Best Valentine’s Day Gifts For A Situationship

Beginning of a relationship, or just dating or a situation bringing you together? Valentine’s day can be celebrated by all kinds of love and lovers. Being in a situationship means that you are in a type of relationship where you are just exploring each other and getting to know each other or any other reason for togetherness.

If you want to give a valentine's day gift to your partner in this situationship which is neither too cringe nor too distant, we, at blingvine have brought to you the best valentine’s day gift ideas for your situationships.

If Coffee Dates Are Your Thing

Coasters And Mugs

If you have been going on coffee dates, every other chance that you get, then gifting them cute valentine coasters or mugs can be a good idea. Mugs are the best gift as they leave a lot for imagination and Interpretation. You can keep your guessing game going with coasters and mugs for as long as you want.

If You Saw Some Cute Keychains

Key Chains

If you were just taking a walk in the market and happened to see some cute keychains which reminded you of them, then a keychain is the gift you are looking for. There is nothing more one can ask for than you gifting them something that reminds them of you. The keychains are something which really resonate with you hence, a good choice of gifts for the one you know some and want to know more about.

If You Think Of Them As The Artistic Type

Flower Vase

If you think they wouldn't mind getting an artistic gift, you can get them a vase this valentine’s day. A vase seems more practical as a gift than flowers, and you can simply just carry a bunch of flowers every time you visit them to put them in the vase. So, gift them once and surprise them always.

If You Think They Will Love A Nice Smell

Aroma Candles

If your [partner has ever mentioned their love for a nice smell, the aroma candles are the ones you should go with. These aroma candles aren't just romantic to gift but are really good at healing the tired mind and body. Having aroma candles in bedrooms are good sleep inducers too. So if you aren't sure as to what to gift your situationship partner this valentine gift them a gift of health with aroma candles.

If They Share Your Love For Books

A Book Rack

If they love books and have plenty of them collected at their home, gifting them a wooden book rack is the best. They are totally gonna love to be able to stack their collection of books in a nice and beautiful manner. A wooden carved book rack, is both pleasing to look at and will work wonders for their study.

If You Just Want To Wish Them Luck

A Wind Chime

If you believe in windchime bringing luck with its melodious clinks, then a wind chime as a valentine’s day gift is a nice choice. A windchime which is small and isn’t noisy is the one you should go for you aren’t that sure about their likings.

If You Want To Bring Out Some Sweetness


If you want to let the sweetness spread between you and enjoy it with them, then simply go for chocolates. Chocolates as a dessert never go wrong, and are the best gifts. If you know their favourite then just take a bunch of those, and if not then get a couple of different ones and you will know it once they unwrap the gift.

If They Like Their Drinks

Whisky Glasses

If they like to drink and you enjoy drinking with them too, then a pair of whisky glasses is the one you can go for. Have a toast with hearty conversations over a glass of whisky and wine. It can be a nice plan for your valentine’s day evening too, like hitting two hearts with one arrow.

If They Like Home Decor

Lady Showpiece

If they like to decorate their home and are often bringing things home to add to its interior then a ‘lady showpiece’ can be a good valentine’s day gift for them. This showpiece is a statue of a pretty lady standing amidst the wind and is painted in light colours which makes it suitable for most wall colours.

These were some of the valentine’s day gift ideas that you can look for if you don’t know the level of your relationship yet and are in a situationship. Go ahead and pick the one that seems the best pick for your situationship partner.