13 Subscription Boxes To Gift Your Valentine

Are you looking for something different to give your Valentine this year? Or are you looking to gift them something that’ll keep surprising them? If your answer to any of these questions is yes, then a subscription box may be just the right Valentine’s day gift idea for you!
Subscription boxes can have various plans, such as monthly, weekly or quarterly. We’ve created a list of some of these boxes that can be the best gifts for women and men. So pick some to give your partner this year. They’re also a good option if you’re running out of time and are yet to pick a gift for your significant other.

If they want to be a wine connoisseur

Wine Subscription Box

If your Valentine is someone who dreams of attending wine tasting events, this is just the right gift for them. You can pick a plan according to their drinking habits and watch them explore the different tastes of wine from various regions.

If they’re a reader

Monthly Book Subscription Box

If your partner likes to read or is interested in developing better reading habits, a monthly book subscription box is just what they need. Help them achieve their reading goals by picking out a plan consisting of their favourite genres. They’ll surely love adding a new book to their library each month.

If they have a taste for cocktails

Cocktail Kit Subscription Box

Is your partner always looking to make a drink or order a new kind of cocktail? If so, then a cocktail kit is right from their dreams. According to the plan you choose, each kit will contain a new cocktail and its ingredients for your partner to make and taste.

If they like a charcuterie board

Cheese Of The Month Subscription Box

Does your significant other like goat cheese? What about blue cheese? Do you think they’ll like to taste some more cheese? If you find yourself nodding your head, get them a monthly cheese subscription box. Each month they’ll get to try a new kind of cheese and build up their skill of setting up a charcuterie board.

If they’re a tea enthusiast

Tea Subscription Box

If your Valentine has a very particular way of making their tea, they might just be a tea enthusiast. To satiate their curiosity, get them a subscription for tea. The boxes will contain a different kind of tea from various places each time. So go on and help your partner figure out just what they like the best.

If they’re an explorer

Worldly Snack Subscription Box

For foodies, this might just be a dream gift. Each box will contain the most popular snacks from different cultures, giving your Valentine a trip to various places while sitting at home. Moreover, it may even make them pick out just where to go for the next vacation.

To help them with their routine

Skin Care Subscription Box

If your Valentine has a strict routine for skin care, add to their interests by getting them a skin care subscription box. With a constant supply of their favourite products, they’ll not have to worry about going to the boutiques to update their supply. This can be one of the best gifts for women, especially.

If they’re fan a scents

Fragrance Subscription Box

Is your significant other a fan of scented products? Do they tend to always smell good? Clearly of interest to them, fragrances are sure to delight them. Bring forth the joy by signing up for a fragrance subscription box to put a smile on their face every once in a while.

If they like to be thrilled

Surprise Subscription Box

Those that are always ready for the thrill of surprises, a surprise subscription box is the perfect Valentine's day gift. Select their interests and they’ll get a gift related to them in each box. It’ll surely keep them excited the whole Valentine week for their first box.

To add to their glamour

Jewellery Subscription Box

Affordable and glamorous, a subscription box of artificial jewellery is sure to add to your Valentine’s glamour. Depending on how much they tend to go out, pick the subscription plan to make sure they have something new for each of their outings.

If they like a challenge

Monthly Puzzle Subscription Box

Often described as a massage to the brain, puzzles are something that are widely liked. If your partner is one of such people, consider getting them a monthly puzzle subscription box. It is sure to keep them occupied all Valentine week, when their first box arrives.

If they’re into true crime

Crime Solving Subscription Box

If you’ve often seen your Valentine watch true crime documentaries, or if they were an avid Sherlock reader, this one’s for them. Make their dreams of being a detective come true by getting them a crime solving sb.

If they’re the creative type

DIY Subscription Box

If their favourite subject in school was arts and crafts, or if they have an imaginative mind, get them a DIY sb. They’ll surely love to create something new each time a box arrives. Watch them fill with joy each time by getting them this.

With the abundance of Valentine’s day gift ideas for sb, you’re going to give it some thought. Pick out some that suit your partner the most and watch them fill with joy each time a box arrives.