coffee drives them through the day a cauldron mug labelled as ‘Potion’ will surely make their day. As a valentine’s gift for him, you can really count on it.

If They Fear The Dark

Fluorescent Wall Signs

If your valentine likes to have some lighting decor when the lights are off, ‘fluorescent wall signs’ are the ones that can do it for you. As a unique gift for your girlfriend, these wall signs not only provide a different look to your room but also make sure it's safe in the dark.

If They Love The Cheese

Love Note Capsules

If your valentine likes all those cute romantic lines that you say to them at times, a jar full of love note capsules can do the trick. These contain capsules with tiny love notes on it, they can open each for a lifetime. This is really romantic and your partner will love the love and effort you have put into each love note.

If They Are Crazy In Love

Maad Romantic Toilet Paper

If your valentine is mad for you and loves to bring it everywhere they go, a ‘ maad romantic toilet paper’ can suit their taste. This can add a bit of silly happiness to your relationship and well…is a useful entity.

If They Are A Star Wars Fan

Little Yoda Stress Ball

If they are a Star Wars fan and Yoda is their favourite character, the little Yoda stress ball is an adorable gift for your significant other. This present can release the pressure alone with its cuteness rest the stress ball will take care of.

If They Love The Shot Glass

Ghost Shot Glasses

If they like to collect different shot glasses, a pair of Ghost Shot Glasses can be a good valentine’s day gift for them. This will not only add something different to their collection but will provide you a reason to do a Love- shot.

If They Love Their Liquor

Gin And Tonic Lip Balm

If they love the taste of liquor, a gin and tonic lip balm can be a good fit for them. It can be a unique gift for girlfriend as well as a nice valentine’s gift for him. Being a unisex flavour it is suitable for both significant partners which they share with love.

If They Love Space And The Solar System

Belgian Chocolates

If they have a space mania and love to learn about the world beyond Earth, these Belgian chocolates shaped in the form of our solar system will surely bring a smile to their face. These chocolates are customised for people who love space and want to travel in space someday, having the solar system in their palms will be a surreal feeling for them.

If They Love Their Accessories

Astronaut Shaped Earrings

If they like to experiment with their accessories, especially their earrings, these ‘Astronaut shaped earrings’ are something you can give them these valentines. Gifting an earring to your partner is in itself intimate, the design will add a bit of quirkiness to level it up.

Now that you know how to join the weirdness of your partner, go ahead and have fun in your quirky style that you like. Celebrate this valentine’s by gifting the best valentine's day gift to your girlfriend, wife, husband, boyfriend or crush.. like never before!