What To Get Music Lovers This Valentine’s Day

Music is a universal language. Throughout the world, across different cultures, music has played a huge part in the lives of many. So it comes as no surprise that so many people still love music and consider it a huge part of their daily routines. If your Valentine’s is one such person, you’ll need to look into some music related products to get them as their Valentine’s day gifts.

To get you the best Valentine’s day gifts for your partner, we’ve done some work for you. Here’s a list of some really great musical and music related Valentine’s day gifts you should look into!

Gifts For Music Lovers

If they’re into Vinyl

Suitcase Record Player

With the reemergence of Vinyl records in the past few years, check out if your Valentine too wants a taste of it. They’re vintage and also gave a whole new experience to the lovers of music. A suitcase record player is the perfect gift for them. It’s portable and gives the same feeling of the classic record player.

To add some style to their music

Floating Bluetooth Speaker

With the amount of people that love music, the listening experience has become quite a normal one. Change that for your partner by getting them a floating bluetooth speaker. It’ll be the star of the show at any listening party. Maybe get one that also has some nice ambient lightning to take the whole look up a notch.

To fill some space on the bookcase

Bookshelf Speakers

Does your partner have their bookshelf filled with books, CDs or records? No matter where their interests lie, if they’ve got a bookshelf, you should get them a set of bookshelf speakers. It’ll add some flavour to the monotonous aesthetics of the bookshelf.

To protect their ears

Noise Reduction Ear Plugs

If your Valentine loves to go to concerts often, they must know that the noise levels of concerts can cause a lot of pain to the ears. Especially at the beginning of the concert. To help protect their ears, get them some noise reduction ear plugs which will allow them to enjoy the concert experience without any ear pain.

If they don’t already have the premium

Spotify Premium Gift Card

Spotify has one of the best audio quality of music and offers various plans from free to premium. If your Valentine somehow still doesn’t have a premium subscription of the platform, get them just that. You can do so by getting a Spotify Premium Gift Card and handing it to them on Valentine's Day.

If they’re looking to learn an instrument


If your significant other is always excited to learn new things, or has been planning to take up an instrument, we’ve got just the gift idea for them. Surprise them with a Kalimba as their Valentine’s day gift. It’s an absolutely adorable instrument that is also pretty easy to learn.

To add fun to their games

Music Playing Cards

Does your valentine like to play rummy? What about ‘Teen Patti’? Bluff? Old Maid? If they like to play any sort of card games, you should get a music themed set of playing cards. They can have all sorts of musical themes going about - from musician geniuses to instruments.

If they play the guitar

DIY Guitar Pick Punch

In case your significant other is a guitar player, we’ve got a pretty cute gift for you to give them. With them a ‘Happy Valentine’s Day’ with a DIY guitar pick punch. This will allow them to make a guitar pick for themselves with some of their old cards.

To also do some good

Recycled Record Bottle Opener

The truth is, that records can often cause a lot of pollution. A good way to avoid these vinyl records ending up in landfills is to repurpose them for some use. A popular way that’s done is by creating bottle openers about them. So you can do some good for the environment while looking for Valentine’s day gifts for your partner. Get them some bottle openers made from their favourite records.

We hope you’ll be able to find the best Valentine’s day gifts for your audiophile partner! Go over the list once again and see if any of these Valentine's gift products will bring a smile to their face.