Valentine’s Day Gifts For Long Distance Relationships

Being in a long distance relationship calls for some creative ideas to be able to still feel each other’s presence. Missing each other is a common instance in long distance relationships. That’s why you need to get some really great Valentine’s day gifts for your Valentine this year to show them just how much you like to be with them, no matter the distance between you too.

We’ve done some research and gathered some of the best Valentine’s day gifts to give your partner if the two of you are in a long distance or are going to be one.

Gifts For Long Distance Relationships 

Put all your feelings out there

Letters To Open When…

First on the list but one that goes the deepest. Share all your feelings with your partner no matter the occasion. Write some letters for the future and give them all to read at the said times. Whether it’s to wish them a ‘Happy Valentine’s day’ or it’s for time’s they feel like crying. Be there for them no matter the event.

To remind them of your love

Digital Photo Frame

Perhaps you should get two of them. One for each of you. Then you can easily just send a photo anytime to remind them that you’re missing them. Maybe even put the frames by your bedsides to see each other right before bedtime.

Because you’ll always be there for them

Touch Bracelets

Touch bracelets come in pairs that you both can wear. Whenever you’re missing your partner, you can just tap the bracelet to let them know you’re thinking of them. It’s a cute gesture of love that can really come in handy for times that the two of you are missing each other.

If they tend to miss you a lot

Long Distance Lamps

Another way to remind your partner that you’re thinking of them is to get a pair of long distance lamps. These too, you can keep at your bedside. When you tap it, it will change colours for your partner, letting them know you’re missing their presence.

To provide them with some comfort

Weighted Blanket

A weighted blanket gives the right amount of weight that’ll make your partner comfortable and feel like you’re giving them a hug. It’s a simple and sweet gesture to just be with them while they snuggle up comfortably.

If they’re a cuddler

Partner Pillow

A partner pillow is basically a pillow with a hand to sleep on. Shaped to resemble a partner’s hand, it’ll give your Valentine something to cuddle up to when they’re feeling like they need you beside them.

To surprise them every once in a while

Subscription Boxes

If your significant other likes to be surprised every now and then, get them a subscription box according to what their interests are. From creative DIY subscription boxes to Book of the Month ones, there are a variety of subscription boxes to choose from.

To have something to look forward to

Digital Countdown Timer

Get yourself and your Valentine a digital countdown timer that you both can set up to the next time you can meet. It’ll hopefully make the wait a little easier.

Just something physical to show your bond

Matching Bracelets or Keychains

Just to have something physical to remind you both of each other, maybe you could get a pair of matching bracelets or keychains. It’s just a simple gesture of love that’s sure to get your partner to smile.

To put your love on replay

Make Them A Playlist

Gone are the days of making mixtapes for your significant other. However, you can still make your Valentine a playlist of your favourite songs that remind you of them. Don’t forget to add in the first song you both danced to or the one that way playing the first time you laid eyes on them.

Did you find something that tickled your heart? If so, they go on and check out some Valentine’s day gifts to give to your loving partner this year! Show them how much you’ll love them even if they go away. Give them something to remember you to make the wait to meet you a little easier for the both of you.