A Gifting Guide For Valentine's Day Week

There is a lot written and said about the sensation that can make your world spin, give you butterflies in your stomach, and is considered a blessing. Yes, we are talking about love. From Shakespeare to Ghalib, everyone has given words to the glory of love, explaining what an experience it is. one of the greatest feelings mankind has been blessed with. To love and be loved is a blessing so sacred and powerful that love has the power to conquer everything. Hence, we all nod in agreement with Sophocles, "One word frees us of all the weight and pain of life: that word is love."

Though love is celebrated every day in one way or another, Valentine's Day has been a worldwide yearly celebration for centuries. Couples of every age look forward to Valentine's Day, considering it an excuse to make their loved ones feel special. For those who want to express their feelings to their loved ones, there is no better opportunity than Valentine's Day.

The recent trend is not to limit this celebration for just a day, extending to a week full of celebration. A week ahead of valentine's day is a grand celebration to express the love towards the loved ones. Everyone starts planning their rose day date and exploring options of Valentine's day gifts for their loved ones well in advance. But this might leave us a bit confused. Fret not, we are here with a compilation of daily gift ideas for the valentine day week celebration for your love to make them feel even more special.

Day 1 - Rose Day


Lots of people love Valentine's day a lot because they can express their love for their loved ones, officially. The saga of Valentine’s Day starts with a rose and is incomplete without mentioning flowers. Gift them a bouquet of their favourite flowers and ask them to be your Valentine again or for the first time. The idea might not be unique, but it is definitely a classic move. Flowers have been romanticising every story for centuries. They never get old, do they?

Day 2 - Propose Day

Handcrafted Gift Hampers

The traditional method of expressing feelings through cards has been given a modern makeover in the form of handcrafted gifts. On the second day celebrated as propose day, give them a custom-made, personalised card with a sweet message; bring back a memory you two made together; and look at the teary smile on their face while they fall in love with you a little bit more.

Day 3 - Chocolate Day

Handmade Chocolates Or Cakes

A sweet note for a sweet relationship - chocolates or cakes are never a bad idea. Following the trend of abandoning traditional dark or milk chocolate, substituting handmade chocolates adds a personal touch. Sweeten the mood of your sweetheart by gifting them a box of handmade chocolate on the third day – chocolate day, accompanied by cookies. A perfect combination to put a smile on their face.

Day 4 - Teddy Day

Teddy Bear

Since eternity, the baby-cupid has been the most famous gift article for the Rose Day date, being one of the first gift articles and a cherished memory of childhood. The teenage way of expressing love has a coveted place in the Valentine Day week celebration. A fluffy teddy bear that matches their adorableness is unmissable on teddy day. It would be the best way to create or relive those golden memories.

Day 5 - Promise Day

A Couple’s Day Out

The most valued gift is the gift of time. In the daily hustle and bustle of life, somewhere we miss out on spending time with our loved ones. Promise Day could just be the perfect time to arrange for a quick getaway with your loved ones, promising to love them and be there for them forever. Book a nearby resort or hotel to spend the day in each other’s company. A rejuvenating and relaxing day out is necessary to get fully charged for the battle of daily life.

Day 6 - Hug Day

Scented Candle

Hug itself is a love language. However, we often miss hugging our loved ones. On Hug Day, hug your loved ones and let them know that you love them without uttering a word. Set up your room with some candles and some music, sip your coffee reminiscing some memories while hugging each other. Gone are the days when the traditional simple candles were a thing; now candles have become an article of luxury, nicely scented with so many fragrances to set the mood. A sweet aroma gives relaxation, and it can be custom-made as well. Bring them a nice pair of scented candles, which can also be handy if you plan a candlelight dinner.

Day 7 - Kiss Day

Travel Bags

Kiss day is another sweet excuse to express your love and affection towards your loved ones and make the bond you share a bit stronger. Along with a kiss, gift them something that would leave be of use to them – travel bags. No one can ever have enough travel bags. Their love for travel bags is eternal and requires no explanation. On this Valentine’s Day, add a nice one to their collection. This will convey that you know their taste very well, giving them an opportunity to flaunt yet another exquisite bag.

Day 8 - Valentine's Day

Artificial Jewellery

Valentine's Day is here. Last but not the least, a day of joy and celebration of commitment towards each other. Now that you possibly have gifted them everything that could come to your imagination, go for jewellery on this special day. Luxurious and elegant, jewellery can never be neglected among the gifting options. Whatever the occasion, jewellery is always an appropriate choice. Get your hands on authentic designer jewellery brands such as Blingvine and surprise them with an exquisite piece to add to their collection.

We know that by now you must already be planning your valentine day week giving it a personal touch. Whatever you choose among the Valentine's day gifts, it will most certainly make them feel special. And don’t hesitate to shower them with some extra love and attention.