11 Perfect Valentine’s Day Gifts For Bookworms

Does your Valentine tend to lose themselves in the worlds of books? Whether it’s your wife, boyfriend or husband, book lovers are often those who love being gifted book related things. Show your bookworm Valentine just how much you care for their interests by gifting them just that!

We, here at Blingvine, have spent hours on research to curate a list of the perfect Valentine’s day gifts for her and him.

Gifts For Book Lovers

If they’d rather read after dark

A Book Light

If your Valentine reaches for a book just as you get into bed, it’d be ideal to gift them a book light made just for that! If you know a reader, you know that they are notorious for pulling all-nighters to finish their books while promising to do “just one more chapter”. To protect their eyes while they do so, we recommend getting them a book light that’ll take the stress away from their eyes.

If they’re a fan of decorative lights

A Book Lamp

For those that like to light up their house, a book lamp is a Valentine’s gift that’s sure to impress. Shaped like a book, this lamp also works as a night lamp to help them read in the dark.

If they like to immerse themselves in their books

Noise Cancelling Headphones

In this often hectic and noisy world, help them get the full experience of their books by gifting them a set of noise cancelling headphones. Whether you’re looking for a Valentine’s gift for boyfriend or wife, this gift is definitely the one for the dreamers among readers.

If they still haven’t gotten one

Box Set of Their Favourite Book Series

If, for some reason, your significant other has still not gotten themselves one or multiple box sets of their favourite book series, their Valentine’s gift is a no brainer. Get them their beloved set as soon as possible! There's no way they won’t absolutely lose their minds over it.

If you want to go all out

A Custom Bookshelf

If you’re looking to give them something lavish for Valentine’s this year, there’s no better way than this. Order them a custom bookshelf of their dreams. If you’re handy with tools, go even further and make one yourself. Customise it all to their needs to make it the best Valentines gift they’ve ever received!

If they’re a cuddly one

A Cozy Blanket

Get them a cosy, fluffy blanket to wrap themselves in while having their readathons. One of the most perfect Valentine’s day gifts for her and him, this one just cannot go wrong. Unless, of course, if you live in a city of warmer temperatures. However, right in the middle of the chilly days of February, the gifting season comes right on time.

If they like to be surprised

Book Subscriptions

Yes, books too, have subscription plans. Over the years, a lot of book publications have started monthly or quarterly book subscription services. These allow readers to be surprised each time with a new book to their bookshelf. If your partner loves surprises, this is one gift idea you do not want to miss out on.

If they like their tea hot

Temperature Control Mug

Is your partner someone who gets cold easily? Do they like sipping on something hot while they read their favourite books? If your answer to any of that is a strong ‘yes’, you’ve got to get them a temperature controlled mug that’ll keep their drink warm even if they get lost in the pages.

To set the mood for their reading sessions

Scented Candles

Help your bookworm partner set the perfect mood for their books by gifting them a set of scented candles. Book clubs all around the world are big fans of scented candles, so it’s hard to go wrong with this gift. If unsure about which scent, go with candles that have the scents of old books or libraries.

To make their life a little easier


With the large collection of books that book lovers have, they need somewhere to put them. This is where bookends come in. It’s widely known among book communities that books are preserved best when stacked upright. Bookends help with just that. They keep books from falling to their side no matter where you put them.

To add to their fashion

Book Related Jewellery

How about a gift that’ll be of use? Gift your partner an article of jewellery that fits their book enthusiastic personality! This can be a necklace chain that has a tiny book as its pendant or a bracelet that matches one that their favourite book character wears.

Now that you know just how to impress almost any book-loving person, go on and get the perfect Valentine’s gifts for boyfriend, wife, or whoever it is you’re looking to show your love!