Best Vintage Valentine’s Day Gifts For Your Valentine

Wanna go all vintage, and celebrate this valentine’s day like the older times? With the return of the vintage fashion, celebrating the vintage may be fun. If that's how you are thinking and want to get a valentine’s day that gives that vintage vibe you want then, we at blingvine are glad that we can help you with that perfect gift you may be looking for.

If They Like Journaling

Junk Journal

If they journal their days regularly, then gifting them this vintage junk journal is a great way to show your love and care for them. The junk journal as a valentine’s day gift can give a nice aesthetic feel to your gift. They will be ecstatic to get something that isn’t just useful to them but also so pleasing to the eye.

If They Talk A Lot About The Postal Era

Postcards Set

If they love the times when we used to send letters through posts and used to collect postcards on various occasions, then a pack of Valentine's day postcards is a nice choice. The fact that there are new postcards printed every year at every occasion and they are unique to them makes it even more special.

If They Are A Telegram Fan

Retro Valentine Telegrams

If they are a telegram fan and love to collect different telegrams then, you can gift them the retro valentine telegrams. The retro telegrams used to have such an antiquity to them that they are one of their kind. So gifting them a pack of retro telegrams is another gift for you to give your valentine this year.

If They Love Collecting Mugs

Johanne Parker Valentine’s Mugs

If they like to collect different and unique mugs then Johanne Parker valentine’s mug is the one you must gift them. This particular design of mug is one of a kind and will add some adorable quirkiness to the collection.

If They Won’t Mind A Vintage Decor

Wooden Mushroom Wall Art

If they would like to add a vintage vibe to their interior then you can gift them the vintage mushroom wall art. This wall art is an incredible artistic piece with colours that give out the best vintage look to it and the room. Adding this wall art to any room will give it a totally new look to admire.

If They Like To Put A Wreath At Their Door

Vintage Valentine’s Wreath

If they like to put on door decorations, then gifting them a vintage valentine’s wreath is one of the good gift choices you can pick. These are really aesthetically pleasing, well they will get reminded of your thoughtful gift every time they open their door.

If They Love Sea Shells

Seaside Collectibles

If they love to take a walk on the beach and collect different beautiful seaside collectibles along the path, then gifting them a bunch of these pretty seaside shells and pebbles is a nice choice. This will not only add to their collection but also show them that you care about their interests too.

If They Wear Suits More Often

Vintage Brooch

If they like to wear suits a lot, then going a bit vintage with a nice and simple brooch gift can be a good valentine’s gift. A brooch can be both handsome and elegant with the outfit you wear hence is one of the best unisex valentine’s gifts.

If They Love To Have Wine

Vintage Wine With Glasses

If they love to drink, give them a nice bottle of wine with glasses to accompany. Well, wine gets better with age and a vintage wine is the best taste you are going to get if you are a wine lover. So getting them a wine to toast for the valentine’s day celebrations is the plan you should go for.

If They Are A Collector

Rock Collection

If they like to collect beautiful and spiritually important rocks then this rock collection is the valentine's gift you should go for. The rocks which don’t only look pretty but have a spiritual effect on its owner are a good way to express love.

These are some of the vintage valentine’s day gift ideas that you can choose from for your valentine this year.